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Fireworks are Weird

With the approach of the 4th of July, and my own town’s weekend fireworks display occurring in view of my window as I write this, I got to thinking.  

Fireworks would be BAFFLING to an alien races.

I’m not sure which would be worse.  Being taken by surprise by the bright flashes and loud cracks and pops in the sky, panicking because those could only be the first signs of a deadly attack, complete with shells whistling through the air, or seeing people buying the things by the truckload, not just for professional use, but to simply light off in their back yard.


“Human-Steve, what are "Fireworks”?  I see places of business opening out of nowhere with no information or advertisements beyond the single word.“

"Well, they’re.. Hmm.. I guess you’d call them toys, or maybe single-use decorations?  They make bright lights in a bunch of different colors, and loud noises, and we use them to celebrate important events.”

The alien nodded, a gesture it had learned meant understanding.  "Ah, I see.  Digitally projected entertainment.  We have similar devices on our world, though-“

Steve held up a hand, shaking his head.  "Digital?  No, no, no,” he chuckled.  "They’re little explosives.  Gunpowder packed with different kinds of material to burn in different colors when we launch them.“

"Ex- explosives?”  The alien wringed two of its three pairs of hands, putting the other pair on the sides of its head.  "Surely you jest!  I saw families, children purchasing these fireworks!“

"Nah, they’re harmless.  I mean, every year there’s an idiot or two that blows his hand off or sets his hair on fire, but I mean, they’re usually doing something stupid to begin with.”

The alien has no reply to this.  What reply could there possibly be?


I’ve seen post were we talk about having cat and dogs as pets but we haven’t talked about the ‘useless’ pets, like fish and turtles. Considering that we even eat them, would aliens believe that we are stockpiling food? And if so, would the aliens try to eat the fish and turtles because that what they think they are there for?

abcs of beth things i wanna talk about

  • Rick has a bubble gun and tbh lack of air aside and being put in it against ur will that looks fun
  • Beth thought she made up the world rick literally made cause she was so young at the time
  • Rick is really fucking rugged for 70, i guess greatest mind in the world makes you get used to shit like LOOSING A GODDAMN ARM and seeming growing it back within a few hours.
  • Rick may have pointed out Beth was just as bad as he was but also as he was like “look at all the crazy shit you asked me to build for you” he STILL BUILT IT FOR HER cause he cares.
  • this also answers one of my questions of if Rick did do shit like that just use his skillset to build amazing things for beth. he did.
  • Beth literally is just like her father and im kinda digging her realizing this
  • we don’t know if she actually choose to get replaced with a clone or not cause knowing Rick if her answer was yes he’d have it done by the time the kids got home
  • Rick also at one point said it wasn’t a real adventure cause it was missing morty and that just got me with good vibes tm
  • Also Rick stealing the pizza in the last scene, that was funny but also again shows hes able to do nice shit when he feels like
  • im talking out of order but he also offered beth to help him make the clone when she came back becasue she said she wanted to spend time with him and stuff, so now he finally did that for her.
  • Rick also fucked jerry’s ex alien girlfriend cause of course he did.
  • On the jerry story side, it interests me how the kids instantly just want Beth over Jerry
  • Summer got attacked first this time which i feel the whole being force choked thing parallels beth picking her over morty in that one scene
  • Morty seems to be retaining a lot of information and therefore is learning when out on his adventures with Rick cause he knew a lot about jerrys new alien girlfriend and their culture even to know a greeting to say to her in her native tounge and i also love that.
  • mr poopybutthole is still present and was on the fridge in a picture with Rick

We only got one episode left and im gonna cry


“Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today - but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all.“ Isaac Asimov

Children Protection

Ex-bookjunky’s idea.

Sometimes we can have bad, bad parents. So bad that other humans have to take away the other’s young to protect them from their own parents. And the next step is to protect the kids from their bad parents even more is to get other humans ‘adopt’ the younger ones. The aliens wouldn’t understand because why would they take them away? Aren’t the original birth givers supposed to look after their young. Once they sort of understand why the children had to be removed, wouldn’t their next questions be how can the parents do this to them? Why would their parents do this to their offspring? After learning why and being disgusted, maybe they would want to learn just what is adoption and if they can participate as well.


