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….Shiro and his leadership…

Ok, I’m watching S2E4 & 5 and like the Galra are attacking them and they’re trying to decide what to do and Keith is like “WE GOTTA FIGHT THEM”

And Shiro just.. sides with Allura…

Yes Shiro… that was YOUR idea to go there… Keith tried to stop you from doing that, remember? 

Remember how he had a better grasp on the situation than anyone? And no one listened to him? You think Keith is somehow suddenly not aware of the dangers of doing something like attacking Zarkon’s command center? Dude even fought Zarkon by himself before (and got his ass kicked)!! And he’s watching you like a hawk 24/7 for the slightest sign of struggle, he knows all about you and Black and how easily Zarkon can snatch your control away. Trust me, Keith knows what the risks are better than anyone, you don’t have to explain him anything.

And literally the next episode Shiro is like:

And like you’d think maybe he’s actually listening to Keith finally, and understands they have to fight back or they will just be running away until they die of exhaustion, but like, he actually means they should go fight small Galra fleets and take those out. Which is … well…

Like ok… I know this is a cartoon and stuff dun always make sense and all…

But seriously, that plan actually worked out for them just because Zarkon let Morvok do the job, because I dunno… he was just too lazy to go to Taujeer and capture Voltron himself with all his fleet this time? Was taking a shower? His fav show was on tv? I dunno.. I’m not sure how far or how fast the Galra can travel but seems like it’s pretty far and pretty fast. (Zarkon arrives at the storm place like minutes after they escape from him…)

Like, HOW would going to attack random Galra fleets in outer space won’t immediately give Zarkon their location so he could just show up with his big ship and other fleets at the place?? And once he does it means they will have to run away again or fight all those fleets. (Like those Galra ships travel between galaxies pretty damn fast! They will have to take down the fleet without any unexpected issues I suppose and run away real quick) 

Like, that literally doesn’t change anything about their situation.. Seems like it would just save Zarkon time and energy because he wouldn’t have to track them anymore using magic all the time! And it will just make them all more tired because they will still be fighting all the time and even more than before? That like gives em zero control of the situation back..

LIKE THIS IS A COMPLETELY POINTLESS STUPID PLAN, SHIRO! What are they trying to do? Just annoy Zarkon? Like some kids who ring the doorbell and run away when he gets up to open it?? They will die from lack of sleep before they could ever put an end to the Galra empire like this.

Like imagine them going to fight some fleet, the Galra tell Zarkon “they’re here”, Zarkon shows up, they run away, Zarkon tracks them down and they have to fight him now, but now they are just even more tired from the other fight.. and how will they even find the time to fight all those random isolated fleets while constantly running away from Zarkon??

Their situation is pretty bad if Zarkon can just find them anywhere!! The more tired Allura gets the less distance they can travel through wormholes, the less distance they travel, the faster Zarkon will find them again. The more Zarkon attacks them the more tired they become. Like?? I dunno, am I missing something? Is Shiro’s plan like a good plan somehow?? Does it actually changes something?

Keith is right, fighting back IS their best option in this situation (where Zarkon keeps showing up every few.. hours? minutes?), the longer they wait and run the more exhausted and weak they will become. Like sure, they could have used some planing on how to do that first, but atleast Keith has the right idea and he understands the situation they’re in very quickly. And it’s that they can’t keep running away, they have to fight back no matter how great the risk is. (finding a way to hide would be a way better plan ofcourse, but when that not seems to be an option something must be done fast or bye bye voltron)

Just…*gently moves Shiro to the side and puts Keith in the leader seat*

I dunno, I feel like Shiro survives on nothing but pure luck I swear.. and like it totally works for them!! But like isn’t all this luck gonna run out sometime? (probably not cuz kids show..)

