ex girlfriend


I got this bottle of Glenlivet for my birthday last year.

I only drink it on special occasions.

Like first fire or when buddies die.

I figured after the discussion Kati and I had last night I would have one.

We have decided to go our separate ways, for real this time.

I might go shooting, I’m sure I’ll do some (a lot of) gaming (especially after I buy an Xbox One) and I’ll definitely do some grilling, after I figure out my living arrangements and get a new grill.

It is what it is, there’s not hard feelings, in fact there’s really no feelings at all there and that’s the problem. At least not the right kind. So it’s for the best.

And after everything, we went out to the garage played darts and got drunk with neighbor Jake.

“Say my name.” I told him.
“Why?” He asks.
“Just do it. Please.” I reply, clenching tighter onto his jacket.
Then he spoke the hopeless 7 lettered name and from that moment, I knew,
Nothing was the same. Nothing was going to be the same again. There was no joy in his voice; no happy memories, not a single bit of care.
I let go of his jacket and walked away.
Never did I ever write my name the same way again.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #47