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|Minimalistic Video Games Collection Part 5|
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Music of Bear Your Soul on the Ice - Part 6

Wow… it’s been a while since I’ve done one, I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to put it off for so long!

So there is one song that Yuuri skated to in the ‘08-’09 season that I actually did go into skating details for, but I didn’t name.

Yuuri’s EX: Hybrid Rainbow - The Pillows  Alexei and Yuuri choreographed this piece and Viktor put in his two cents as well. :D

‘09-’10 Season (current season)

Yuuri’s SP:  Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) - Joe Hisaishi Choreographed by Alexei with input from Yuuri

Yuuri’s FS: First Love - Joe Hisaishi (Tales from Earthsea) Alexei brought in an outside choreographer (one that probably worked with Riku in the past) for this piece, but I didn’t go into details on that.  It just wasn’t Minako this time… 

Yuuri’s EX2: Haven’t Met You Yet - Michael Buble This piece was 100% choreographed by Yuuri for Yuuko and Nishigori regarding the triplets.  So, hear me out.  I know this is usually considered a love song, but after listening to the lyrics (and becoming a mother) I couldn’t stop thinking about it from an expectant parent’s pov.  So, it’s self indulgent, but I liked the idea too much.  If you reread the part where he’s skating it, you’ll see that there’s a triple jump combination: an axel, followed by a loop, followed by a lutz…
Also it’s the second EX piece for the season since Yuuri didn’t start working on it until after he found out about the triplets and the first time he’s skating it in public (not counting the practice he did for his classmates) will be at the GPF EX. He had another piece he did earlier in the season (that I didn’t think about) 

Next time we’ll hear about Viktor’s programs (and at least Chris’s SP)

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1987. Triumph And Agony

is the fourth and final album by band Warlock, released on 5 September.

The album was recorded in the US with producer Joey Balin and a different band line-up in comparison with the previous album True as Steel, which had made the name of Warlock known outside of Europe. Peter Szigeti and Frank Rittel were replaced in 1987 by the American musicians Tommy Bolan and Tommy Henriksen respectively. The album also features ex drummer “Rainbow, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath” Cozy Powell on some tracks.

After many, many lineup changes, keeping only Doro Pesch as a constant, legal troubles with one former member or another led the “fifth Warlock album” Force Majeure, to be released under the Doro name. Since then, she has continued a solo career.

this is classics album, there is enough good songs on this album for every metal head to want to seek out this album. Doro’s voice is amazing, and if you’ve never heard it then you are missing out.

Doro Pesch     Niko Arvanitis     Tommy Bolan    Tommy Henriksen   Michael Eurich

background for the potential new guy

- Ex-fleet rainbow drinker, was previously a laughassassin

- Turned while he was in the fleet, went on a rampage and killed the crew of the ship he was on

- Deserted to avoid getting caught, first went to a colony planet but was nearly caught there, and fled to Alternia

- 26 sweeps, but will say he’s 12 if asked

- Hides his arm to avoid questions about it, his eye is cybernetic but made to look as though he were blind in it. He likely keeps it closed or covered around people in case they notice he’s not actually blind in it

- Struggled to accept himself as a drinker until he came to Alternia, and discovered a sun-based religion that praised drinkers and undead. He follows the religion as a priest and lives alone in an abandoned church.

- Avoided brooding caverns duty by displaying exceptional talent and skill as a fighter and laughassassin