And it’s funny, cause I assume this is something that makes Keith seem like a hot head again and a horrible decision maker and a person who just want’s to fight everyone, but like…. HE MAKES SENSE. and Shiro… I dunno what Shiro’s doing.. 

pining lance concepts

  • lance feels a soft pang in his chest whenever keith’s around (a good kind of soft pang) and he’s felt it since their days at the garrison
  • *lance is sitting at his desk, a little bummed because keith hasn’t shown up yet*
    • keith: (suddenly runs into the classroom, late, adjusting his uniform and nodding at the instructor) sorry. i, uh, got lost. (walks over to his desk right in front of lance and sits)
    • lance: (feels it) (tries not to smile as he absentmindedly taps his foot against the leg of keith’s chair)
  • *lance gets on a lift, on his way to the next class*
    • keith: (running up the corridor) hold the elevator please!
    • lance: (holds the door until keith gets on) (feels a gentle pain in his chest again as keith stands beside him) hey again
    • keith: (glancing at lance briefly, not seeming to recognize him) hi (runs a hand through his hair)
  • *lance is sitting in the commissary, waiting for hunk*
    • keith: (suddenly walking up to him with his lunch) is anyone sitting here
    • lance: (looks up) uh (his chest kicks) um, yeah. sorry. i’m just, waiting for my best friend.
    • keith: oh. okay. (sits a few tables down instead)
    • lance: (internally screaming)
  • *much later, after kerberos, when lance sees keith again, for the first time since keith dropped out*
    • hunk: are you sure?
    • lance: (running towards the crash site of shiro’s alien ship) oh, i’d recognize that mullet anywhere! (that old ache in his chest is back) (he doesn’t even hear pidge ask ‘who’s keith?’)
  • *much much later, when they’re fighting the cube on olkarion*
    • lance: (after keith un-freezes his lion with a heat ray) thanks keith!
    • keith: you got it!
    • lance, internally: …there’s that feeling again
  • *when keith purposely crashes his defense drone into lance’s just to provoke him, when keith pries open the elevator door and says he just so happens to be going to the castle pool at the same time as lance, and before all that when keith throws the soft asteroid at lance’s face, smiles at him, and asks “like that?”*
    • lance, internally: WHAT THE FUCKKSJD (the ache is there every time, and only seems to be getting worse)
    • you get the idea
  • lance will worry a lot about keith too, especially because the dude is such a hothead
  • sometimes he’ll even try to get keith to chill out before keith acts on impulse (keith rarely listens, but still)
    • ex. when keith is ready to run in and bayard his way into a hangar guarded by galra sentries (in ‘return to the balmera’) and lance tells him to ‘cool his jets’
    • ex. when keith says he’s gonna go check out those ‘giant containers’ at the galra base (in ‘collection & extraction’) and lance is like ‘how about you don’t blow our cover? keith, think about what you’re doing … don’t walk through that door!’
    • ex. when keith decides to try & take out zarkon head on (in the s1 finale) and lance is like ‘what? we’ve got to stick together!’
  • lance will also check in occasionally to make sure keith is okay, but he’ll do so mockingly (so he doesn’t come across as like, concerned or anything)
    • ex. when lance first flies the blue lion (in ‘the rise of voltron’) and he turns to keith and is like “oh, are you scared?” and keith is like “with you at the helm? terrified.”
    • ex. when they’re practicing on the training deck for the first time (in ‘some assembly required’) and lance is like “you keeping up over there keith?” and keith is like “just concentrate on keeping me safe”
    • ex. when coran has them flying blindly towards the ground in their lions (for training purposes) and lance is like “you still going keith?” and then asks “you gettin scared?” and keith is like “i’m not scared!!” *crash* (also in ‘some assembly required’)
  • sometimes (when pidge doesn’t let him borrow her headphones and he can’t fall asleep listening to music) lance will hear keith’s door open in the middle of the night (cause their rooms are right next to each other) and he knows keith is probably heading to the training deck again to blow off some steam
  • he’ll always consider walking out there to go check on keith, or maybe even talk to keith, or at least ask if he’s having a rough night
  • but he never does
  • keith’s the one who eventually knocks on his door and asks if he’s still awake
Ex Boyfriends

okay so i was listening to the arctic monkeys song do i wanna know and Adele send my love and  there is a part of the songs that got me thinking of klance and so i made a little what if, and so here it goes also sorry i just i cant stop once i have an idea in my head it just goes and doesn’t stop.

