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How Disney Star Ross Lynch Plays A Gay Serial Killer in ‘My Friend Dahmer’

To play a young serial killer in “My Friend Dahmer,” ex-Disney Channel star Ross Lynch didn’t just walk in his character’s shoes. He took over the childhood home where Jeffrey Dahmer grew up and murdered his first victim. The movie shot for two weeks in that eerie location, near Akron, Ohio. “When I arrived, I felt comfortable,” says Lynch, 21. “This is going to sound weird — it was almost like I was home.”

“My Friend Dahmer” (based on a graphic novel by Derf Backderf) is a departure for Lynch, who starred in “Teen Beach Movie.” He wears shaggy hair and big glasses to channel a disturbed criminal who murdered 17 men and boys before his 1991 arrest. This story takes place before that, as Dahmer is graduating from high school in the late ’70s and struggling to fit in. But the role in the independent movie, which premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday night, started to seep into the actor’s psyche. “I kept losing sleep because — in my imagination — I kept seeing him in the corner of my room. That was really frightening.”

Lynch spoke to Variety about the film and if he’s trying to break away from his squeaky-clean Disney past.

What did you know about Jeffrey Dahmer’s story?
Believe it or not, I didn’t know who Jeffrey Dahmer was. I was born in ’95. And I think he died in ’94. The script was floating around. It was a Black List script. My agent emailed it to us. I thought, “This sounds really interesting.” I auditioned a few times.

There’s a tradition of Disney stars — from Anne Hathaway to Selena Gomez — going dark in independent films. Were you trying to show your range?
Yeah. When I was doing the majority of the Disney stuff, I was always thinking, “What’s next?,” because Disney is not forever. Although it was a great time and I learned extraordinary things, I knew there had to be something [else]. I didn’t want to go off the rails and started partying. When “Dahmer” came along, it was the perfect opportunity to really immerse myself in that role and hint at what I’d like to do in the future.

How did you research Dahmer’s life?
It’s so twisted and scary to read about the things he did. He was also surprisingly smart and charming. There are many interviews about him confessing about what was going through his head. It was cool to listen to how he spoke. He had somewhat of that Midwestern twang, almost like a Minnesota accent, but not really. I did a subtle version of it.

Did you see the Jeremy Renner movie?
I didn’t. That was a different time in Dahmer’s life. I’m doing a version of him slowly losing his humanity. I would kind of walk around the house and practice the movement.

What did you base his walk on?
I based it off Jeffrey Dahmer. There are a few interviews, it’s very short, but he walks right into the interview. He was a big guy and he was really burly. He was somewhat gentle in his younger years, because he was so shy. And he was so strong; he had awkward movements. I was really trying to get that. When we were filming, word got out, because we were in his hometown. People showed up on set and they were like, “There’s no way.” They were shocked at how accurate my walk was.

You actually look like a young Jeffrey Dahmer.
I know. It’s kind of scary.

It’s hard to read about what Dahmer did to his victims. Did the role get to you?
The most I felt the role had affected me was when I got home. I realized how much was lingering. I was anti-social for a second. Generally, I’m a happy person.

Did you grapple with the idea that by telling a serial killer’s life, you might be celebrating him?
I wanted to show the sympathetic version of what happened to him. I don’t think it’s a celebration.

Can your Disney fans see this film?
I think there’s definitely a wide range of my fan base that would enjoy it. I remember when the press release first came out, a lot of people on Twitter and social media were really excited. They like to see a departure, too. They like to see growth. But if you’re a 10-year-old fan or a little younger, maybe this isn’t the right film for you.



This honestly needs to be spread everywhere. A song about girls liking girls by an (ex?) Disney star, starring to other (ex?) Disney stars. Plus the unexpected but most enjoyable part in the video that showcases females standing up for themselves and fighting back is just ugh. Perfection.<3 Slay me Hayley. Slay me Stefanie. Slay me Kelsey.


Bella Thorne is hanging out with a brand new pro athlete … and believe it or not, we ain’t just talking about her boobs and butt cheeks.

The ex-Disney star was rocking a barely there see-through half shirt and some very tight white shorts during a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Thursday with L.A. Lakers star Jordan Clarkson.

Unclear if they’re anything more than friends … but the two pulled up to the park together in his Lambo.

We know Bella likes NBA players – she spent a lot of time hanging out with Chandler Parsons earlier this year … and even kissed him in Mexico.




































The Top Ten Drag Race Editing Archetypes

With season 8 coming up, it’s time to remember how the show turns complex, real people into easily distinguishable characters for your entertainment. Study and see who you can pick out this time around! . 