AU Lena Luthors/Helena BertinelliSaying Lena Luthors has ‘a thing’ for Supergirl would be the biggest understatement ever. Everyone sees it, everyone knows it. Someone in particular seems to watch them. Every time Lena is alone with Supergirl, she feels like they’re being followed. Hidden in the dark, stalking them, Lena’s ex-fiancée, Helena Bertinelli is looking over her, trying to protect her ex from the cute alien girl in her office. Lena tries to convince Helena that Supergirl is no danger to her in order to prevent the Huntress from hurting Supergirl. 

Request by anon

Abusive Relationships

Lets say that aliens already know about Earth and we’re integrated into intergalactic society. So an alien is going to visit this death plant on a dare from his peers. Bad stuff happens and they end up crashing. As they’re there planning their death along come this person. Abused sees them, and with knowing the pain loneliness and having no will to live, takes them in. Eventually Alien wakes up and Abused helps them with their injures. While doing that the topic of space comes up and Alien asks if Abused wants to come. Abused replies that no they can’t they have to stay here for their job. As Alien is just about to ask what it is, in comes Abuser complaining about how the house isn’t clean and food isn’t cooked. They grab Abused and shove them out of the door, not to nicely, the Alien notes. Abuser turns to Alien and acts all sugar and sweetness saying about how Abused came be so lazy and how their having a hard life because of it. Alien thinks that it must be normal or someone would have found out about it and ended it, but their not to sure. Eventually time passes and the aliens suspicion about something is ‘not right’ are confirmed. Cue big fight where alien is trying to get Abused out and is going against Abuser even if this is a human and they will most likely die. Somehow, against all odds they make it out. They make it to the newly fixed spaceship and are gone. When the alien gets to a safe spot they try and contact the higher ups to try and explain to keep and eye on people that display symptoms that Abused was as something is not right and we need to help them. Thus the human guide is updated and every human always has someone keeping an eye on them.

Humans Are Weird - Sarcasm

What if Aliens didn’t know what sarcasm is. Like sarcasm is different from person to person some people don’t use sarcasm and some have really dark sarcasm. Like would that confuses aliens.

Sarcasm Ex.

Human Vlare: Ugh I have to go clean the dragon litter

Human Kit: that’s sounds so fun

Alien: You like cleaning?

Human Kit: No I was being sarcastic

Alien: Sarcastic?

Human Kit: it’s when you say something but you don’t mean it so I say sounds fun in a sarcastic voice and I really am joking"

Alien: …

Alien: add that humans change voice to tell lies to one another to the manual

anonymous asked:

Well, shit. Not Alien!Anon, but now I wanna know what all those skeles will do if they break out of the underground and Alien anon's family comes in a spaceship to ask for their judgement of Earth/Earth's inhabitants, (would monsters and humans judgments be separate?) And possibly to give them a lift to their home planet for a report to their rulers (?) [Boy would Red's face be...Well, red. So would several others. Like, Surprise...?!]

( *Follow-up to the S/O is an alien ask )

*Okay, lemme give you guys a little set-up here.

The Barrier has been broken..  wait, scratch that.
The alien’s family is the one that breaks the barrier.  They track the S/O somehow (maybe the S/O did have tech or something, or maybe aliens can resonate SOULs?) and just BURST INTO THE MOUNTAIN.  Straight up, they’re barreling through the mountain and into the Underground (they like dramatic entrances), and they barely notice the shimmer of the barrier in the now-gaping hole above Snowdin.  Of course, aliens/humans can pass through the barrier, but it’s a one-way deal or else the alien S/O would have already waltzed out.

So, once the family has figured out what’s going on, they break the barrier.  This could happen a few different ways.  They either break it by utilizing something on their ship or use their combined weird alien powers (maybe several–or even just one?–alien SOULs are equal to a human + boss monster’s SOUL).    

Or they just sacrifice a human they had abducted along the way, and then BAM.  The monsters have seven human SOULs, and the barrier’s broken.  

Soooo, now the aliens want the S/O to cast their Judgement on Earth.  
Does the alien race enslave the humans/monsters and take over the planet?  And.. will the S/O go back to their family?  If so.. will the skelebro go with them?  

  • The S/O’s Judgement of Undertale– Monsters are wonderful, and the humans kind of suck, buuuut.. they made anime, so they can’t be all bad.  Earth is spared.  
  • The S/O decides to stay on Earth to be with their skelebro in both instances.


Sans is shitting himself with excitement the minute that spaceship crashes into Snowdin.  Is he dreaming?  Welp, looks like he wasn’t going crazy when he started believing the whole alien thing, and if he has finally lost his mind, there’s no getting it back.  He’s all about the technology, and his mind is rapid-firing questions and theories about how the spaceship works, but he’s too overwhelmed to voice any of them.  This dude can handle advanced quantum physics applications and is well-versed in astrophysics, but suddenly, he’s drawing a blank for any kind of intelligent response.  

