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Just had one of the best lectures I’ve had in med school

It was on ‘The ethics of abortion’, and I was sorta expecting a lecture tip-toeing around the different viewpoints without offending anyone. But our lecturer slayed!

- she started out by saying how the ‘pro life’ side always get emotive pictures of babies and foetuses etc, and that there’s hardly any for pro choice. So she put up a photo of a woman lying dead on the floor, after bleeding out from an unsafe abortion her partner tried to perform on her

- she showed us statistics on how abortion rates are lower in countries with safe, legal access to abortion

- she showed us more statistics on how high maternal death rates and deaths from unsafe abortions became when countries made access to abortion more restricted 

- she put up photos of discarded babies in streets and rubbish bins in countries where abortion is illegal 

- she talked about a case in the US where a woman was ex-communicated from an ethics committee at a catholic hospital, after the committee allowed a woman with life-threatening complications to have an abortion, then our lecturer commented that ‘it’s funny how it was wrong for her to do that, yet child abuse is apparently ok’ 

- she went through cases of more women who were so desperate to have an abortion that they seriously harmed themselves

- she ended the lecture on the photo of the woman who died, and said ‘whatever your stance on abortion, the fact is that if a woman has made up her mind that she doesn’t want to be pregnant, she will do whatever she can to get an abortion, even if it puts her life at risk’

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how to spot urban witches (from experience)

  • their bag and pockets are filled with literally so many stones i swear how the heck??
  • they’ll have dates in the closest forest because its super witchy
  • rockin that witchy fashion, probably wearing a lot of black with crystal necklaces and maybe a wide brim hat. slay.
  • lil doodles up their arms of sigils
  • literal grafitti of runes around their neighbourhood, probably done by them or a friend
  • ‘wanna see this pic of a ghost i caught on camera?’
  • they ask so many philosophical questions like what happens after death its so intense
  • maybe wearing a pentagram but not always
  • on the whole, they love animals so so much
  • halloween is their fave holiday

on that note i should add that i finished watching korra and overall i loved it. i love politically driven stories so it was totally my thing. 

 honestly the entire show could’ve just been season 1 and i would have been totally satisfied. it would have been great just as a stand alone imo. season 2 was….not very good. it explained some lore and that shouldve been ¼th the length it actually was, the ending was just silly…attack of the 50 foot woman

 3 and 4 felt like one megaseason. i loved the worldbuilding and extensive cast added in the second half of the show. the final battle could have maybe been a bit more ‘grande’, but i was still satisfied with what we got. overall the plot past season 1 was somewhat predictable but the characters compensate for it well

HOLY HELL, I LOVED THE CAST?? and so many women of all age/ethnicity/class together was so refreshing and so good??? i especially loved the beifong family dynamic. the male cast was great too, i did find the ongoing theme of male villains having strongly drawn jowls amusing., oh and that one airbender child was very grating i hated him. 

 the love triangle was jarring but at least it was a step above twilight’s, which is honestly what i was expecting going in. i thought it was gonna be both brothers competing for korra lmao but instead it was just mako consistently fucking up. so yeah i could live with it, it could be something to sympathize with if you were a young teen watching and have a mind full of confused feelings and drama like most teens do.. its pretty harmless and if anything it shows a good example of talking things out with an ex, the value of communicating in a relationship, and moving on from drama.

my favourite characters by the end were asami and kuvira, the latter i wish was set up a bit more in the 3rd season so we could have had bigger build up and character arc but oh well. 

throughout the entire show my mind kept comparing it to fullmetal alchemist brotherhood.. did anybody else have that?? the political theme, time period, and the backgrounds, especially all the industrial stuff were reminiscent to me of fmab in a good way. by the end of it my roommate and i called korra a “combination of fmab and kung fu panda”, basically replace the science of alchemy with spirituality and martial arts and i think that description fits it sort of well

so yeah in conclusion i loved korra, its really good. it honestly tells a story of political movements and regimes much better than many ‘more dark’ live action movies and young adult dystopias. if you love politic themes, elements of fantasy, strange animals, female characters, and have a lot of hours to kill i recommend watching korra if you still haven’t.

also korrasami  👌 👌 👌

tarot prompt list

a tarot card inspired prompt list for all your shipping needs, feel free to use any one aspect of a prompt you wish, or let it inspire you in your own way~

