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Screw you, Nurse Hatchet-Job

I was getting a blood test for an ongoing issue. The nurse comes in, very… Unprofessional. Ditzy. An airhead mood. She may have been well trained, but she was in a goofy mindset.

She not only takes the cap off the needle WITH HER MOUTH, but as she was disconnecting the tube from the butterfly needle, MY BLOOD SQUIRTED EVERYWHERE!!!! All over the room. She laughed and didnt seem to take it very seriously. I literally had my own blood on me. Shit, she wasnt clean anymore, either!

I was astonished with how illegal, unethical, and DITZY this nurse was!!!
Because she could tell i was an ex dope addict (permanently scarred veins and skin on inner arms,) i decided to fuck with her.

“You gotta be careful… Uh… Cause I’m not sayin’ I got AIDS… but Im not sayin’ I dont.”

She turned a ghostly pale.

I also reported her to her superior and let everyone in the office and lobby know.

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Um, guys? I don’t mean to brag (okay, maybe I do) but: 

I heard back from my University today, and my application for a funded PhD program has been accepted!! 😍

I’m starting a three-year, fully-funded thesis in the fall! I’m going to be a doctor, you guys!! 💪💪💪

(A doctor of English literature, but still- there’s a nice ring to it.)

This has been my dream for almost 4 years now. I really can’t believe it yet. Or at all. 

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