Okay so what if Lance and keith dated and they had a really nasty breakup because keith keep accusing lance of all these things that he didn’t do and lance couldn’t take it anymore because it was slowly breaking him and so he made the decision to break up with him and when he told them he found out that keith was cheating on him with a guy called rolo. After that it had taken Lance a lot of time to find himself again as his world revolved around keith and with the help of Hunk and pidge he found his new passion which was singing. Pidge had scored him a job as a singer for a club called pump it up. At first he was apprehennsive because he was insecure about his singing voice but after some drinks and sharing personal stories and 3 in the morning with pidge and hunk they managed to convince him to get the job. Everything was fine after that lance got is grades up(he almost failed his classes after the breakup) and Lance was getting good money from singing at the club.  Then one day he saw keith enter with his new boyfriend Rolo(he was in a couple of classes with them) and gets super off and he keeps saying that he cant preform because keith is there but pidge literally slaps him and gives him an idea to sing a song towards him. So then lance goes out does his famous introduction but this time he changes it up and says “these two go out to someone i thought i knew and loved hope you like.” Once keith hears his voice he turns around and it in awe of lance jumping around and getting into the song when lance looks at him and sings “Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few?
‘Cause I always do
Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
Now I’ve thought it through Crawling back to you”

Then lance breaks off the eye contact and finishes the song and then he looks at the crowd and says “this is one of my own songs i wrote it after…a hard breakup hope you guys like it” Then a guitar starts playing and not even a minute later lance faces him again and sings “I’m giving you up
I’ve forgiven it all
You set me free, oh
Send my love to your new lover
Treat him better
We’ve gotta let go of all of our ghosts
We both know we ain’t kids no more
Send my love to your new lover
Treat him better
We’ve gotta let go of all of our ghosts
We both know we ain’t kids no more” then a beat starts playing and lance turns around . He sings his song with so much emotion keith just wants to hold him and apoligize and just never let him go but he knows its to late and he fucked up. The lance looks at him with tears streaming down his eyes singing “I’m giving you up
I’ve forgiven it all
You set me free
Send my love to your new lover
Treat him better
We’ve gotta let go of all of our ghosts
We both know we ain’t kids no more
Send my love to your new lover
Treat him better We’ve gotta let go of all of our ghosts
We both know we ain’t kids no more” Keith was shock’d at the tears and the emotion in his voice and he looked away he couldn’t bear look at lance knowing that it was his fault lance was crying. When the song ended he heard lance say “thank you for coming i’m lance and i hope you have a good day” his voice cracking multiple times.

and then find out what happens stay tuned? or let me know if you wan me to finish this idk man its up to y’all


(647): Can you hurry up? Jonathan just challenged my ex to a duel and someone honest to god handed him a sword? 

(648): He didn’t have his own? 

Klance and Lance analysis of S2

For those of you worried about Klance because we didn’t get many interactions, this season. I’m here to tell you. You’re all very wrong. They purposely kept Lance out of this season a lot because he’s getting his own arc next season. The fact that near the end he was insecure and we got a shot of that. Trust me. Every small Lance scene had an underlying meaning that will be adressed soon. When he was jealous of Keith and Allura, he never specified who it was he was jealous of. This happened twice. In episode 8 when Red went after Keith, and they knew he was in danger they specifically emphasized the concern on Lances face as he asked Allura. That concern was shown again and again. In another episode, Lance was supposed to protect Keith and Hunk but they got shot by the laser beam and the sheer terror on his face as he yelled “Guys!” It sounded a lot like when Shiro believed Allura was gone and yelled out her name. Also, the way Lance was talking about Keith and complimenting him to the yupper when they were alone and the soft expression on his face, as well as his own insecurity that comes after, tells me my boy is getting his own arc next season. And it will be about his own discoveries and interactions, and i can bet, most of them will involve Keith. The exec producers of the show recently mentioned they will explore sexuality and Jeremy Shada has hinted that Lance will kind of open up his eyes and realize he will fall in love with someone who’s always been beside him. I have strong feeling Lance is going to realize his feelings for a certain mulleted Galra Red paladin.

