ex communicated series

creature starting pack

Road to E3 ‘15

Hotseat: P.T | Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader | 5NAF4

Creature Life: Fart Spray Prank | Barf Spray  | 50 Lush Bath Bombs | Bean Bag Destruction | Trampoline Madness | Renaissance Cringe Festival | Frisbee Golf | Elephant Toothpaste Experiment | Abandoned Missle Silo

Game Night: Kinetic Adventures | The Price is Right | The Game of Life | Jenga | Mario Party 7 | Vegas Party


CT Snapshots: Fart-T-X | Bear Attack | Taxi | Box Story

Creature Camping

Stream Highlights: Uno | Blonde Nova | Waxing Legs | Pink Nova | Novapolitan

James & Aleks Valentine Stream 

Creatures Animated (from various channels): Nature Attacks Nova | Herobrine Meeting | Nova Block Theatre | Girl Troubles | Nova Gets Married | Storm Chaser Nova | A Wild Mew Appears | The Camp Bear Nation Attacks | They Are Breeding Too Fast | Breaking Friends Forever Alone | Happy Birthday! | Breaking the Rules!  |  The Last Prisoner | Babies Explained | He Was Innocent! 

Notable Series:
ImmortalHD: Mission-Craft 82ep. | The Last Update 25ep.  | SkyGrid 18ep | Video Highlights

Nova: GMod Jurassic Park 4ep | Gmod Storm Chasers 3ep | 5NAF 2ep | Dead Rising 3 | Left 4 Dead 2 Mods | Babysitting Mama | Slender | Ex-Communicated Series |

Kootra (child-friendly!): Banished | Sims 4 | State of Decay | Battleblock Theatre | The Ship | Kootra’s Lowlights

Dan: Batman Arkham City | Binding of Isaac Rebirth | Hershel’s Land (ft. Chandler Riggs!) | 

Ze: Excellent Adventure | Asgard Adventures | Simcity | Geoguesser | Universe Sandbox 2

Sp00n: Dead Rising 3 | Beyond Two Souls | Skate 3

SSoH: Amoung the Sleep | Peggle 2 | Ex-Communicated 2 | Pokemon Omega | Resident Evil Remaster | Mario Kart 8 | 



Fan art for slys, novas, and seamus’ series :  EX-Communicated

each work took 4 hours? seamoose was the longest.

Personal Notes For Each Artwork: 

[Sly] wanted to make him badass going super saiyan 2, also Made him battle damaged cause he got alot of training points from all those dinos in ep 28. I also included his real life tattoos cause +points for badassery.

[Nova] i couldnt help myself. hahaha! for those who dont watch the series, nova basically dies the most in the series. I included his messed up scouters, and included all his dead fish. 

[Seamus] originally he was just buu. all pink and all. it took me awhile to think what to do. so i just based it off of the clothes (well i did it for all of them) from his current episode… Leather! and iron helm and boots(not noticeable) i was planning to make it just him (something like slys) but pink but it was weird and adding a tentacle was effing weird.  oh the stuff on the ground is all the mob animal drops, cause in his latest ep. he was sure having fun with all those animals.