  • the lovers: love, harmony, mutual attraction
    “I love you so much.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: fluff, soulmate au, confessions, mutual pining
  • the fool: innocence, playfulness, recklessness;
    “Let’s go on an adventure!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: treasure hunter au, worrying, games  
  • the magician: transformation, beginnings, good omen;
    “I guess today’s my lucky day.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: first meeting, supernatural au, witch au  
  • the high priestess: magic, dreams, knowledge;
    “I had this dream, and now…”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: visions, sold fortune, magic au  
  • the empress: passion, ferocity, fertility;
    “You cannot do this!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: motherhood, protectiveness, villain au  
  • the emperor: authority, discipline, stubbornness; 
    “You will do as I say.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: kingdom au, argument, enemies to lovers
  • the hierophant: community, learning, rituals;
    “We’ll always help each other out, right?”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: found family, highschool/uni au, teacher au  
  • the chariot: sacrifice, struggle, travel;
    “I’m sorry… I have to do this.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: boss fight, (assumed) goodbye, traveller au
  • strength: courage, obstacles, urges;
    “Together, we can do this!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: slow burn, action movie au, fighting together 
  • the hermit: solitude, withdrawal, introspection; 
    “Leave me alone. Please.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: hurt, stranded au, feeling-focused, lost  
  • the wheel of fortune: optimism, success, luck;  
    “We did it! I can’t believe it!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: genie au, chance/fated meeting
  • justice: karma, honesty, decisions;
    “I don’t know what to do.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: superhero au, dealing with consequences  
  • the hanged man: suspension, potential, indecision;
    “I can’t stay here, but I don’t know where to go. I’m stuck.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: prison/ex-convict au, internal conflict  
  • death: destruction, loss, change; 
    “I lost you. And it was unbearable.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: stages of grief, new beginnings, ex au  
  • temperance: communication, healing, moderation;
    “I’m here for you. You can talk to me.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: comfort, deep talks, hugging, woundtending  
  • the devil: failure, lust, temptation; 
    “You want it too…”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: desire, nsfw, unrequited love, demon au  
  • the tower: drama, catastrophe, pride; 
    “Don’t be like that!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: angst, (post)apocalypse au, break-up
  • the star: renewal, hope, rest;
    “I feel at peace.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: star-gazing, lazy days, cuddling, spirit au
  • the moon: emotion, fantasy, confusion;
    “That’s rough, buddy.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: fantasy au, werewolf au, late night talks  
  • the sun: joy, friendship, prosperity;
    “I’m so happy.”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: friends to lovers, love realization, coffee shop
  • judgement: awakening, resurrection, absolution;
    “Why did you have to do this?!”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: reincarnation au, criminal (au), mistakes
  • the world: fulfillment, experience, completion; 
    “Do you remember, back when…”
    possible AUs/settings/ideas: old age, happy end, fantasy world au

I’ve seen lots of posts about Laci Green and her transformation into some kind of weird, nominally “centrist,” alt-right enabler - and I am as upset about her nonsense as everybody else - but I think there is a different conversation to be had here that isn’t really happening.

Lots of people assume that her motive is purely material. Like, she saw that the “rationals” were gaining some ground on YT, and so she decided to reach out to them and join them since the “most prominent” SJW on YouTube suddenly disavowing the social justice movement is certainly dramatic and will draw a ton of views. However, I actually give Laci slightly more credit than that, and I’ll tell you why.

I think the most important fact about Laci that most people are ignoring is the fact that she is Ex-Mormon. Most people likely ignore this because it isn’t very well-known how the Mormon church actually functions or how traumatic leaving it actually is. But as an Ex-Mormon myself (for those that didn’t know, I was raised Mormon), who worked with a ton of Ex-Mormons transitioning out of the Mormon Church, I can tell you that the sort of “rational,” New-atheist crowd is extremely appealing to Ex-Mormons and a ton of Ex-Mormons end up as Dawkins disciples.

This is largely because they feel lied to, emotionally, and since the Mormon church bases its entire existence on the “spiritual feelings” that its members are supposed to have about its “truth,” you have Ex-Mormons dissavowing feelings entirely, and only basing opinions on some form of misguided, harsh empiricism. The ultimate “reals not feels” position.

Of course, that position is ultimately ridiculous, because feelings ARE real. Like, it absolutely matters how you feel about your own identity, and how you feel when people insult you, and how your feelings and others feelings contribute to systemic oppression or systemic change. Real science definitely recognizes this, and any scientific study worth its salt about gender issues or racial oppression takes the emotional toll into account.

But Laci isn’t capable of basing her worldview on the very real emotions of others, because that would be, in her mind (and many fresh Ex-Mormon minds) the exact same mistake that faithful Mormons make. And so when Laci first became a feminist youtuber, she pretty much exclusively focused on issues that would help work through her faith transition. She focused on Sex Positivity since the Mormon Church is very harsh and controlling regarding sexuality. She focused on women empowerment, in the white feminist sort of way, because hierarchial positions are exclusively given to men in Mormonism. Essentially, I don’t think Laci was ever an actually dedicated feminist educated about social justice in the way she has been portrayed - I think she was mostly responding to her particular experience of oppression.

