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Things I've noticed while being small

~Soda in sippies feel weird~
~I don’t have to talk~
~extremely calm~
~long skirts feel nice~
~very giggly~
~sippy cups are nice~
~ Blankies are calming~
~Stuffies feel good~
~ Crying but feels happy~
~I can be any fantasy creature I want ex: fairy, Angel, vampire etc~
~ don’t have to watch kids shows~

to monday

an ex-mormon soundtrack

battle cry (ft. sia) - angel haze

can’t fight against the youth - panic! at the disco

devil - tyler glenn

doubt - twenty one pilots

first vision - tyler glenn

heaven - troye sivan

holy - PVRIS

hurricane - misterwives

kick me - sleeping with sirens

the love club - lorde

midnight - tyler glenn

playing god - paramore

trash - tyler glenn

message me if you have any more to add!



(Lucifer x Reader)

christmas special number 3 (christmas tree)

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk

You could see Lucifer getting more annoyed by the minute as his apartment changed from what looked straight out of a magazine for high quality furniture to a christmas wonderland. He probably hadn’t expected you to be that much into christmas when he invited you. But upon seeing his apartment, not being decorated one bit, you just had to do something about it.  

“Please no.” He groans with a dreadful look while you’re about to put some angels on the christmas tree.  

“Why not?”  

“First of all, these things look horrendous, they don’t have anything to do with the real deal. Second, why? You do realize what you think happened on this day never actually happened. This shouldn’t even be a holiday.”  

“Do you have to be so grumpy?”  

“I am not!”  

“How can you not like angels anyway? You are one.”  


You roll your eyes after turning back to the tree and continue with your decorations, “There’s no such thing as an ex-angel, you either are one or not. You’re always complaining about humans blaming everything on the devil anyway do don’t tell me you don’t like being an angel.”  

Even though he kept complaining you were glad that he had asked you over for christmas. You didn’t have family in town and spending all your free time alone at home, thinking about how lonely you really were hadn’t appealed to you very much.  

First time you had met Lucifer didn’t go as smooth as it did now. In fact the very first thing you had done was slap him after he made a sarcastic remark and tried to flirt with you. Strangely enough you had gradually gotten along better after both of your first impressions had to be corrected. Only time can tell in the end and first meetings rarely go as you wish they had.

“Wait.” Lucifer steps up to you, raising an eyebrow as he stares down at you, “Does that mean you actually believe that I’m the devil?” You had said it so casually, he didn’t even realize you said it without a hint of sarcasm or dishonesty.  

“I didn’t say that.”  

“You didn’t deny it either.”  

You both stare at each other for a moment before you sigh and give in, “Lets hypothetically say I do believe you, that wouldn’t change anything so it doesn’t really matter anyway.” You say, turning your attention back to other things while Lucifer starts smiling behind your back.  

Finally, someone who did not question his story at all.

A Sign

Destiel soulmate AU. Enjoy!

He should have known.

Cas wasn’t born human. That never meant he wasn’t going to get a soulmate tattoo.

Dean really should have known.

But nope, as the stupid son of a bitch that he is, he just assumed Cas would be – would be –

His, dammit. He assumed Cas would be his.

It would fit so well, wouldn’t it? The freak who was born without a soulmate tattoo and the ex-angel who was never born period. But no, things don’t work like that, because Dean is a jerk who doesn’t deserve more than Cas already gave up for him and Sam anyway.

It’s a normal day for them when he spots Cas’ tattoo forming. They have just killed a werewolf who was munching on a small town in California; Cas got tossed around a bit but is fine (Dean checked) and is now busy changing into clean clothes.

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