ex bis

  • some tv show writer: this character hooks up with both men and women, and, if asked about their orientation, will always say that they "don't like labels"
  • rachel bloom, an intellectual: ...anyway, this is darryl whitefeather, a bisexual man who calls himself bisexual many times and comes out in a musical number called "getting bi" and plays the saxophone in front of the bi pride flag and has a boyfriend that helps him realize his orientation and the boyfriend, his friends, and his daughter instantly accept him exactly as he is

frankly, if the han solo movie isn’t about his and lando’s tumultuous romantic relationship unfolding and ultimately failing while they bungle smuggling jobs and chewie saves their asses, I kind of do not care


this,,is the kind of bi representation i expect from the media


Don’t mind us, we’re just two lesbians! Nothing to see, nothing to see!

As an asexual biromantic, relationships can be scary. My ex boyfriend was bi, so he accepted and supported that part of me, but I wouldn’t say he was exactly respectful of my asexuality. That relationship scared me because I was worried that any other relationship would be similar to it: me being in uncomfortable situations, really just trying to make my partner happy. My current boyfriend (pictured) is straight, but he accepts my entire identity and tries his best to understand it all. I came out to him before we were dating, so it wasn’t as scary as it might have been if we had been in a relationship then. He doesn’t completely understand asexuality, but he does understand that I am different and that I have boundaries that may not be the same as other girls he’s been with. He makes sure I am not uncomfortable any time we are even near each other. So, to any a-spec out there worried about finding someone who is accepting: you will find them, people are more understanding and respectful than you may think, it will be ok. (Also peep my ace ring in this pic lol)