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I LOVE YOUR FIC I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT WOW I LOVE YOUR CHAT SO MUCH IT'S NOT HARD TO SEE WHY HIS LADY LIKES HIM SO MUCH... Please please if you do taglists please tag me your fic is absolutely fantastic I just binged it should've studied but didn't. And I don't regret a thing ;)

Allow me to express my ignorance and ask, what is a taglist? If anyone knows, please tell me. I’m not very fluent in internet linguistics. I’m more of an old fashioned sort of person. 

That aside, @ex-bookjunky I appreciate that you took the time to send me such a wonderful message in my ask box, and here is some Marichat as an expression of my gratitude. Thank you! 

Although I’m sorry it distracted you from studying, now I feel like a bad influence. (Insert evil laughter) 

This is based on my fanfic, Once a Thief, Always a Thief.

You may not repost, use, edit, or anything without my permission.

mtmte and ll are so wild though…I mean you have this dude that built a time machine to save his crush, a murderer in the basement, a guy with one eye that just wants his hands back but will murder you, a girl that stuck her friends brain in her eyeball, a trans lesbian that rebuilt her trans gf [that is a friggin backpack], a really freakin old gay couple, half of them are smashed at all times, a (ex?) genocidal tyrant, a cat with swords, a bunch of fanboys, oh and let’s not forget the patriotic murder group and the confused boys that are the Scavengers


So here’s the result of the post asking for character to sketch. Thanks to everyone that suggested, I had a really good time! Hope you guys like it too.

Tallstar – Feathertail – Cinderpelt – Heathertail – Nightcloud – You know that headcanon about Hollystar and her deputy Ivypool?! Yeah, I dig it! – Needletail (I really liked this one!) – A proud father and his daughters – Mapleshade – Brook – And last but not least Snowfur and Mosskit in Starclan!