Oh and I wanted to add, the creators of this show are very good at adding small subtle things that eventually have deeper more significant meanings. Ex: Galra Keith. Season one had subtle moments like when Keith put his hand on the Galra handprint and it worked. Or when the Quintesence hit his hand and it turned purple. Or the “you fight like a Galra soldier.” Again. Small things. Small subtle pieces to a much larger puzzle waiting for the more obvious pieces that was finally completed in season 2. Lance is getting his arc. I’m at least 80% certain of it. So pay attention to the details and clues with this crew because they’re fantastic at giving them to us.

I’m,,, like taking baby steps with allurivan. It’s a new ship, I’m pretty sure they have a lot of development in knowing each other before we get to the shippy lovey dovey stuff. But I crave that. I crave ships that start off being awkward af. give me that strong platonic relationship!

Also holy heck

kolivan hella watching over the princess and being protective. Allura being like: haha I don’t need being watched over I’m fine. the princess accepting galra kind that do good (ex we got with Keith :v) HE MIGHT HAVE SAVED ALLURA A FEW TIMES DURING THE LAST EP OF s2. Having time alone while bringing up unnecessary sad topics like death of friends and family because letting it out helps them.

The two feeling that having break time is simply ridiculous and comment on how lazy their recruits can get. THEY JUST LOOK GOOD FIGHTING TOGETHER

give some love for the two aliens :>

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Hi sweetie. Sorry, im chicken, and nervous. Ahh but like i wonder, do you have any personal hc for shiro's ex? Like how long ago it was they where together, or how she treated him?? Dose keith actually know her at all?

Oh no! Don’t be nervous! XD BUT YES LETTUCE DO THIS.

[Pre-Voltron Family] About Shiro’s Ex and how Keith came into the picture. (Shiro’s Evil Ex: 1, 2) So her name was Rea. Same age as Shiro. Political Science Major. They met because they had one class together and she got attracted to Shiro. They were seatmates and that was how it all started. 

Shiro was there on his first year as a Foreign Exchange Student, he was single and Rea was lovely enough that he thought he could give it a try. She was sweet to him and he enjoyed her company. They went on dates, shared their first kiss, etc. She hanged out at Shiro’s place a lot, even stayed the night. It was great. Shiro was grateful to be in such a relationship.But lately, with school stuff in the way, they couldn’t spend a lot of time together anymore. Somehow, Shiro feels so… empty.

Rea: *gathers her books* Shiro, I have to go now. 
Shiro: Alright. See you at lunch? *smiles*
Rea: You know I can’t. *frowns* I have class. My lunch break is like 2pm and you have class.
Shiro: *sighs* Worth a shot.
Rea: I’ll make it up to you. *leans down to kiss him on the lips* You’ll survive without me, big guy. *leaves the library*
Shiro: *sees her leave* *whispers to himself* Always have. *goes back to doing his homework*

This was the very day—night rather—that Shiro first met Keith. An Asian guy—a very attractive one at that—entered the printing room and just accused him of doing something he didn’t do. He was scandalized but kinda glad he could banter with someone even though he had a paper to print.

His name was Keith and Shiro found him to be such an adorable and lovely guy who turned out to have a lot of books in his room, that very night Keith offered his printer. (oh gods yes i am actually typing the scene i left out in the fic)