But she was inevitability criticized by others for failing to take their experiences into account. Many other feminists, especially intersectional feminists, criticized her work from an emotional perspective, telling her that she wasn’t adequately representing them. She was probably sometimes criticized quite harshly, probably to a fault on occassion. And so, instead of looking at those emotions and learning from the responses, Laci has backpedaled into the “rationalist” community, which is exactly the same state of mind she has always had after leaving Mormonism. And now that she has worked through her own particular faith transition, she can be open and loud about it.

I’m certainly not making this post in order to defend Laci Green - she is doing some atrocious things, and there is absolutely no excuse for giving a platform to white supremacists and other bigots. She should know better. She should listen to her critics and stop listening to alt-right idiots. But I do sometimes wish I could talk to her, because I do think I understand where she is coming from better than a lot of people.

We really have to fight back against the “rationalist” alt-righters, because they are really capable of poaching people who have become disillusioned from a particularly authoritarian faith group. Laci is just the latest example of that happening.

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

First of all…what is a retrograde?

Retrogrades are astronomically an illusion where by a planet appears to be moving backwards across the sky, due to earth ‘overtaking’ the planet in their rotation around the Sun.

In relation to “As above, so below”, the energetic affect that retrograde planets conduct is an internalising of that particular planetary energies.

Some keywords for retrogrades are

  • Reassessment
  • Re-evaluating
  • Reorganising
  • Restructuring

The purpose of retrogrades are typically to 'tighten’ loose ends in different areas of our lives - the planet involved will indicate what aspect of ones personality will undergo the keywords, the sign of the retrograde will be how, the house area is what area of our life.

Mercury Rx - ¾ times a year: What it can bring + How to make the most of it

Mercury Rules: Communication/Thought Process/Technology/Short distance travel/Comprehension Ability/Local town area/Siblings

  • Update your technology prior retrograde
  • Keep a careful eye on your technology devices - DON’T LOSE THEM (in a cafe or on a bus for example)
  • Be prepared to walk into a room and completely forget what you went in there for (more than usual)
  • Get your car checked out
  • Don’t be surprised if your regular bus or train is late
  • Also don’t surprised if you hear from an old friend
  • …or an ex
  • Communications during this time have gone down the toilet so expect things such as:
  • Forgetting what you’re saying mid conversation
  • Confusion in understanding
  • Stuttering
  • Repeating yourself
  • People saying things they don’t mean
  • Or things that they do mean but didn’t want to say
  • And if it’s communication via technology:
  • Autocorrect may be acting more like a little shit than usual
  • Messages not sending
  • Phones crashing
  • And if you’re old school, letters in the mail may end up in Africa somehow (jokes - but things can get lost in the mail)
  • Don’t make big purchases at this time if you can, especially electronic equipment
  • DON’T START new projects, go back and tidy up the old ones
  • Make more lists than usual
  • Best not to start a job during this time either (but if you have to, make sure you read the fine print)
  • Wherever you have Gemini/Virgo in your chart, these areas of your life may go a little bit haywire and will need re-assessing 
  • If you’re a Gemini/Virgo Rising, your vitality may feel a bit low during this time (since the 1st house rules the physical body). Give yourself plenty of rest at this time.

Here’s some tips to take advantage of the Mercury retrograde

  • If you have a blog, go back to it and edit it
  • Clean out your technology such as deleting photos you don’t want anymore on your phone
  • Review all contacts and documents before signing them
  • Real all emails and important documents before sending them
  • Backup your digital data
  • Get in touch with old friends  
  • This is a time of closure of understanding things and communications with other people
  • Re-learn something or go back and study an old topic to refine it
  • Think about exactly how you want to phrase something before speaking it (is it kind? Is it for the highest good of another?)
  • Finish any project if you haven’t yet, especially if it’s a writing project!  

P.S: There’s nothing to fear about retrogrades, in fact, they can be quite amusing sometimes (when you know what’s going on!) and this is a great time for cleaning things up to perfect your life path ands mission.

Happy Retrograding! <3

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You have been eating away at me
taking little bits of my soul since the beginning
and I let you
because I thought that this was what love was

Now I’m finding myself again
and I’ve come to realize
this is just how
the bad guy wins
and I was a willing victim

—  Taken//kayla

I can’t wait for more ex muslims to start speaking up and connecting with each other and the world and speaking about our struggles and how we’re treated so the world can finally start waking up and acknowledging us. Right now, our community is growing, it’s always been there and existed but thanks to social media we’re able to connect and speak out about the injustices and oppression we face. Like even just knowing there are other people out there who feel the same way you do is so comforting.

i fucking hate the queer community. people are identifying as gay. without. being. gay. what the fuck. i fucking hate this