ex gf

we need a reminder that just because reyes is latino and a love interest if you DON’T flirt with him he literally does not make any advances onto ryder (or anyone else for that matter)

so let’s stop with the “he flirts with everything that moves” idea thats rooted in the spicy latino trope 

i think that’s what moving on feels like.
you will have moments where he is going to occupy all your thoughts and moments where he won’t even cross your mind.
some days it will feel like a constant battle of trying to forget him and desperately trying to remember him at the same time.
but with each new day you will let him go some more.
with each new day you will forget more than you will want to remember him.
and that’s when you know that you’ve moved on.
when he becomes a memory not worth remembering.
—  e.s. // what moving on feels like.
But in the end you are still you. Your past shapes you, but does not define you. You are built from rock and sand and concrete, but you are soft and gentle and compassionate. And just like the seasons, you will sprout from beneath the cold sheet of snow as a bud eager to grow. From old to new, from winter to spring, from you to you.
—  Spring