“In my dreams you’re touching my face

And asking me if I want to try again with you.”


Siempre seras mi recuerdo favorito, aquello que tuve un ratito de mi vida y adoré a cada minuto, aquello que me quitaba el sueño por las noches y me dejaba una sonrisa inigualable, aquello que no volveré a tener.

I want you to know if you ever, even for a second, regret your decision and want me back; If you ever look at old photos of us and miss what we had; If you miss having someone there who cares for you like I did; Please text me or call me because I will be there, and I hope and pray with every part of me that the day will come where you realise you can’t live without me because I really can’t do this without you.

- 22.19pm

Ho visto
una marea
di gente
poi ho visto te
e non ho più
visto niente
- Jenny D.

After all this time, I’m still waiting for you to call me and say you’re sorry and you haven’t had a day where you haven’t thought about the way I used to hold you. Or even for you to just show up at my door and hug me, and in that hug I’ll understand everything. But in reality, I know the longer I wait, the more you’re getting used to your life without me. You’re happier without me as the time goes on.