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Age is But a Number


Request: Pssst could you do a Henry Winchester x Reader fic? There’s not enough out there omg but maybe he moves into the bunker with the boys and the reader and she’s teaching him about technology and just catching him up on like movies and music and everything that he missed one night and they realize they like each other? Then they kiss but the boys walk in and are super grossed out cause it’s their grandfather but end up being okay with it? Funny fluff much thank *scuttles away*

A/N: Because there’s nothing to combine this with, it’s not that long. But enjoy!

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It’s finished!! Well it was finished, I just added some more stuff, got lazy, drank cold water, than finally decided to post it.

Now this is my C̹̠ĥ̲͚ͭ̒̌̊̎a̺̗̫̦͍ͮͬ̿́̿õ̪͋s̱ͬ!͚̼̜̮̱̤̈́ͮ̌ ̝̤̬̞̪͚̿̂B͔͙̞͕i̘̗ľ͎͉͉ͨ͒l̪̫̮͖̙̺̼̆ for that Chaos! AU I was talking about yesterday! 

Obviously, this looks dull as fuck because it’s just my traditional drawings but hey, might re-draw this digitally soon! Now I just need to do Chaos! Dipper and Mabel A.K.A. the ACTUAL Mess up twins *pushes svtfoe aside*

This is Bill’s alternate form in the Chaos!AU,, yes he has legs … and clothing. I just couldn’t fit anymore sketches because these are actually huge. 

Ladies and gentlemen, my ex-husband. Because I currently hate his fucking guts and the fact that he wasn’t sent back to where he came from. 

Please ignore Bill’s sixth arm omg I died trying to draw that