Shiro: Whoa. You a bibliophile? *eyes Keith’s bookshelves*
Keith: *looks up from his laptop where he’s trying to print his and Shiro’s papers* *grins* I’m impressed. People usually just say “bookworm” but you actually know the proper term.
Shiro: *shrugs* Takes one to know one?
Keith: Consider your final papers free of charge! *hands Shiro his papers*
Shiro: *takes them* Wow. That’s all it takes? *smirks at Keith*
Keith: Well, you were going to buy me the new Harry Potter book so… *shrugs innocently*
Shiro: *gasp* You weren’t kidding about that?
Keith: You thought I was kidding? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: But—*flushes because he remembered he said he could kiss keith when he offered him his printer but the guy just went along with it by saying to buy him the HP book first*
Keith: *elbows him* I’m just kidding! *laughs* You could’ve seen how red your face was just now!
Shiro: *entranced by how lovely Keith is when he laughs* I’d still buy you that book. *says quickly before he stops himself* *covers mouth with his hand*
Keith: *stops laughing* Dude, I was just joki—
Shiro: *shakes head* No. Let me.
Keith: What’s in it for me? *raises eyebrow in suspicion* 
Shiro: When are you free?
Keith: Uh, I only have my lunch break at 11:30—
Shiro: Let’s eat lunch together then. 
Keith: Wha— *eyes widens*
Shiro: *shoulders sags down* *sighs* I always eat alone because my girlfriend has class. *frowns*
Keith: Oh. *chuckles* Alright, I’ll accompany you to lunch then.

The first time Rea saw Keith with Shiro, she was actually thankful that his boyfriend had a friend who could eat lunch with him. Keith and Rea got along just fine, but they hardly see each other nor talk to each other because most of the time, Keith was reading a book.

Rea: Hey, babe. Let’s watch a movie this Saturday. You free?
Shiro: Sure. *turns to Keith* You free on Saturday, Keith?
Keith: *places down his book and looks at both of them* Yeah, I guess.
Shiro: Great then! 
Rea: *tries to maintain a smiling face* I’ll just go to the bathroom. If you’ll excuse me. *kisses Shiro on the cheek before she leaves*
Keith: *throws a rolled up paper at Shiro* You idiot.
Shiro: *shocked* What?
Keith: She was asking you out on a date and you just had to bring me along?
Shiro: She seems fine with it though?
Keith: She wasn’t. She looked like she wanted to stab me with her pen.
Shiro: Pssh! Rea? No way. She’s a good girl.
Keith: *resumes his reading* Whatever you say, man.

The time Shiro realized he wasn’t in love with Rea was the time he realized he was in love with Keith. Keith who was always there in a corner, ready to listen to his rants and was always ready to give him the hug he needed. Keith who became his best friend and now Shiro wanted him to be something more.

Shiro: Rea, we need to talk.
Rea: Not now, babe. We can talk in bed. *smirks and drags Shiro to his room*
Shiro: *stops her* No. Listen to me.
Rea: What?
Shiro: I think we need to break up.
Shiro: *sighs* I want to end this relationship I have with you. It’s just not working out anymore. I’m sorry.
Rea: *eyes widens* WHY? Is this about… IS THIS ABOUT KEITH?
Shiro: *winces* Not entirely but he’s part of it. I’m just no longer in love with you. I might have thought I was once upon a time but not anymore.
Rea: *clenches her fist in anger* What? Suddenly you realize you’re gay *shouts* I can’t believe you’re choosing Keith over me! A BOY!! IS THIS WHY YOU WOULDN’T LET ME STAY THE NIGHT ANYMORE? I know you stay overnight at Keith’s dorm. DON’T EVEN DENY IT, SHIRO. *scoffs as she fights back her tears* Did Keith give you a b—
Shiro: Don’t finish that sentence, Rea, or I swear to god—
Shiro: It’s not! Keith… he doesn’t know, okay? So leave him out of this.
Rea: *turns around to leave* One day, you’re going to regret breaking up with me. I hope you and Keith don’t happen at all! I hope for your world to crush and burn when you find out that Keith doesn’t even see you THAT way. I wish Keith crushes your heart into millions of pieces. 
Shiro: I haven’t even tried yet, so you and I can’t know for sure.

Shiro texted Keith that night if he could visit him because he had news to tell. Rea’s words kept on haunting him. He didn’t even know if Keith swung that way but he’d never know until he tried. When he got an “ok” from Keith, he left his apartment and headed to Keith’s dorm. 

