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Hi I was just searching here and I saw a lot of the MobTale/Fell/Swap imagines and they are really good, as far as imagines I've seen. And I was wondering maybe you could do this scenario with MT and MF Sans: S/O has been in a relationship before and it wasn't very pleasant. Verbal, sexual, physical abuse. Almost been kidnapped. What will be their reactions?

Ummm… yes. About the verbally, sexually, and physically abused ask I sent. Add the fact that S/O’s ex is part of a rival mob and S/O escaped and has a lot of information about said mob, thus being hunted down.


Hello! I’m sorry if I’m notifying you too much about my ask (the one about s/o being abused, verbally, sexually, and physically), add MORE the fact that s/o met MT/MF Sans while  running away from the henchmen following her. Sorry if I have to post these in separate asks. It’s 1:30 and my brain is officially fried. Sorry.


It’s cool. Just for future reference, please submit any ask like this. I’m on mobile and it would help so much.


Big Fella (Mt Sans): Big Fella is going to protect you. When he first met you, all he saw was you running from a rival gangs men and he thought at best he could get some info from you. Of course, you had extremely useful info… but then he actually got to know you and he fell in love. He didn’t know about your past until Tiny pointed out your mannerisms. Then he questioned you and well, when he found out about your ex he was pissed. Big Fella doesn’t like other people damaging his things. So he makes it his own personal mission to make that gangs life a living hell. Beforehand, their rivalry was mainly one sided. BF wouldn’t engage with them unless provoked but now it was personal.

Boss Daddy (Mf Sans): Like BF, this guy only saw you a potential upperhand at first. Then he thought ’… i could tap that…’ and he did. Multiple times. And slowly he fell in love with you. He didn’t want to admit that he got attached but he did. He was utterly devoted to you. One night, he was talking to PB about you  (he consults his brother about any new person brought in) and he wondered aloud why you were always a little jumpy. PB was surprised that Boss Daddy hadn’t picked up that you were abused. He definitely overestimated his brothers deduction skills. So he tells BD and BD immediately goes to you and demands to know the fuckers name. Don’t worry, he isn’t mad at you. He just wants to deal with the asshole who was dumb enough to hurt you.


Sorry this took so long. And uhhh holy crap guys. I have like 20 asks. Don’t worry I’m not closing the askbox but still.  Holy crap.