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belle x adam modern au 3/?

When Belle finds evidence that shows she was murdered, not ill, when she died she takes it upon herself to catch the killer herself. A few years later she finds herself as the newest CIA recruit, assigned to one of the most famous agents, Adam. A high profile thief turned agent when Adam was only 20 years old, he’s the best in the business. Except when it comes to working with people. He might be a genius when it comes to taking them out and predicting a suspect’s next move, but everyone knows he works alone. Adam is very firm about working alone, especially when there’s no one who wants to work with him anyway. But when Adam fails on an important issue due to his own emotions, the bosses decide to partner him up with Belle in hopes of creating a balanced team. Belle is pretty sure she wouldn’t call their team ‘balanced’. Belle works behind the scenes as Adam works out in the field, but their differences become clear when Adam doesn’t trust Belle and ends up nearly dead in an attempt to cover for Belle. Things change after Belle saves him. Adam and Belle finally learn to trust each other, and Adam even helps Belle in her mission to find her mother’s murderer.

Feautring Lumiere and Plumette as the CIA power couple, Cogsworth as the seasoned and strict but loveable agent, Mrs, Potts as the motherly receptionist who always has a cup of tea ready, Gaston as an ex-navy who seems to have it out for Adam, and Lefou as Gaston’s partner who is probably doing all of the work and taking none of the credit.

No. 83 - Chips and Dip

Sorry for the absence!! It has been awhile since I posted comics. This one’s sort of a two-for-one, for the Mega Man Battle Network series (which is having its 15th anniversary this year)!

I’ll try and continue the pace from last year of one comic a month, so… see you in July!

-Press Start

anonymous asked:

Hiii! I wanted to ask if you have read any good fanfics about like one of them being an idol and the other is like a fanboy or something like that?

Have you read  these yet?  Some are mostly one being an idol, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.



Once in a while, we all need a hero… (S7E22)

Something I think is interesting is if you consider Warp Tour through The Return from Peridot’s perspective, it’s a little bit like…

Imagine you’re working in a good-sized office building. It has a basement, but it’s always locked and you’ve never been there. One day your boss hands you the keys, tells you there’s a fax machine down there, and asks you to go see if it’s working.

You head into the basement, and it’s really creepy down there. There’s weird graffiti on the walls and like… mysterious arrangements of paperclips that you have no idea who put them there or why. But you are here, you have a job to do, you are good at your job, you are finding that fax machine.

And then suddenly a bunch of people you have never seen before jump out of nowhere, strike poses, rattle off some kind of motto and start attacking you. 

You book it back up the stairs and lock the door behind you, because, holy crap, there are people living in the basement, why did no one tell you about this. And naturally the first thing you do is blab to Security and by Security I mean that one ex-Navy Seal with all the tattoos who’s built like she wrestles grizzly bears in her spare time and somehow ended up on security detail in an office building right here at this point in your life when ordinary security will not suffice, because sometimes the corporate gods are merciful. 

And not only does she believe you, but she just sorta looks you over and goes “oh, yeah, those guys. I know who those guys are. Let’s go, I’ve got some unfinished business with them.”

And then to make situations way weirder there’s some other person who shows up around this time who has apparently been held hostage by the basement people for longer than you’ve been working here and she’s deeply alarmed by the phone system and she comes along even though she really doesn’t want to because you have Security on your side and Security probably benches I-beams, and you are totally confident you are going to kick these basement-lurking weirdos’ butts. 

And then the whole situation goes rapidly downhill and then before you know it you’ve been indoctrinated into the basement cult.

“We really take fast internet connections for granted these days. It’s not until you go to other countries where they have little to no connection for you really start to appreciate it.” Colin told the person next to him as he looked at his laptop. “I’m sorry, I don’t even know you, ignore me.” He thought after a moment. They probably didn’t care what he had to say.


Thoughts About McDanno

One of my fav ships. A match made on an island (probably in heaven). Two flawless creatures in a world of crime. Not bulletproof, both carry a lot of luggage with them. It wasn’t love at first sight. It was more like going toe to toe. Two stubborn mules. One tough ex-navy-seal cookie with a core made of marshmallows. A father of two, divorced, with a heart as big as his mouth. They have each other’s back, always. They have something that runs deep, a special bond that’s unique.

  • Lesbian Rite of Passage - basically one of the rituals that mark your transition from a baby dyke, to a former baby dyke. 

I’m an FBD guys. Well ok not exactly, I’m actually pansexual so I guess that makes me a former baby pike? (cuz y'know, baby bisexuals are baby bikes)

The Gay Women Channel makes YouTube a better place. 


- Mick and Len as pirates who have been avoiding the Navy for so long everyone thinks they’re just a legend - until one day, they show up to steal the last missing piece of cursed gold from Governor Queen’s manor. Raymond Palmer as a very talented but ordinary blacksmith with an overactive imagination and a longing for great adventure: notions which feel decidedly less romantic when he accidentally gets himself captured by real, living pirates.

- or Ray as a commanding officer in the Royal Navy who gets lost at sea when his ship sinks during a storm. He comes back after several months, only to find his name has been largely forgotten, and his deeds have not changed as much as he had believed they would. Discouraged and impoverished, he ends up in a known pirate hang-out, caught in the whirlwind that is two pirate captains, Sara and Rip, arguing over one ship.

-  or the whole Legends team as an actual pirate crew; Rip as the ex-Navy officer who had been screwed over badly by his superiors and he’s sworn to seek revenge (or justice, depending on the point of view). He cannot be exactly picky about his crew: that’s how he ends up with ‘Captain Cold’ - well, just ‘Cold’ now, after his ship has been sunk - and his first mate Rory. That’s how he takes on Sara Lance, the daughter of the governor who has been proclaimed dead before, but miraculously surfaced just recently, causing bar brawls all across the Caribbean. That’s definitely how Rip ends up with Martin Stein, a snooty English explorer who has gone and got himself magically bound to a young Haitian vodouist - and they’re both seeking to safely get out of each other’s heads, or however it is they are connected. Nobody’s even surprised when they are eventually joined by a woman who can take on the skills of various animals, a guy who is bullet-proof, or when they briefly meet that odd couple who can grow wings anytime they please.

DO YOU WANT IT ? do you want anything i have ? will you throw me to the ground like you mean it, reach inside and wrestle it out with your bare hands ? if you love me, you don’t love me in a way i understand. — 

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