Little did he know, Keith was going to be his husband in a few years and they’d have 3 kids and a lovely home. ;D

Awkward Moments, pt. 1

Shunk Week Day 1: Winter/Summer

read on ao3

“So, Shiro,” Allura said, turning towards him with a mischievous glint in her eyes and half a Twizzler hanging from her mouth. “How’s the neighbor boy?”

“Ugh,” Shiro groaned, only just stopping himself from rubbing his hand across his face in exasperation. He, Allura, and Keith were having their monthly junk food and movie night and had decided to do face masks tonight. Shiro’s was a bright green, while Allura and Keith were using a charcoal black mask. 

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zombie au sketches!! messy & didnt feel like finishing but i had to get this out of my system. been talking (screaming?) about this w/ @highkeyanne & @anobrain-s lma o

so far:
- korean keith; ex sword martial arts athlete & overly attatched to his geom sword
- cuban (as in canon?) lance; HAS AN IPOD SHUFFLE IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES,,,,,,coughs earbud sharing

Letters from Lance Chapter 1

Hey guys, here’s another Klance fan fic. This one is going to be a mini series about Lance writing letters to you about his high school days and feelings for Keith. 

Summary: Lance McClain was told to write letters about his problems after he reunites with his ex, Keith Kogane, during a high school basketball game. The reunion sparks an old flame that Lance desperately wants to put out.

Dear you,

To those of you reading this, hi, my name is Lance McClain. I’m a sixteen year old guy who tweets about his Starbucks runs and takes selfies that use the hashtags natural and no filter. Give me a break. Like I said, I’m sixteen. 

I’m writing to you because Shiro, the counselor at my school who acts like everyone’s dad, said I needed to get some things off my chest. So here goes nothing.

At my school everyone keeps score on how many girls and guys they slept with or basically cheated on throughout the school year. Well me, yeah, just keep this between us, but I’ve never slept with anyone. Girl or guy. It’s embarrassing when you’ve got about twenty guys in the gym locker room tossing around names of who slept with who, while I’m standing there between them trying to keep score of how many exams I failed. Yeah, true story.

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Klance fanfic reclist (oneshots 1)

Favorites are italicized!

Home on a Wave-Cut Cliff (oneshot - 13791 words) by sinelanguage - 30 years after Lance becomes a paladin, he trains an apprentice; Keith doesn’t see the point.

The Hustle (oneshot - 12355 words) by morvish, sinelanguage - When Lance gets injured, Keith has to listen to Lance’s advice over the comms regarding how to flirt with an alien for a mission.

your love is bright as ever (oneshot - 6338 words) by aknightley - Olympics AU; Keith and Lance celebrate Christmas together.

Foundations (oneshot - 13583 words) by needchocolatenow - Keith travels to the island kingdom of Altea with Shiro for Pidge’s graduation ceremony, and he meets Lance.

people like you, people like me (oneshot - 7547 words) by ilgaksu - Featuring Lance and Keith as exes before season 1 begins. Also, there’s a sequel from Keith’s POV.

Everything’s Going To Be Fine Again (oneshot - 16525 words) by hollo - Keith grows closer to Lance after the paladins are reunited, but something’s amiss (warning: explicit descriptions of gore).

Echoes of the Past (oneshot - 28197 words) by Gigapoodle - Shortly after Lance discovers that Keith is a Galra, Keith is captured.

Colours and planes, laser guns and champagne (oneshot - 6112 words) by skelebro (aellos) - Shiro invites Hunk and Lance to his RPG, and Lance is constantly on the verge of fighting Keith.

Take It from Me (oneshot - 9131 words) by onestrangenovelist - Lance kisses Keith and comes to terms with his feelings.

Homecoming (oneshot - 9845 words) by Thesis - Keith has trouble adjusting to earth, Lance tries to deal with Keith, and Shiro is dead.

blaming space (oneshot - 4669 words) by venpast - Lance is sick of space, Keith is sick of fighting, and both of them are lonely.