“uh.. sorry, i got a little star-struck for a minute there.”  He winks.

On the Surface, Sans devotes his life to furthering (and accrediting) his degrees and makes quite a name for himself in the scientific community, thanks to his S/O’s knowledge.  Years later, the two travel through space for Sans to explore other worlds and meet their alien family.  Papyrus tags along, of course.  


Papyrus’s jaw is hanging wide open, and his eyelights have manifested to boggle in opposite directions.  He stays like that throughout the entire landing/crashing/alien meeting process, and it looks like he’s broken.  Of course, he believed his S/O when they claimed they were an alien, but seeing their family just crash into the Underground is quite shocking!  When he manages to pull himself together, Papyrus introduces loudly introduces himself.  "WHY HELLO!  YOU MUST BE S/O’S FAMILY!  WHY WEREN’T EXPECTING YOU TO COME VISIT OR I WOULD HAVE PREPARED FOR YOU MY MASTERPIECE ARTISAN SPAGHETTI FOR THE OCCASION!  INSTEAD, WE’LL JUST HAVE TO HAVE NORMAL SPAGHETTI, BUT LATER!“  He babbles on like that out of both nervousness and excitement for a while and spends the entire time he’s around them just trying to get to know them and make sure their stay is comfortable.  He offers for them to stay in his house, and Sans is beside himself.  While Papyrus cooks, his brother grills them and shares complex theories about space travel that Papyrus doesn’t understand, but he’s happy to see his brother so passionate about something.  It’s been a while…

On the Surface, Papyrus becomes the monster ambassador and takes these duties seriously, determined to bridge the gap between monsters and humans.  After all, he’s dating an alien and their family seemed to really like him, so why wouldn’t humans?  A few years later, the alien S/O asks Papyrus if he’d like to come with them to visit their family, and he excitedly agrees.  He’d love to travel through space!  It sounds even cooler than driving a sports car!  He only goes, however, if Sans agrees to go–and let’s face it, Sans is ALL OVER that opportunity.  

  • The S/O’s Judgement of Underfell– Monsters suck, humans suck.  Earth is doomed. 
  • The S/O decides to stay in Red’s scenario and leave in Edge’s.  



His expression is completely blank.  His eyelights are gone, his skull is covered in a cold sweat, and he can’t process what he’s seeing.  That’s a freaking spaceship.  You mean his ex wasn’t lying?  Everything he had waved off as insanity was true?  The whole alien thing had ultimately been what caused him to break up with them, but.. actually, seeing this doesn’t make him regret the decision.  If anything, he’s relieved that he doesn’t have to add aliens to his endless list of problems.  They’re not even going to look his way as long as he keeps his head down and gives his ex a wide berth.  I mean, it’s not like his ex is holding a grudge, right..?

HA!  When has he ever been that lucky?

On the Surface, the aliens wait for the murderous monsters to extract their revenge upon humanity, and then when both sides are weakened, they easily take control.  Papyrus blames Sans because he dated the alien instead of killing them, and “IF YOU COULD JUST KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS, THIS NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!”  Their relationship becomes even more strained than it was before, and the brothers become involved in a rebellion.  Usually, Sans wouldn’t even care enough about his life to be pushed into that kind of cause, but it’s his only shot at repairing things with the boss.  

Everywhere he looks, however, it seems like he runs into his ex, who makes some kind of cryptic comment on what’s to come and gives him a vindictive smile.  


Well, he asked his S/O to prove it, and it looks like they finally did.  Edge opens and closes his jaw several times, and he’s struck speechless for once.  As soon as he witnesses them break the Barrier with that kind of ease, he realizes just how much power the aliens have, and even with his LOVE, he knows he’s no match.  So, he tries to play as nice as he can around them, which still involves lots of grumbling and scowling.  

On the inside, he’s panicking.  He can’t handle this.  Does this mean his S/O is super strong and he never knew it?  What else doesn’t he know about them?  He starts to freak out and becomes much quicker to rile up, but when he starts to argue.. he abruptly backs down.  If he pisses his S/O off, could they dust him with some sort of death ray gun?  Sans told him it was possible one night (though his brother also seemed interested in the scientific side of the aliens’ appearance and got caught a couple of times snooping around their ship), but Papyrus didn’t know if they really had those kind of weapons or not.  Regardless, it terrified him–and he didn’t like the feeling.  

