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Your Sexuality Is Expressed...
  • Mars in Aries/1st: Openly, ardently and assertively
  • Mars in Taurus/2nd: Slowly, sensually and materialistically
  • Mars in Gemini/3rd: Verbally, intellectually, charmingly
  • Mars in Cancer/4th: Emotionally, maternally, submissively
  • Mars in Leo/5th: Forwardly, ostentatiously, playfully
  • Mars in Virgo/6th: Seductively, innocently, meticulously
  • Mars in Libra/7th: Compliantly, romantically, captivatingly
  • Mars in Scorpio/8th: Intensely, profoundly, sexually
  • Mars in Sagittarius/9th: Expansively, knowingly, rowdily
  • Mars in Capricorn/10th: Publicly, importantly, temptingly
  • Mars in Aquarius/11th: Unconventionally, uniquely, erratically
  • Mars in Pisces/12th: Subconsciously, passively, unknowingly
  • Aries/Mars in the 8th: With drive, with enterprise, with intensity
  • Taurus/Venus in the 8th: With aphrodisiacs, with intimacy, with physicality
  • Gemini/Mercury in the 8th: With communication, with wit, with curiosity
  • Cancer/Moon in the 8th: With nurture, with emotional connections, with inconsistency
  • Leo/Sun in the 8th: With warmth, with flamboyancy, with temptation
  • Virgo/Mercury in the 8th: With caution, with modesty, with precision
  • Libra/Venus in the 8th: With romanticism, with flirtation, with beauty
  • Scorpio/Pluto in the 8th: With allure, with passion, with entice
  • Sagittarius/Jupiter in the 8th: With idealism, with integrity, with benevolency
  • Capricorn/Saturn in the 8th: With inhibition, with hesitation/resistance, with importance
  • Aquarius/Uranus in the 8th: With originality, with divergency, with distinction
  • Pisces/Neptune in the 8th: With naivety, with deep connections, with sacrifice
  • *If you have a sign that is ruled by more than one planet (ex: Aquarius in the 8th [Ruled by Saturn and Uranus] then check both.

So as I scrolled through all the challenges I was signed up for (specifically Kat’s challenge), I came up with this idea for a new little short series. Hope y’all enjoy the ride!

A/N: This series takes place in a futuristic version of SPN, where Lucifer (in the president’s body) actually managed to start the next world war. Now it’s 5 years later and the boys are still surviving!

So buckle up, we are in for some turns and surprises in this one (I think..lol)

There are a few challenges included in this one:

@motleymoose              Kat’s Mediocre Challenge 

Prompts: “We always expect trouble. This tends to work out better than never expecting any.” Clariel by Garth Nix   –  Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen  –  fic must be set in Post-Apocalpse, Western, or Regency Era

@megansescape          300 Follower Challenge

Prompt: “I’ll rise but I refuse to shine”

@jalove-wecallhimdean    “Do it like Dean” Challenge

Prompt: “You’re the short bus!”

@itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps    Steph’ s 500/Elvis Challenge

Prompt: Love Me Tender by Elvis

@impalaimagining   ​2K One Word Prompt Challenge

PROMPT: Future

PAIRING: None yet …. Dean, Sam, Chelsea (OFC) in part 1

WARNINGS: none in this part, just a little angsty


Mama’s Master List

Forever tags at the end. If you wish to be added or removed, just let me know.

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The Butterfly Effect of Bryan’s Altered Storyline: The 100 Season 4

TL;DR: I think Riley was supposed to be a LI for Clarke, and Monty + Harper filled a story-line that Nathan + Miller was supposed to have.

We know that when the actor who plays Bryan abruptly left the show to pursue another role, which resulted in the parts written for him being given to a new character named Riley. So with the information we have, what was Bryan supposed to be doing in 4A and 4B?

Well first let’s ask ourselves… 

What was Riley supposed to be doing before this shift in plot line? 

 Answer: Clarke. 

I call forward as evidence:

1. The awkward hug.

Clarke clearly recognizes Riley, and clearly has a history with him. This is never resolved (and evidently never will be). Why waste the audience’s time with this? 

2. Niylah’s acting out of character 

When the actor who got cast as Riley had to shift into Brian’s role in 4A, someone else had to shift into what had originally been carved out as the Riley role. Hence the return of Niylah.

 Why on Earth would Niylah want to climb into bed (so to speak) with the very kru that killed her family? Why would she want to tend bar for the people who executed her father? After the violent interaction she had with Skaikru in Season 3 where they stormed her home - which resulted in it being attacked by ALIE - why would she want to be anywhere near Skaikru ever again? Clarke’s magic ladybits can only explain so many of these questions without some very explicitly stated plot - and helping make rations is hardly good enough. 

Can we all agree that the only thing Niylah has in common with herself from prior seasons is the fact that she is doing Clarke? This is why I believe she was shoehorned into this role, as she is closest thing Clarke has to a living ex on this planet. 

3. Niylah’s extremely lacking season 4 character arc.

If Niylah’s presence in the Skaikru area was planned all along - why didn’t she play a role in helping free Bellamy in 4x11? Surely she’d want to help all the people she had traded with in the past survive the radiation blast. 

If her presence was planned all along, why did she play a bizarrely helpless role in foiling Illian when he arrived at Arkadia to blow up the place? What happened to the capable Niylah who lied to the Prince of Azgeda in the premiere of Season 3?

Let’s stop beating around the bush and ask the key question: why was Niylah’s entire role to simply be a place of comfort for Clarke to go to, where Clarke could exposition her internal thought process? Because that was what Riley’s role was supposed to be - and it would make sense in the context of a new character whose role was crafted to serve this piece of plot.

