Don’t look at her. Don’t say her name. Don’t tell me she’s ‘just a friend.’ Don’t tell me that you think of her as a ‘sister.’ Don’t tell me that you think she is pretty or beautiful. Don’t tell me that you like what she’s wearing. Don’t mention how skinny she is. Don’t mention how curvy she is. Don’t notice the color of her eyes. Don’t notice the color of her hair. Don’t hug her. Don’t touch her. Don’t be her friend on Facebook. Don’t follow her on Instagram. Don’t ‘like’ her selfies. Don’t comment on her pictures. Don’t tell her she looks nice today. Don’t tell me about that road trip you took with her. Don’t tell me what you did for her that one time on her birthday. Don’t tell me about how awesome her family is. Don’t tell me about the first time you kissed her. Don’t tell me about what you did in bed together. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to know. I’ll never believe you when you say she no longer means anything to you. Don’t say anything about her, not even once. If you do, I’ll never forget it. It will eat away at me forever. Because I will always look at her and see her as somebody that could make you happy, happier than I could ever make you. I’ll see her as somebody that will give you everything you want. I’ll always think she is prettier than me. I’ll always think you want her more than me. I’ll always see how soft and luscious her hair is. I’ll always see how perfect her body is. I’ll always see how big and sparkly her eyes are. I’ll always see an image of the two of you together in my head. Every time we sit down together at our favorite restaurant, I’ll wonder if the two of you went there first. When you tell me you like that new perfume I’m wearing, I’ll wonder if she used to wear it. Every time we hear a song on the radio, I’ll wonder if it makes you think of her. Every time we’re making love, I’ll wonder if you’re thinking of her. When you tell me that you like the things I do to you, I’ll wonder if she did them to you first. I’ll always wonder if, deep down, you wish you could be with her. I’ll always wonder if you miss her. I’ll always wonder if you want her back. I’ll always wonder if you’re thinking about her. I’ll never feel like I am enough for you. I’ll never feel like you truly let her go.
I don’t want to hear you tell me to not be jealous, I want to see you give me every reason in the world not to be…
—  If you want to have a successful relationship, don’t talk about your ex’s.
The problem with drinking? You have a thirst you can’t quench, one you can’t satisfy no matter how much you take down. It’ll numb you kid, but only for a little bit. Just enough to trick yourself into thinking you’re not in pain, so that you can sleep just for a night.
—  Shade
One of the saddest things a person could tell you, “Remember when that used to be our thing.”
But the thing is people change. People drift apart. Now, all we have are memories.
i think that’s what moving on feels like.
you will have moments where he is going to occupy all your thoughts and moments where he won’t even cross your mind.
some days it will feel like a constant battle of trying to forget him and desperately trying to remember him at the same time.
but with each new day you will let him go some more.
with each new day you will forget more than you will want to remember him.
and that’s when you know that you’ve moved on.
when he becomes a memory not worth remembering.
—  e.s. // what moving on feels like.
Sorry but I can’t stand it. I can’t talk to you while you’re with another person. I know it’s selfish and I know it’s not your fault. But I have to think about myself. I have to protect my heart from being repeatedly broken at the sight of the two of you.
But in the end you are still you. Your past shapes you, but does not define you. You are built from rock and sand and concrete, but you are soft and gentle and compassionate. And just like the seasons, you will sprout from beneath the cold sheet of snow as a bud eager to grow. From old to new, from winter to spring, from you to you.
—  Spring