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In the closing arguments during Ted Bundy’s trial, prosecutor, Larry Simpson discusses when the serial killer visited a dance club moments before the tragic Chi Omega Murders:

“In Sherrod’s, Mary Ann Piccano also saw the man. He scared her so bad, she can’t even remember what he looked like. He came up to her, and asked her to dance. What were the words Mary Ann Piccano used to her friend when she went to dance with the man? She said, ‘I think I’m about to dance with an ex-con.’ Ladies and Gentlemen, this man was next door to the Chi Omega sorority house the morning of the murders, and there was something wrong with him.”

Champagne x Mischief

Prompt: Loki wanted to explore Midgard after Odin set him free. He went to an art gallery and sees your ex messing with you , he steps and saves you



Word Count: 577

Warning: Drunk Ex , Alcohol Use , Gentlemen Loki , Fluff

Loki POV

I was glad Odin finally let me out of that wretched cell. I read the same books at least fifty times.  Thor helped me get a place of my own near STARK Tower, so he can keep an eye on me. I wanted to thank him , but I would never admit that. I walked through the streets of  Manhattan bored out of my mind.  I saw a stranger handing out fliers , I decided to take one. I smiled and put the paper in my coat pocket. ‘ Hopefully this will be fun’, I thought heading to my apartment.

Your POV

Being an auctioneer’s niece has it’s perks.  Fine wine , huge parties and eligible bachelors fighting over me. I like the attention … at times but it’s overbearing. “I just want a gentleman with simple taste is that too much to ask “,I whined. “Hush girl, that ship sailed a long time ago. I heard James was single”, Lacie replied curling my hair.She was my best friend since we were in diapers. Lacie graduated at the top of  her class with a master’s in cosmetology  .I rolled my eyes. “James is an attention seeking nutjob. He’ll sleep with anyone that’s worth a ton”, I answered earning a scoff in response. “Yn you need to get your head out of the clouds and settle down. The clock is ticking. ”, she said smirking. “Sometimes I wonder why I keep you around”, I replied grinning . “You are a goddess, and somebody has to keep the dirt bags away”, Lacie answered . She turned me around to I could see. “Thank you so much Lace. As always you’re the bomb”, I said hugging her . I was happy the way it turned out. “I know , I know . Go have fun”, Lacie replied as I left the room

Time Skip to the Gallery  Third Person POV

Everyone was having a good time and admiring some of the art pieces . I was sipping on champagne when James came up to me . “My, my. You look marvelous tonight Yn”, he said giving her his signature smile. “Thank you James”, she replied not making eye contact. “This piece is wonderful. It really brings out your eyes”, James answered.  Yn was getting annoyed .

Your POV

“It’s going to take more than flattery and a simple smile to get me to sleep with you”, I said. “I could treat you better than any person in this place. Just give me a chance love”, he replied grabbing my hand.  I nearly dropped my wine glass. “James you’re drunk. Your breath reeks of  alcohol ”, I answered trying to free from his grip. “Say yes and I’ll let you go”, he whispered . “ I think it’s time for you to go”,  a man replied . The guy was tall, slender  , had blue eyes ,black hair  “Bud out jerk. This doesn’t concern you “, James answered not backing down.

The stranger looked at me and saw how uncomfortable I was. He sighed and grabbed James by his collar. Within seconds , James ran out of the gala screaming “STAY AWAY FROM THAT FREAK HE’S A MONSTER”. I sighed with relief. “Thanks for saving me from him, I’m Yn”,I said holding out my hand. He kissed it gently. “Loki . It’s no problem at all”, he replied smiling .

Skeleton Matchup

@graphiteskulls sent me their matchup information via message, and here’s the results!

Your best match is:

Sweet loyal Mutt. Mutt is an excellent partner for someone who wants to see the world but sometimes prefers to stay in bed. He’ll get under the covers and snuggle you, and if you want to go on adventures and don’t feel up to it, Mutt will literally carry you. Mutt isn’t exactly interested in puzzles or algebra either. Mutt is loyal, but he’s loyal to personality, not shallow like some humans. He’ll adore you and take care of you, including making sure you’re eating enough.  Mutt will look in your sketchbooks if let him. He loves to see your talent drawn across the pages, and he’ll bring you supplies just to watch you create. Mutt will catch you if you trip and find you if you’re lost, and he’ll always take you seriously.

Your secondary match is:

Secret cuddlebug Edge. Edge is a worrier when it comes to a partner. If he suspects you’re not feeling well, he’ll make sure you stay in bed. Only the fluffiest blankets and heartiest food for the Great and Terrible Edge’s loved one. Edge is quite clever, so he can handle puzzles or algebra that come along (and they rarely do). Edge will also carry you if you want to go hiking but don’t have the stamina. Climbing a mountain while toting someone you care about? Easy for someone like him! Edge doesn’t think you are birdlike at all (humans with their weird terminology!); he thinks you’re just right. Edge also happens to be an excellent dancer, and he’ll happily teach you whatever you want to know.

*Mutt and Edge take turns kneeling and kissing the back of your hand.

Age is But a Number


Request: Pssst could you do a Henry Winchester x Reader fic? There’s not enough out there omg but maybe he moves into the bunker with the boys and the reader and she’s teaching him about technology and just catching him up on like movies and music and everything that he missed one night and they realize they like each other? Then they kiss but the boys walk in and are super grossed out cause it’s their grandfather but end up being okay with it? Funny fluff much thank *scuttles away*

A/N: Because there’s nothing to combine this with, it’s not that long. But enjoy!

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It’s finished!! Well it was finished, I just added some more stuff, got lazy, drank cold water, than finally decided to post it.

Now this is my C̹̠ĥ̲͚ͭ̒̌̊̎a̺̗̫̦͍ͮͬ̿́̿õ̪͋s̱ͬ!͚̼̜̮̱̤̈́ͮ̌ ̝̤̬̞̪͚̿̂B͔͙̞͕i̘̗ľ͎͉͉ͨ͒l̪̫̮͖̙̺̼̆ for that Chaos! AU I was talking about yesterday! 

Obviously, this looks dull as fuck because it’s just my traditional drawings but hey, might re-draw this digitally soon! Now I just need to do Chaos! Dipper and Mabel A.K.A. the ACTUAL Mess up twins *pushes svtfoe aside*

This is Bill’s alternate form in the Chaos!AU,, yes he has legs … and clothing. I just couldn’t fit anymore sketches because these are actually huge. 

Ladies and gentlemen, my ex-husband. Because I currently hate his fucking guts and the fact that he wasn’t sent back to where he came from. 

Please ignore Bill’s sixth arm omg I died trying to draw that