This queen is flawless. She can do no wrong and seems to excel at every challenge. Even if she has to lipsync, she will be the best lipsyncher ever. A good edit will humanize her, giving her a moment of generosity or two, handing her the crown. A bad one will play up her ego and make you wish her death, leaving her dead in the top 4/top 3.

Examples: Bianca Del Rio, Raja, Courtney Act, Chad Michaels


She may not always win, but goddamn you love her any way. She’s fun, she’s quotable, she’s your best friend in the competition. Of all the contestants she will have the most pronounced arc and wind up in the top 3. That being said, only one of them has ever won.

Examples: Jujubee, Jinkx Monsoon, Adore Delano, Pearl (yup, she had the most pronounced arc of the season and everyone wanted her. Deal with it)


Not always a winner, but a strong competitor nonetheless. That’s not the reason you like her though: you like her because her confessionals kick ass. She’ll be hilarious as fuck, or otherwise lend commentary that amps up the fun. She won’t win, but strange how voting always starts when she gets eliminated.

Examples: Latrice Royale, Ben DelaCreme, Katya, Pandora Boxx


She’s not the best in the competition, but she keeps surviving elimination. Why? She provides the most drama. This queen wreaks havoc and causes chaos. You won’t like her, but you’ll blog the shit out of her fights and tune in intently to watch her fall. Every Ace or Personality needs a good bitch against them. 

Examples: Phi Phi O’Hara, Rebecca Glasscock, Gia Gunn


What is wrong with this girl? She seems to lose her shit at a moment’s notice. She takes everything way too personally and makes such a production when there shouldn’t be. She’ll called out for being fake and it will take her a LONG time to recover publicly.

Examples: Mimi Imfurst, Langanja Estranja, Max


They are there to be seen and thirsted after. Regardless of their talent, people will only think about doing them in or out of drag. Sadly, they won’t win because the show won’t flesh them out, and they will be gone when producers want to show that the game is getting tougher. Expect an outcry, but trust that they will have a solid career and a YouTube show with WoW after the fact.

Examples: Milk, Trixie Mattel, Carmen Carrera


Can’t seem to win a damn challenge, but can never go home. Why? Because her lipsynch is fucking FLAWLESS. She gets every word, nails every beat, does splits, spread eagles, back flips, flip flops one right after another. Pity she can’t bring this to the competition, where she’s too insecure or unprepared. She’ll be sent home after three performances, barring circumstances. 

Examples: Coco Montrese, Akashia, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Trinity K. Bonet


Oh the poor dear. It’s clear that she’s a talented queen, but unfortunately she’s OLD. She may be a pro at pre ’90s styles of drag, but younger queens/viewers won’t get them. Worse, the competition will be stacked against them. A nude challenge tailored to younger bodies? A lipsynch by an ex-Disney star who still sounds like a kid? Sorry, once you’re over 40 the edit is not in your favor.

Examples: Penny Tration, Vivacious, Tempest DuJour


She’s weird. You have no idea how she says what she says, but you cannot stop listening to her. Not a winner, but definitely a novelty. The most GIF-worthy queen of the season. May overlap with other archetypes, but you’ll remember her for this. 

Examples: Tammie Brown, Alyssa Edwards, Miss Fame


The edit doesn’t care how talented she is- she’s quieter and not as big as the other girls. She’s going home early and will be forgotten quickly. She definitely doesn’t deserve it, but with so many contestants someone has to get screwed.

Examples: Phoenix, April Carrion, Kandy Ho, India Ferrah

anonymous asked:

Why do so many ex Disney stars come to hate Disney channel when they leave Disney?

Because Disney holds them back from doing what they want. It basically controls your life so you can have a great image for all the little kids watching. Honestly Disney doesn’t do much. I mean if I was a celeb on Disney I wouldn’t complain about that, I don’t find it that big of a deal but then when the celeb leaves Disney and tries to do something new and fun, they are met with a lot of backlash from parents and kids lmao

Okay like the only thing I want out of the Han Solo spin off film is for it to have young Lando and basically be that text post about Han and Lando getting married for a scam and then it just turns into a fake dating au in the space criminal underworld

“Boys Will Be Boys?” Well, Girls Will Be Girls

[I wrote this “op-ed piece” as a final for my English Language: Development and Issues class last semester, and I really wanted to post it publicly. Give me feedback, let me know how you feel about it, and pass it along if you agree!]

