ex planets

Robot Saint .001

Ballpoint, Silver gel pen, red gel pen, and silver brush pen on cardboard

This is actually the back of one of my Bristol pads - it finally ran out and I’m still sad at the loss of precious, precious paper that isn’t made anymore*. But I think I cheered myself up a bit with this little robot.

I’m not sure if it’s halo is an atom or a planet? Both? Let’s go with both.

*It’s still made, but they tweaked the formula. And now it doesn’t take watercolor anymore :( Still looking for a good replacement….

Okay OKAY YOU GUYS so @i-want-a-callisto informed me of the critically important news that THERE IS A SHOT OF THE COUNCIL OF FIVE (AKA MY CREW) IN THE NEW DXMD TRAILER

I am on a self-imposed DXMD blackout at the moment, just for the next 3 weeks (I’ll tell you why when you’re older), but it’s worth breaking it just to look at this picture. LOOK AT THIS PICTURE.

Old white dude in the middle has got to be Lucius; not-as-old white dude to his left must be Stanton. Beth DuClare is in the front left and I think we have  MYSTERY MAN in the front right (!!! it’s Victor!). It’s interesting to note that Bob’s off to one side, and there doesn’t seem to be an empty chair (they’re taking the Council of Five literally it seems), and he’s standing behind Everett, suggesting that Page is still just Morgan’s protégé. Speaking of which. Back right. We have MORGAN FUCKING EVERETT


In the DX universe I invented once I ran out of DX games to play, Morgan is king nerd. He owns the Google/Apple/CNN etc. equivalents and controls pretty much all global information flow. He’s also kind of a big doof. Morgan’s pretty laid-back and doesn’t like to make a huge deal out of things, and he also doesn’t really care that much about the rest of the Illuminati. Morgan wants to stick his head in the internet and never come out. I mean, you have to be a pretty oblivious guy not to notice that Bob Page is just cartoonishly evil.


Look at that goatee. Look at that fucking weird goatee. You cannot tell me that this Morgan is not some top-rank Silicon Valley tycoon who gets away with wearing glasses and that weird little goatee. and HE’S WEARING A CARDIGAN OR A VEST OR SOMETHING AND HE HAS A TURTLENECK ON UNDERNEATH IT

Please, @deusex. Please tell me that the Morgan Everett I dreamed of is the one we’re going to get in DXMD. Please give me this.


i’m an ex-con, ex-addict, ex-human being.
an ex-clusive ex-ample of the perfect ex-husband.
i’m an ex-file, ex-man, ex-cuse.
an ex-planation of ex-planets, ex-bosses, and ex-gods.
truly, to look at me is to see an ex-priest, ex-asperated with

this temple life.
i am less than a minor threat yet greater than any mountain
that’s prone to inversion.
i couldn’t execute any meaningful plan even if i tried, and yet
to overlook me and the cats i roll with
would be a grave mistake indeed.

we are ex-stars, ex-wives, ex-uncles and aunts; we are 
ex-professors and ex-lawyers, disenchanted and disembodied
we look to disembowel the system which disserves us.
ex-cowboys, ex-astronauts, ex-princesses.
all of us, disasters, none of us belonging in an
ordered universe.
it’s an ex-istential implosion, an array of colors, shades
shapes and numbers, spiraling in a way that is
primitively sexy, ex-hausting as much 
as we are invigorated.

we are ex-disciples, holding each strange thing up to the light
to see if it glows in the dark.
ex-communicated, we are journey beings, following treasure maps 
looking for what marks the spot