ex girlfriend

You are so lucky if you have someone with a broken heart, untouched for years, loving you.

Keep them safe.

—  excerpt from a book I will never write #81
i loved you
through the lies
through the broken promises
through the fights
through MY mental illness
through YOUR mental illness
through fucking everything
i still do
but you
you couldnt love me enough to stay
—  this isnt pretty
I am unlovable.
Don’t get too close or you’ll get hurt by my pain.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #86
You didn’t care about the date that we met until you wished to go back to it on the day I left.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #89
Look, I lost you a long time ago. And I’ve been trying to be okay with that ever since. But somehow I always circle back to you and I can’t help but wonder if we only get one great love story.
—  You were that for me.
In Love

Waking up to the sound of you showering
& you playing our favorite songs
My heart would get so warm
It was so cold those foggy mornings
I would curl into a ball & pretend to be asleep
just to feel you wake me up & you
would be the first thing I would want to see
I would hear you tell me “I know you’re up dork”
I look back & smile
I’m sorry I never told you that & I’m also sorry you’ll never know
I still replay those foggy mornings
I know those mornings might not even cross
your mind anymore, but they cross mine
Those are the moments where I felt fine
& not feel like my whole world crumbles
everyday because you’re not here