The same scenario plays out where monsters murder humans and both sides weaken each other before the aliens take over.  The S/O isn’t interested in sticking around for the invasion, however, and now that their mission is over, they’d like to go home.  They invite Papyrus along, but he declines; he’d rather stick with the hell he knows than be the single monster among incredibly-strong and advanced aliens.  After the S/O leaves, both brothers still become involved in the rebellion. 

  • The S/O’s Judgement of Underswap–monsters are good, but humans suck for locking them Underground.
  • The S/O decides to leave Earth in Blueberry’s scenario and stay in Stretch’s.


WOWZERS, his S/O’s family has come to visit!  Sans has sparkly, star-shaped eyes, and he’s the first to greet them.  His S/O isn’t even around yet, but he’s telling them all about himself, that he’s currently dating one of them, and then launches into questions about what their favorite foods are, and oh–do they like tacos?  Do space tacos exist?  He babbles on until his S/O shows and takes over.  

The entire time, Stretch is there, looming behind Blueberry and staring with a really tight, frightening grin on his face.  If these aliens so much as touch Blue, Stretch is going to let them have it.  Speaking of, Stretch takes the S/O aside to have a freak out over their intentions with his brother.

When the barrier breaks, the aliens don’t take over Earth, but some would like to experience it.  So, they integrate themselves in with the monsters and help them fuse their society into the humans’– and even push for complete equality much faster (and with more success) than the monsters would have.  They’ve had experience fusing cultures.

The S/O needs to report back, and since Sans was already fascinated with space, they ask him to come.  He agrees instantly, but only if Papy will join them.  It goes without saying that Stretch wasn’t about to let Blueberry go into space without him, so although he doesn’t think it’s a great idea, he assents.    


Well, he didn’t believe his S/O, and now he wishes he had.  The lazy grin is wiped clean off his face, and the cigarette balanced between his teeth falls from his slack jaw.  His mind is blown.

“i really spaced out there, hun.”

He chuckles and lights up another cigarette, but his hands are lightly shaking.  He really doesn’t care if his S/O is an alien, but meeting their family that literally just crashed into the Underground like it was nothing is rather daunting.  And his S/O’s report could determine whether or not the planet gets invaded?  That’s so much responsibility, and he’s sure to pull his S/O aside and go straight into that spiel.  He feels on-edge the entire time they’re there, and worries about Blueberry accidentally offending them and getting hurt. His S/O is one thing, but this is an entirely new variable.  

Once they make it to the Surface, the same integration of aliens and monsters occurs.  Blueberry’s taken on the role of monster mascot, so he works with the ambassador (who’s actually an alien) frequently, and Stretch eases up his worries and stops hovering so much.  His S/O recognizes that he felt out of his element with the aliens initially, so they don’t ask Stretch to leave with them; instead, the S/O stays with him on Earth.  Years later, however, they do take Stretch and Blueberry both to their home planet for a visit.  

  • The S/O’s Judgement of Swapfell– monsters kinda suck and they can see why humans sealed them away, so humans are all right.
  • The S/O stays on Earth with their skelebro in both scenarios.


He’s absolutely shocked because he’s not shocked.  Sans has been talking for so long about how he KNEW ALL ALONG about the alien thing that he’s actually made himself believe that he knew it all along.  If anything, seeing the aliens now just makes him feel triumphant because HE WAS RIGHT! BUT OF COURSE; HE’S ALWAYS RIGHT!  HE’S THE MALEVOLENT BLACKBERRY, AFTER ALL!

“observant as ever, m'lord.”

And it probably doesn’t help that Papy’s always there to stroke his inflated ego.  Sans runs his big mouth to the aliens at first, but he’s a bit off-putting and tends to rub people the wrong way, so his S/O tries to keep control of the conversation.  

On the Surface, the aliens decide to conquer only the monsters and take over their society, though the rest plays out much like the Integration portion of Underswap, only with the aliens being a little more ruthless toward the monsters and making all the decisions.  There’s quite a bit of dusting in the early rebellions, and Blackberry is reigned-in from becoming the center of those rebellions only by his S/O.  The alien S/O stays because they don’t feel like Sans would go over well with other aliens if they went back home with him, and well.  Ultimately, with the aliens keeping a leash on the murderous impulses of the monsters, Surface life goes well.