A few months ago I was deeply disturbed by a photoshoot which had surfaced on the internet: the infamous Nick Jonas crotch grabbing photos done for Flaunt Magazine. No, it was not the photos themselves which disturbed me; I am in no means of a conservative mindset when it comes to racy photoshoots. What disturbed me were the headlines which were coming along with the photos: “Nick Jonas Grabs His Crotch, Shows Off Abs in Sexy Shoot,” “Nick Jonas Drops Pants, Grabs Crotch, Breaks Hearts,” “Nick Jonas Drops His Pants And Grabs His Crotch to Show He’s All Grown Up”  and, my personal favorite, “Nick Jonas Didn’t Just Grab His Crotch in That Sexy Spread- His Abs and Butt Got Some Lovin’, Too!”

Why was I disturbed by the headlines? Well, maybe because I have been reading for years now headlines about other ex-Disney Channel stars, these stars all female, and they had never been called sexy; they were never called “heartbreakers;” their pictures were never justified by saying they were “all grown up.” Instead, their photoshoots had been called racy or inappropriate, or they were told that they needed to be better role models. People would comment on them and call them sluts or whores; meanwhile, people were praising this Nick Jonas shoot up and down because he had “grown up so nicely.” Don’t you just love sexist language?

Sexism in the media is very prevalent. Language is the most basic way in which we construct meanings in our lives, and people learn sexism through language everyday just by the words that are used to describe males and females in different scenarios. Semantic derogation is the way in which words that refer to women have acquired belittling or sexual connotations. For example, a single male is a bachelor which has a positive connotation, but a single female is a spinster which has a negative connotation. The same thing happens with males who date a lot versus females who date a lot. A female who has had a large number of sexual partners, or even just who people believe has had a large number of sexual partners, is most often called a slut, a whore, a man-eater, or a serial-dater. On the other hand, a male who has had a large number of sexual partners is often called a player, a lady’s man, or a stud.

Taylor Swift has been one of the most well-known stars who has been slut-shamed, and she finally commented on it recently, stating, “You’re going to have people who are going to say, ‘Oh, you know, like, she just writes songs about her ex-boyfriends.’ And I think frankly that’s a very sexist angle to take. No one says that about Ed Sheeran. No one says that about Bruno Mars. They’re all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love life, and no one raises the red flag there.” Right on, Taylor Swift.

Enough about semantic derogation, though. There are a ton of others ways in which the English language has sexist tendencies. Another of the most common ways is through insults. So many insults which people commonly throw around are anti-feminine. “You run like a girl” or “Don’t be such a girl” being the most obvious examples. Why does it have to be bad to run like a girl? These phrases have become so common place that even girls will use them without thinking about it. That is how far sexism has become ingrained in our language.

The big problem is that at its core, English really was built as a sexist language. It’s asymmetric, meaning that “man" can be used to mean the human species in general. It’s also androcentric meaning that female terms must be marked. If a lion is female, it’s a lioness. If an actor is female, she’s an actress. We also don’t have any singular pronoun to use which refers to a person without specifying his or her sex. Why do we always have to clarify what sex the person is who we are talking about? We shouldn’t have to, but we feel like we do, and the English language has actually forced us to.

Another huge way in which our society has been structured as sexist without us even realizing it is through titles. In most heterosexual marriages, the woman is known to take the man’s last name as her own. This is often been seen as a symbol of unity and of their two lives becoming one. However, there is a reason why it is always the woman who takes the man’s name, rather than the other way around; this is because of the patriarchy ingrained in most societies. In the past, women were seen as property of men. They were first the property of their fathers, and they were then passed on to their husbands, thus the reason why a father “gives away” the bride at her wedding.

Nowadays, women are not generally considered property, but this tradition of taking the man’s last name still stands strong. It’s tradition, so people tend to not question the patriarchal and sexist undertones of it. If a woman chooses not to take her husband’s last name, she is going against the norm, and many people will question why she made that decision. The fact that this is a practice which still exists shows how sexism can be so easily overlooked. Furthermore, a woman is then expected to change her title from Miss to Mrs., so that everyone can be aware of her relationship status. Does a man have to make people aware of his? Not at all.

All of these ways in which language is used in our society support the Dominance explanation for the relationship of gender and language which claims that spoken language reflects and allows for social gender inequality. Many times this takes place without anyone really realizing it. This is mostly the case when it comes to a woman taking a man’s last name, a person telling someone not to run like a girl, or the media calling Selena Gomez’s photoshoot racy while Nick Jonas gets to be sexy.