Thermodynamic Equilibrium (oneshot - 4384 words) by Ikira - Trapped on a hostile alien planet, Keith and Lance have to use their newfound powers to get each other out alive.

kissing 101 (oneshot - 4692 words) by skyestiel - Lance wants to practice kissing to prepare himself for Allura, and Keith volunteers to help.

love, explained (oneshot - 3008 words) by freshia - A classic romance told in snippets.

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the currents you create (oneshot - 18501 words) by theoddoodisnude - Lance has seasonal affective disorder, and feels homesick.

Block, Punch, Dodge (oneshot - 3354 words) by chasing_the_sterek - Keith and Lance spar, flirt, and have their first kiss.

All In (oneshot - 7320 words) by cheshireree - 5 times Keith carries Lance and one time Lance carries Keith.

To Build A Home (oneshot - 7581 words) by Redburn - Keith comes to terms with his feelings for Lance.

breathless (oneshot - 6369 words) by zxrysky - Shiro’s and Keith’s grandmother warns them not to go out to the sea at night.

Let The Water Lead Us Home (oneshot - 12972 words) by LynnLarsh - Lance is stuck inside a simulation, and Keith is determined to get him out.

Heroes (oneshot - 8463 words) by battleshidge (Amiria_Raven) - Keith is gravely injured, and Lance wonders if heroes are meant to survive.

excelsior (oneshot - 4836 words) by warmth - Some moments between Lance and Keith.

I’m With You (oneshot - 6372 words) by spacegaykogane - Keith and Lance are sent down to a planet to make a treaty, but the mission takes a turn for the worst.

You Dropped a Bomb (oneshot - 8213 words) by quartetship - Lance works at Lush, and Keith is a customer.

Plunged (oneshot - 6359 words) by manamune - In order to make up for a bad joke, Lance teaches Keith how to swim. 

5 signs of Keith falling in love (feat. Lance) (oneshot - 4768 words) by Talinor - Keith and Lance grow closer.

Fire & Ice (oneshot - 10001 words) by wolfgun - The paladins discover that they have elemental powers.

how much do you want it too (oneshot - 11924 words) by attemptsonwords - Keith pines for Lance.

Full Disclosure (oneshot - 7943 words) by @dragonomatopoeia - Keith tries to confess his feelings to Lance, and mostly ends up failing at doing so.

Watching Me (oneshot - 5236 words) by BlueRoboKitty - Keith and Lance pre-canon; lovers-to-enemies.

To Catch A Thief (oneshot - 5176 words) by bolbessa - Lance is an art thief that Keith’s trying to catch.

Hang The DJ (oneshot - 13355 words) by Ehlihr (Elihaha) - 80s high school AU.

The Anime Beach Episode (oneshot - 5462 words) by agalaxywithinyou - Pretty much What It Says On The Tin.

weak link (oneshot - 6249 words) by asexualrey - Lance gets sick.

Nomenclature (oneshot - 6440 words) by saudade (WindedDreams) - Five times Lance introduced himself, and one time he didn’t have to.

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Bryan Bickell, Jordan Hendry, Ben Eager, Dustin Byfuglien, Patrick Kane, Dave Bolland, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Jonathan Toews, ?, Niklas Hjalmarsson

The boys at the Bolland Wedding- photography by Jai Girard Photography

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FLUFFLY KLANCE HC!!!! While Pidge and Hunk always comment on the kisses Lance gives 'em (Pidge always says his cheek kisses are humid and whines and Hunk always giggles bc it tickles), Keith just.... doesnt audibly react. He receives a kiss on the cheek from Lance and, while Pidge and Hunk are noisily talking about their kisses, he just catches Lance's eye and smile a soft, almost unseen smile. Lance loves it, he's unguarded, relaxed, almost peaceful. And he was the cause of it...(might do more)

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Haha I’m just imagining what it was like the first time Lance ever kissed his cheek. I wonder about all the times Lance kissed hunk and Pidge and Keith was like “god I wish that were me.”. I think about Lance confessing that he didn’t kiss Keith for a while because he was really nervous, and he knew Keith wasn’t big on personal contact, so the last thing Lance wanted to do was overstep a boundary.

Yeaaaah good stuff.