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Quick, make out with me.

“I just saw my ex. Quick, make out with me.” college AU Klance. Inspired by this long list of AUs and written because @panda013 inspired me to write Klance.

“Shit, who invited him?!” Lance glared at the door as Rollo waltzed in, looking like a movie star, which only made the whole situation that much more grating.

Pidge sighed, “I’m not drunk enough for this…”

Hunk straightened, “Don’t worry, man, we’re behind yo- Oh. Pidge is already gone.” Sure enough, she had already abandoned them for a refill of what was probably dangerously spiked punch.

And to add insult to injury, Keith waltzed over and made a face. “Who invited him?” he asked with the same level of disdain as Lance.

Lance looked over at him with a raised brow. “Wait. You know him?”

“Yeah, he dated me for a month and cheated on me with-”

“Nyma! Yeah, he cheated on me with her, too!”

Keith frowned. “He dated you?” His tone implied that he was sure Rollo’s standards had fallen since him if he dated Lance of all people.

Lance scowled. “You don’t have to sound so surprised.” He glanced over at the door. “Shit! He’s coming over!”

Keith rolled his eyes. “Of course he is. He probably heard you from down the street.”

Lance turned on him. “I’m not that loud! I’m-” He growled, finally noticing that Rollo hadn’t come alone. “Wait. Is that…”

Keith stared at the approaching pair of figures. “Did he bring Nyma?!”

Lance grabbed Keith’s shoulder. “Keith. Make out with me.”

“What?” Keith asked, eyes narrowing.

“Our ex is walking over, and we can prove we’re over him.”

“But we aren’t.”

“But he doesn’t know that,” Lance insisted.

“Why don’t you just make out with Hunk if you’re that desperate?” Keith hissed, his eyes darting to Nyma and Rollo, who were slowly making their way closer.

“We’re roommates, Keith. That would be awkward. Besides, he has a girlfriend.” Lance grimaced, “Look, I’m not looking forward to this any more than you are, but this helps both of us.”

“How does this help me exactly?”

“Would you just shut up and let me kiss you?”


Hunk hissed a warning, “They’re almost here.”

“You can have my spot in the library for the next week.”

Keith inhaled sharply. Kissing Lance would be horrible, he was sure, but Lance had staked out the prime library spot for the past month and Keith was itching to dethrone him. It might actually be worth it. “Fine.”

Keith barely had time to finish the word before Lance was on him. Their nearly empty cups clattered to the ground as Lance wrapped one arm around Keith’s waist and tugged their bodies together. His other hand slipped over Keith’s jaw just in time to steady him for the bruising force that was Lance on a mission. Lance kissed him with every ounce of fierce determination Keith had come to expect from the man who was constantly working to break even with the top student in the class. Keith’s eyes slid closed, and his hands rested delicately on Lance’s hips.

Lance hadn’t quite expected the light pressure of Keith’s hands, and he certainly hadn’t expected Keith’s hair to be quite so soft when he finally took the opportunity to touch it. He was already planning to forget how warm Keith’s body felt and how they seemed to fit so well together. Given how often Lance spotted him at the gym, Keith’s frankly ridiculous muscles shouldn’t have been surprising, but it was one thing to see them in passing and another entirely to feel them rippling against his stomach. Lance broke away for a short gasp, his lips delightfully sensitive as he moved in for another kiss.

Keith didn’t bother pretending he didn’t want more. In fact, he tugged Lance’s hips closer, his thumbs slipping under Lance’s shirt to brush over his sides. Lance released a soft sound that he’d probably pretend wasn’t a moan once this was all said and done, but Keith knew better. He could feel just how much Lance was enjoying this the more he tugged their hips closer. So, he kissed back. He didn’t even register Hunk’s surprised “whoa” when he slipped his tongue into Lance’s mouth. While he somewhat wished he’d asked Lance to at least eat a breath mint first, the taste of alcohol wasn’t as bad as he’d expected. The fruity undercurrent of Lance’s drink almost made the taste pleasant.

Lance was not prepared for Keith to actually transform into an active participant in this impromptu makeout, but with the way Keith was using his tongue, he wasn’t exactly complaining. Keith’s thumbs rubbing small circles into his sides only made it harder to remember that this was Keith he was kissing. Keith, the most obnoxious guy in school. Keith, the one who always screwed up the curve for everyone else without even studying. Keith, his rival.

Keith, who was pulling away to breathe and currently staring at him with wide, wanting eyes. Keith, who was so absorbed, he hadn’t even noticed the way Rollo and Nyma were both eyeing them from only a foot away. Keith, who looked so incredibly hot, Lance had no idea how he could have missed it before.

Lance chuckled, his voice low and surprisingly rough. “Wow, babe… You really didn’t hold back, huh?”

Keith smirked. “Couldn’t let you upstage me.”