The media has so much power in shaping the way that people view gender stereotypes, and the people in charge of media should be forced to start taking responsibility for what they’re teaching, especially when there are so many young children reading these celebrity news stories. These kids learn from a young age that when Nick Jonas acts this way, he’s praised, but when Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez act this way, they are questioned or shamed. Even more concerning is the fact that when girls are young they are straight up told not to do certain things because “that’s not ladylike.” On the flip side, a young boy’s questionable behavior is often explained away by saying, “Oh..Boys will be boys.” Well, how about we start saying “Girls will be girls?”

I’d like to start a twitter trend where people tweet something girls “shouldn’t do” with #girlswillbegirls. Would anyone be behind this?? Let’s get it going! 

My twitter: shannnnnnnon14 (that’s seven n’s!)

Citing My Source For the Smart Stuff
Pichler, P., & Preece, S. (2011). Language and gender. In Language, society and power: an introduction (3rd ed.). New York: Routledge

Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Disney, and Nickelodeon confession by anonymous

“It really annoys me when people say ex-Disney & Nick stars like Ariana, Miley, Demi, and others are fake or have changed. Um no. They are just being themselves. People need to realize Disney & Nick stars are controlled by the networks and have very little say in anything they do.”

bridget mendler’s ep dropped today and its full of fucking bangers… this ex disney star has successfully transitioned into the queen of indie music and that’s a fact

Louis Tomlinson’s make-up artist sister Lottie kicked off of Selena Gomez’s tour
LOUIS Tomlinson’s make-up artist sister Lottie has been booted off of Selena Gomez’s tour just months after being booked for the high-profile gig.

Lottie, 17, was a part of the US singer’s glam squad, but she told The Sun online she’s no longer working for the ex-Disney star – best known for dating pop brat Justin Bieber.

Today, backstage at Capital Radio’s Summertime Ball, Lottie confirmed she no longer worked for Selena.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun online, she said: “I’m not going on Selena’s tour anymore, no.

“She just wanted to use local make-up artists instead – I guess it’s cheaper for the tour?

“I didn’t really want to travel for the next year though.”

Selena’s Revival Tour kicked off its North American leg in Las Vegas on May 6 – but by the end of May Lottie was doing make-up for X Factor winner Louisa.

She was praised for the 18-year-old’s wide-eyed look when she performed at the Britain’s Got Talent final with Clean Bandit.

Despite her young age, Lottie has a fair bit of experience after interning for One Direction’s stylist Lou Teasdale, and industry insiders say the pretty teen is always popular backstage.

As well as working alongside her at trendy east London hair salon Bleach in Dalston, she also assisted her backstage at London Fashion Week and went on a world tour with the boys.

Speaking to Elle Magazine back in February, Lottie explained how she met the former Disney star, who dated Justin Bieber on-and-off for years, when she performed at the X Factor final on December 14.

She said: “She was on the X Factor in the UK at the same time as [One Direction] were.

“We met backstage. She came to Lou to ask her to do her hair.

“She had really long hair at the time, and it was getting all knotted up.

“So I was assisting Lou with her hair, and she asked for a make-up touch-up. I said, ‘Sure, I can do that!’

“And she liked it, and we’re still in contact.”

However, the ambitious teen also told the mag she was worried about her first solo gig, and was aware that she would get homesick.

Lottie added: ” I’m in quite a good position because I’ve done the One Direction tour already, so I know a lot of what to expect.

“But it’s different because I’ll be on my own at first; I won’t have my brother or Lou or anyone with me. “So I’ll have to meet people and make friends. That’s the part that’s the hardest, just not knowing who I’ll be with, when I’m so used to being on tour with people I’m really close with.

“Hopefully my family will come visit from time to time, and make it easier.”

Wattpad Jr. living up to his name. That headline is ridiculously out of tone with the story.

Miley Cyrus needs to realise that she would be another washed out ex Disney star if she didn’t appropriate Black culture. At least, be grateful bitch and stop trying to bring women of colour down. Smh. So grossed out by her. Like she’s such a “feminist” until it’s about a black woman. Suddenly it’s fine to talk shit 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

i hate when people put the disney channel logo over ex disney stars doing “edgy” like SAYING SEXUALLY EXPLICIT THINGS (HOLY SHIT) and other ADULT STUFF LIKE SEX OR MAYBE EVEN SMOKING POT (WOW WITH A MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION NO LESS HOLY FUCKING PISS SHIT). people grow up and we need to stop treating celebrities and stars as static ideals of innocence that cant change or act the way they wish