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19, Pennsylvania
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Hi! I was just accepted into a aviation program so soon I will be learning to fly real airplanes as a career. I own a thoroughbred ex-racehorse and a pitbull/great dane mix. I love to travel and make adventures. I also love art, music and climbing as high as possible. Most of all I love learning and experiencing new things so I am never bored.

One of my favourite pictures from the 6 hour trek I did with Jack in the Wairarapa, New Zealand. Walking down the airstrip with two lovely dedicated trekking ladies on their standardbreds, who taught Jack a lot about striding out with a good powerful walk instead of jig-jogging (the first two hours were painful).

The whole group (about ten of us) galloped back up this airstrip too. As the only thoroughbred, and also a very successful ex-racehorse, Jack left everyone else in the dust without even hitting top speed, and made the others wildly jealous as there’s nothing like galloping a thoroughbred when you can really let them open up!

I found the most perfect horse, he’s even kid safe (his ad says he loves kids) only problem is he’s in Pennsylvania lol. I just want him so much, he’s perfect for us. He’s the same age as Sponge and the same breed and he’s an ex-racehorse like Sponge. I found a 7 year old mare that I really liked too but her back legs looked a bit off to me so I passed on her.

But this is all making me feel like maybe Sponge leaving was for the best so we could find a new horse of our very own. 😊



1955, 17hh, Gelding 

I Am x Oriana 

Not raced 

He was trained as a racehorse but never raced, he was purchased off the track by Jimmy Paxson's father. He was first trained as a fox hunter, he was then trained as a show jumper and that’s when he found his calling he stared his show jumping career in 1961, and was best in the puissance classes. Ilion’s owner and rider Jimmy Paxson and his family were not wealthy people, when they went to show’s in very high end areas with campers, they had a ford truck with a slide-in trailer, it was said it look like “they were being invaded by Gypsies”. Jimmy and Ilion’s won so many ribbons, trophies, and championship’s he has lost count of all of them, the highest he ever jumped was on Ilion’s at the Youngstown Charity Horse Show Ohio in 1966 . It was a puissance class the jump stared out at 4’ 9" and was raised three inches every round after that, by the end of the class only Ilion’s and Jimmy could jump the massive 7’ 3" wall, the last photo is him jumping the wall. Jimmy and his ex-racehorse, went up against names like Kathy Kusner, and Aberali, Untouchable, Mary Chapot, Rodney Jenkins, and others, and some of the horses best horse in the world from Germany, France, Ireland and others. Ilion's greatest accomplishment was in 1968 at the The Washington International Horse Show, were he won national championship title, he also won many more victories at some of the very prestigious shows of the time. Jimmy retired Ilion’s in 1972, he lived to be 31.