Lance dove in for another kiss as Hunk just shrugged at Rollo and Nyma.

Written in about an hour, so if you notice any errors, let me know! I tried to do a quick read through, but I may have missed something. :)

Bryan Bickell, Jordan Hendry, Ben Eager, Dustin Byfuglien, Patrick Kane, Dave Bolland, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Jonathan Toews, ?, Niklas Hjalmarsson

The boys at the Bolland Wedding- photography by Jai Girard Photography

bena-and-cherry  asked:

Hi sweetie. Sorry, im chicken, and nervous. Ahh but like i wonder, do you have any personal hc for shiro's ex? Like how long ago it was they where together, or how she treated him?? Dose keith actually know her at all?

Oh no! Don’t be nervous! XD BUT YES LETTUCE DO THIS.

[Pre-Voltron Family] About Shiro’s Ex and how Keith came into the picture. (Shiro’s Evil Ex: 1, 2) So her name was Rea. Same age as Shiro. Political Science Major. They met because they had one class together and she got attracted to Shiro. They were seatmates and that was how it all started. 

Shiro was there on his first year as a Foreign Exchange Student, he was single and Rea was lovely enough that he thought he could give it a try. She was sweet to him and he enjoyed her company. They went on dates, shared their first kiss, etc. She hanged out at Shiro’s place a lot, even stayed the night. It was great. Shiro was grateful to be in such a relationship.But lately, with school stuff in the way, they couldn’t spend a lot of time together anymore. Somehow, Shiro feels so… empty.

Rea: *gathers her books* Shiro, I have to go now. 
Shiro: Alright. See you at lunch? *smiles*
Rea: You know I can’t. *frowns* I have class. My lunch break is like 2pm and you have class.
Shiro: *sighs* Worth a shot.
Rea: I’ll make it up to you. *leans down to kiss him on the lips* You’ll survive without me, big guy. *leaves the library*
Shiro: *sees her leave* *whispers to himself* Always have. *goes back to doing his homework*

This was the very day—night rather—that Shiro first met Keith. An Asian guy—a very attractive one at that—entered the printing room and just accused him of doing something he didn’t do. He was scandalized but kinda glad he could banter with someone even though he had a paper to print.

His name was Keith and Shiro found him to be such an adorable and lovely guy who turned out to have a lot of books in his room, that very night Keith offered his printer. (oh gods yes i am actually typing the scene i left out in the fic)

Shiro: Whoa. You a bibliophile? *eyes Keith’s bookshelves*
Keith: *looks up from his laptop where he’s trying to print his and Shiro’s papers* *grins* I’m impressed. People usually just say “bookworm” but you actually know the proper term.
Shiro: *shrugs* Takes one to know one?
Keith: Consider your final papers free of charge! *hands Shiro his papers*
Shiro: *takes them* Wow. That’s all it takes? *smirks at Keith*
Keith: Well, you were going to buy me the new Harry Potter book so… *shrugs innocently*
Shiro: *gasp* You weren’t kidding about that?
Keith: You thought I was kidding? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: But—*flushes because he remembered he said he could kiss keith when he offered him his printer but the guy just went along with it by saying to buy him the HP book first*
Keith: *elbows him* I’m just kidding! *laughs* You could’ve seen how red your face was just now!
Shiro: *entranced by how lovely Keith is when he laughs* I’d still buy you that book. *says quickly before he stops himself* *covers mouth with his hand*
Keith: *stops laughing* Dude, I was just joki—
Shiro: *shakes head* No. Let me.
Keith: What’s in it for me? *raises eyebrow in suspicion* 
Shiro: When are you free?
Keith: Uh, I only have my lunch break at 11:30—
Shiro: Let’s eat lunch together then. 
Keith: Wha— *eyes widens*
Shiro: *shoulders sags down* *sighs* I always eat alone because my girlfriend has class. *frowns*
Keith: Oh. *chuckles* Alright, I’ll accompany you to lunch then.

The first time Rea saw Keith with Shiro, she was actually thankful that his boyfriend had a friend who could eat lunch with him. Keith and Rea got along just fine, but they hardly see each other nor talk to each other because most of the time, Keith was reading a book.

Rea: Hey, babe. Let’s watch a movie this Saturday. You free?
Shiro: Sure. *turns to Keith* You free on Saturday, Keith?
Keith: *places down his book and looks at both of them* Yeah, I guess.
Shiro: Great then! 
Rea: *tries to maintain a smiling face* I’ll just go to the bathroom. If you’ll excuse me. *kisses Shiro on the cheek before she leaves*
Keith: *throws a rolled up paper at Shiro* You idiot.
Shiro: *shocked* What?
Keith: She was asking you out on a date and you just had to bring me along?
Shiro: She seems fine with it though?
Keith: She wasn’t. She looked like she wanted to stab me with her pen.
Shiro: Pssh! Rea? No way. She’s a good girl.
Keith: *resumes his reading* Whatever you say, man.