Holy crap, he really didn’t believe his S/O, but well.. there’s the proof.  There’s aliens in their hell now.  Papyrus is sweating just a little, but he hides it behind a lazy smirk and lets his brother do all the talking about how he knew aliens were a real thing and saw this plot-twist coming a mile away.  He looks at his S/O in a new light, but it’s not one that bothers him; he really couldn’t care less if they were an alien, human, monster, or some weird hybrid mix.  

On the Surface, he mostly tries to keep his brother from getting killed, and because of that, he ends up fighting a lot more of Blackberry’s battles for him than he used to.  It pisses his brother off almost as much as getting told what to do pisses Sans off–which is exactly what these aliens are doing.  Blackberry accuses Papyrus of being at fault since he’s dating the alien, and the two brothers start actually arguing for once.  Blackberry winds up upset that Papyrus would talk back and things spiral.  Sans ends up smack-dab in the center of the rebellion, and it causes a rift in their relationship.  

The S/O discusses leaving Earth and going back to their home with Papyrus, but.. he would never leave his brother, especially not now.  Never like this.  Of course, Paps will understand if his S/O wants to leave without him, but.. they actually choose to stay.  After all, he stuck by them even when he didn’t believe them, so the S/O decides to try to smooth things over between the aliens and the monsters and becomes the ambassador.  
And yes, ultimately, Sans and Papy mend the rift.  The two brothers are too co-dependent on each other to be apart for that long.  

Voltron Characters in Hogwarts Houses?

Shiro- He would most likely be a Gryffindor. He’s extremely brave and a natural-born leader. For example; when Matt was about to go in the arena, Shiro made sure that he was the one to go in instead of his friend. He fought against several horrifying creatures and made it out alive. He also went right back into space to help others after his traumatizing experience.

Pidge- Definitely a Ravenclaw I’m not sure I even need to explain this, but Pidge is constantly messing with alien tech, ex) rover, interested in learning more, and creative, ex) when they built a satellite from old spaceship parts to contact the castle. Pidge also decided to spend their free-time attempting to learn Altean.

Hunk- Hufflepuff to the core. He’s the mom friend. He cares about people who he doesn’t even know that well, he’s extremely loyal. Ex) When he went back to the Balmera to save Shay and her people because she had helped him. He works well with all members of the team, and he loves cooking/food. Ex) Space cookies and Dinner that one time when Coran tried to force Shiro to eat something unmentionable.

Keith- Another Gryffindor. He’s brave and rash. He pilots the Red lion. He often does things without completely thinking them through, like that one time where he grabbed onto a small control panel and opened the airlock in an enemy ship, which was quick-thinking and brave, but very dangerous. He also tends to rush into things, like on the Balmera where Lance had to remind him that it was a living creature. He went into the headquarters of the blade of Marmora and refused to back down when he faced obstacles. He also has the potential to be a good leader.

Lance- Slytherin. No question about it. He’s good at putting on masks and hiding his feelings. He cares strongly about his appearance *cough* facemasks *cough*. Lance also comes up with good ideas and exercises more caution than some of his other team members. He warned Keith about the Balmera being a living being, and he found another way into the room that they needed to enter. He also tried to stop Keith from going off on his own on the Galra port where the quintessence was being kept. He also figured out that it wasn’t rover when he was with Coran, something that the older Altean didn’t even think about. He’s intelligent and he knows when he needs to cover for his teammates, like in episode one When he covered for Pidge while Iverson got angry. He hides his insecurities, ex) feeling like a seventh wheel, and he’s pretty good at lightening a situation, which shows that he’s pretty good at manipulating a situation.

Matt- Ravenclaw, even though we don’t know much about Matt, we do know that he was on the Kerberos mission for research, and he seemed just as enthusiastic as his father. It shows his interest in learning new things and discovering stuff.

Allura- Gryffindor. She’s extremely brave and a great leader. She was put into a difficult situation where she either faced capture by the enemy with Shiro, or alone, and she chose to go it alone and save her teammate. She was thrown into a world where everything was upside-down and her family/home was gone, yet she went straight back to fighting for the universe. She also had the courage to destroy the last part of her father, for the greater good.

Coran- Most likely Hufflepuff. He’s extremely loyal to princess Allura. He also has a very light and fun personality. He helps the paladins out, he even went to talk to Lance when he was feeling homesick. He shows support to everyone.

-Hey! I hope you liked this! If you guys disagree and want to discuss, just message me! It’ll be fun! :)