ex garland

Fave Films/Series Watched in 2016

(not necessarily made in 2016 and not in order!)

- Green Room dir. Jeremy Saulnier (2015)

- Don’t Breathe dir. Fede Alvarez (2016)

- Green Inferno dir. Eli Roth (2013)

- Horns dir. Alexandre Aja (2013)

- Mustang dir. Deniz Gamze Ervugen (2015)

- The Sweet Hereafter dir. Atom Egoyan (1997)

- Dope dir. Rick Famuyiwa (2015)

- Ask Me Anything dir. Allison Burnett (2014)

- The Silenced dir. Hae-Young Lee (2015)

- Ex Machina dir. Alex Garland (2015)

- We Are What We Are dir. Jim Mickle (2013)

- Bare dir. Natalia Leite (2015)

- Wetlands dir. David Wnendt (2013)

- Stranger Things (2016)

- The OA (2016)

- 3% (2016)

- The Night Of



[Caleb] was really discreetly complicated because he had to be so many different things for the movie to work. He had to be normal enough that you would believe that he’d go there. He had to be intelligent enough that you would believe he works at this company and could have these conversations with Nathan. At the same time, he had to be not stupid enough, but like, to stay there and not just run screaming for the hills as soon as [Nathan] was like, “Listen, I want you to meet my robot!” And then he has to be lost enough that he’ll connect with a robot and fall in love with something that’s put in front of him - he has to be lonely enough to want all those things. And then he has to be average enough that you could begin to think that maybe he’s a robot - he has to be so normal that you go, “Oh my God, I think maybe…” — Domhnall Gleeson on his character in Ex Machina (2015)