The time Shiro realized he wasn’t in love with Rea was the time he realized he was in love with Keith. Keith who was always there in a corner, ready to listen to his rants and was always ready to give him the hug he needed. Keith who became his best friend and now Shiro wanted him to be something more.

Shiro: Rea, we need to talk.
Rea: Not now, babe. We can talk in bed. *smirks and drags Shiro to his room*
Shiro: *stops her* No. Listen to me.
Rea: What?
Shiro: I think we need to break up.
Shiro: *sighs* I want to end this relationship I have with you. It’s just not working out anymore. I’m sorry.
Rea: *eyes widens* WHY? Is this about… IS THIS ABOUT KEITH?
Shiro: *winces* Not entirely but he’s part of it. I’m just no longer in love with you. I might have thought I was once upon a time but not anymore.
Rea: *clenches her fist in anger* What? Suddenly you realize you’re gay *shouts* I can’t believe you’re choosing Keith over me! A BOY!! IS THIS WHY YOU WOULDN’T LET ME STAY THE NIGHT ANYMORE? I know you stay overnight at Keith’s dorm. DON’T EVEN DENY IT, SHIRO. *scoffs as she fights back her tears* Did Keith give you a b—
Shiro: Don’t finish that sentence, Rea, or I swear to god—
Shiro: It’s not! Keith… he doesn’t know, okay? So leave him out of this.
Rea: *turns around to leave* One day, you’re going to regret breaking up with me. I hope you and Keith don’t happen at all! I hope for your world to crush and burn when you find out that Keith doesn’t even see you THAT way. I wish Keith crushes your heart into millions of pieces. 
Shiro: I haven’t even tried yet, so you and I can’t know for sure.

Shiro texted Keith that night if he could visit him because he had news to tell. Rea’s words kept on haunting him. He didn’t even know if Keith swung that way but he’d never know until he tried. When he got an “ok” from Keith, he left his apartment and headed to Keith’s dorm. 

Little did he know, Keith was going to be his husband in a few years and they’d have 3 kids and a lovely home. ;D

The Continuous Tales Of Inner Keith
  • Keith: Alright today's the day I tell Lance I like him.
  • Allura: Good! You go get him!
  • Lance: *laughing at one of Hunk's jokes*
  • Keith: Shit.
  • Inner Keith: *Keith.exe has stopped working*
  • Lance: Hey buddy Allura said you wanted to talk to me?
  • Keith: We should fight more. Let's train. Fight me please.
  • Inner Keith: *sobbing*
  • A Few Hours Later: ...
  • Shiro: Lance told me you keep asking him to fight you?
  • Keith: I don't know what else to say.
  • Inner Keith: *Face Palms into Oblivion*

Au where sheiths are cops. Keith is on his active duty, but Shiro lost his arm in action so now he owns a coffee shop. Keith always comes to visit, because you know what? He still thinks it was his fault, that Shiro lost his arm. Bonus they’re ex boyfriends. Keith thinks Shiro hates him but it’s not true. Shiro thinks Keith doesn’t want him because he’s an invalid.
Please, prove them wrong.

zombie au sketches!! messy & didnt feel like finishing but i had to get this out of my system. been talking (screaming?) about this w/ @highkeyanne & @anobrain-s lma o

so far:
- korean keith; ex sword martial arts athlete & overly attatched to his geom sword
- cuban (as in canon?) lance; HAS AN IPOD SHUFFLE IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES,,,,,,coughs earbud sharing

keith drops some photographs, lance scrambles to help him pick them up. lance pauses. “keith?” he starts, his gaze lingering on keith.

“yea?” keith asks, not looking up from gathering the pictures.

“why do you have so many pictures of mothman with his head cut off?”

keith stares at him blankly, “mothman?” keith wonders how lance could possibly think those pictures are of mothman. “oh, no. that’s my ex,” keith explains, and then he’s gazing off into the distance. “mothman would never hurt me like he did,” his expression hardens as he says that, his voice grows cold, and lance can tell he’s been through too much.

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Wait, if Quintessence powers everything magic.

And Keith either has an affinity for Quintessence (that let him sense the blue lion) or has a considerable amount of Quintessence of his own (maybe because he’s Galra and/or Altean?)

And Allura uses her energy (Quintessence) to open wormholes using the castle’s tech.

What if it wasn’t Blue who opened the wormhole to Arus in the first episode?

What if it was Keith?

I’ve been wanting to do a drawing in the style of my Ronin Warriors one, with the Voltron Paladins and the Lions. The lions are so fun to draw. <3 Also, best drawings of Shiro and of Lance that I have done so far. I’m especially happy with Lance!