4. Timing of Riley’s and Niylah’s appearances

Niylah doesn’t show up until episode 5, which is a few episodes after Riley is introduced. In theory, if Riley had stayed in his original role this would have been enough time for Clarke to catch up with Riley and do her usual grief bang move with her old love interest. 

Furthermore, the fact that Riley gets a reaction, introduction, and hug - and Niylah just sort of shows up should raise some alarm bells about how she was not originally supposed to be in this season.

What was Nathan supposed to be doing this season?

Last year Jarod Joseph tweeted he would be back in Season 4 in a “big way”… and yet he’s barely done anything this season aside from break up with Bryan,  share moon-eyes with Jackson, and be a guy with a gun when you need a guy with a gun.

So what was he supposed to be doing?

Answer: the Monty/Harper 4B plot.

Supporting evidence:

1. Riley having a lot of build up in 4A and then being sidelined in 4B just to die.

The writers had to dispose of Riley after he filled in the role of Bryan in 4A. Having to make a decision about one of the last members of farm station, would clearly add too much distraction to what will inevitably be a jam-packed season finale.   

2. Bryan’s planned path of descent in 4A.

We know that the episode where Bellamy talks down Riley from assassinating Roan was supposed to be Bryan. We know that Bryan was headed to a darker place with respect to his mental health. The break up with Nathan (or what was at least going to be the start of a line of major fights) likely didn’t help either. Season 3 had already established that there was strain in this relationship (Bryan and Miller taking different sides in the Pike/Kane leadership) so this also wasn’t coming out of nowhere. Speaking of which…

3. People arguing that they want to live in 4A and then deciding to die in 4B?????

Both Harper and Riley are a part of the mob that are pissed at Clarke for creating the list and excluding them. Now just a few weeks later they are OK with dying? That’s not right.

4. Monty on double comfort duty at the DNR den

I believe Monty and Harper were still supposed to be in the area due to Jasper’s importance to Monty. But we essentially had an understaffed Monty running back and forth between people to comfort them which made for awkward pacing during the episode. It would have made more sense for two different pairings to be there, which would have helped draw out  the comparisons of the different paths one can take with respect to suicide.  

Some Last Thoughts

Niylah deserved better.

Given the fall out about the way Clarke’s love interest was treated last season… this seemed like a bizarre choice. It felt like Niylah really didn’t get to be herself which during my watching felt like it undermined their relationship.

Riley deserved better

What a bizarre character arc. I’m not even sure if it’s worth rewatching “Heavy Lies the Crown” since the episode really has no point any more.

Brian deserved better

Or maybe the audience did? I can’t help but feel like this role should have just been recast. The season would have felt less disjointed if they had done this.

Nathan deserved better

I hope we get to see more of him during the finale. 

anonymous asked:

How do I know what my dominant sign is?

this is seriously the last time i’m answering this.

your dominant sign is the sign that appears in your chart the most. use this site to find out your full chart. if you have the same amount of signs in your chart (ex. three planets in Libra and three planets in Aquarius), figure out what sign is in the most dominant planets. you can find out which planets are most to least dominant here


Robot Saint .001

Ballpoint, Silver gel pen, red gel pen, and silver brush pen on cardboard

This is actually the back of one of my Bristol pads - it finally ran out and I’m still sad at the loss of precious, precious paper that isn’t made anymore*. But I think I cheered myself up a bit with this little robot.

I’m not sure if it’s halo is an atom or a planet? Both? Let’s go with both.

*It’s still made, but they tweaked the formula. And now it doesn’t take watercolor anymore :( Still looking for a good replacement….

Your Other Signs
  • I reblogged a post about this, but figure I'd clear somethings up for any q's. Basically, the sign you typically refer to when checking tumblr is your Sun sign. This is a generalization of what you're like. The following is what you can also relate to (:
  • -=+=-
  • Moon: your thoughts/views on ideas, politics, relationships, life in general.
  • Ascendant/ Rising Sign: what people think of you. first impressions and long lasting.
  • Mercury: how you communicate with others, your social life.
  • Venus: love/style. i recommend looking at your venus, mars, sun and moon sign when asking q's about "most compatible" :)
  • Mars: your attitude towards not only people but work and other activities such as exercise.
  • Jupiter: karma. ie if you were a cancer (no hate lol, love em) you may have worse friends bc you complain about your life to them lolll <3
  • Saturn: intellect, studying habits, grades.
  • Uranus: response to things, your first reactions to scenarios
  • Neptune: your dreams, goals, hopes in what you'll achieve.
  • Pluto: your secrets, deepest thoughts, philosophical views on things
  • -=+=-
  • Hope this cleared some things up : ) msg me if you want any clarification or send me your sign of one of the planets (ex Leo of Mars) and i'll let you know about yourself lol
  • -=+=-
  • to figure out all of your signs go to any of the links below
  • -http: //astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal
  • -http: //www.gotohoroscope.com/birth-chart.html
  • -http: //www.0800-horoscope.com/birthchart.php

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Can you pretty pleaseeeee tag your asks to their respective sign for easy browsing? 😇😇

I do tag my asks but I haven’t in the last few weeks.

2+ placement descriptions are under the tag “custom description” (if I answered them together)
1 placement is under “description” and i also do tag the aspect/placement/sign

Compatibility with more than 2 placements (from each person) is under “custom compatibility”
One placement-one placement (Venus-Venus, venus/mars) is under “compatibility”

‘How do they act in a relationship’ asks are under “relationship ask”

‘How do they act in love’ asks are under “love ask”

‘How do they act when they’re crushing’ is under “crush ask”

Drags/roasts are under the tag “roast”

Aspects are tagged with the two planets, ex. Sun square Pluto will be “sun-Pluto”

If it’s a synastry aspect, it’ll also be tagged “synastry”

You can also just search for the placement you’re looking for