C: I’m really over my ex’s new girlfriend. She is really trying to convince the world that I’m crazy, when she only got a tumblr because I have one, then followed me under like three different names, stalked my Facebook, and then when I locked that down, tried to friend me under a fake name, stole pictures of my son that I had taken and posted them on her own Instagram as if she had taken them, threatened to put her hands on me, and then tries to play the victim and say I’m harassing her and defaming her character, because I emailed my EX, not her, and called her a whore because she got my ex by screwing him. I’m so outdone.

Ashton Irwin: Only his baby

Request 1: Can you do one where ashton gets jealous because you were with your ex?
Request 2: Holy f rough sex with ashton omg like really really rough with orgasm after orgasm *if ya know what I mean*

Sweat is on my forehead. Nerves are running through my body. Why isn’t my fucking key working? Get in that damn keyhole, you asshole. Before he gets here. Work, dammit!

“Hey Y/N.”


I turn around and give Joshua a small smile. A smile that’s as fake as Iggy Azelea’s ass. But he’ll fall for it anyway. He’s not clever enought to understand sarcasm. Although, he does know lies. As he cheated on me 2 years back with my own cousin, who was on a family visit.

“Hi. Something I can do for you?” I ask.

“Yeah actually. I wanna catch up if you don’t mind. Maybe inside with the airco, since it’s like standing on the sun out here,” he says.


I open the door and we get in. Little fucking key, now you work.

He sits down and makes himself at home, immediately. What does he think? Sitting there in Ashton’s chair like he’s the fucking king. I’ll just sit on the couch, oppose from him. As I walk by the chair, my wrist is grabbed and I’m being pulled onto his lap. He holds me close and puts up a strong hold.

“The fuck are you doing?!” I yell at him.

“I want you back. I fucking need it and I’m gonna show you I deserve you. And you’ll like it, I promise,” he says.

I try to move my way out of his grip, but he’s alot stronger than me. His hand starts to go underneath my shirt. He’s being rough. And not the way I like it. In my state of panic of trying to get away I can hear the front door close and hear an angry voice scold at Joshua. Next thing I know, Joshua is being locked in the pantry and Ashton is running to me. He picks me up from the floor and holds me close.

“Y/N, you alright? Baby, look at me,” he says.

When I’m coming back to my senses something inside me ignites. A form of revenge maybe. I don’t know what it is. All I know is that it’s something Ashton and I will both enjoy.

Ashton is still rambling on when I speak: “Bedroom. Now. And just leave the door open.”

“But, but… What about the pervert in the pantry?” he asks.

“Don’t worry. He’ll have a fun time in there thanks to us.”

I get up and pull Ashton up by the hands. I drag him to our bedroom, which is one the same floor as everything else. Once inside, I throw him on the bed and close the door. I get on the bed aswell, straddling Ashton and putting my hands beside his head. I dip down to his ear.

“Let’s give that bastard a show to hear, he’ll never forget who my man is,” I whisper in his ear before nibbling on his ear lobe.

I can feel him chuckle to my idea. I wanna explore his body further. When I’m being flipped over, making Ashton be on top between my legs. There’s a look in his eyes which I can only describe as being in total love of holding control over me.

He unbuckles his belt and takes my wrists. He ties them to the headboard. He pulls my shirt over my head, keeping it around my arms. I’m not wearing a bra, so he immediately got a good view of my breasts. He starts to take off my jeans and panties while biting his mark on my boobs.

Once I’m completely naked, he puts my legs over his shoulders and starts to lick between my folds. Damn that tongue of his. I shudder at the contact his mouth makes to my body. With the tip of his tongue he teases my clit. Being this wet he got me made it easy for him to slip in two of his long fingers inside me. With a ‘come here’ motion, he makes me crave touching him even more. And not being able to only gets me hotter.

As soon as he feels my muscles contract around his fingers, his sucking intensifies. The gentle nibble on my nub is what send me over the edge and release all around his fingers. After licking me clean, he gets up and undresses himself. I wanna roam my hands on that body so badly. The burning desire returns when I see him fully naked.

“I want you to be begging for me,” he says.

“I can be whatever you want me to be,” I reply.

He crawls back on bed with his shirt in his hand. He hovers above me and puts his shirt around my head like a blindfold. After that, his hands wander down. One hand slips in two fingers again and start to drive me crazy again.

“So wet already. Little slut,” he whispers.

He knows just how to push my buttons. Suddenly I feel the tip of his cock tease my clit. I can’t help but to grind against him. This only earns me a smack against my clit. And it turns me on like hell. When I feel his tip again, I know better than to move. I start to tug against my restraints once I feel my next orgasm approach me. My breathing quickens. And with alot of spasms I come again.

I can feel Ashton move around on the bed. I feel him lean down. He gently kisses me on the lips.

“I want you to scream so hard the pantry bastard will be dreaming about this for days,” he says.

Before I can answer him, he pushes himself inside me. Being streched out like this kills me every time. Fuck, this next orgasm will be the death of me. I’m still sensitive from the last orgasm. My moans are cut off by Ashton’s hand around my neck. Fuck, I love this.

His pace is hard and deep. Every minute or so, the grip on my neck tightens. At one point I know he’s close. As am I, listening to my desperate little whimpers. The grip on my neck is released and I can moan out loud my pleasure. Soon, a third tidal wave of butterflies are released inside me. Twitching inside me, Ashton shoots his load inside me.

Slowing down, he pulls out of me. He kisses my face while removing the shirt-blindfold and belt. As my eyes adjust to the light, I can see Ashton smiling.

“You think he’ll know you’re mine?” he asks.

I nod.

“You want me to kick him out now?”

I nod again, biting my lip in a little smile.

“Alright. Be right back, baby.”

He walks out of the room. I pull the covers over myself. And as I drift off to sleep, I can hear Ashton kick Joshua out of this house.

- Michelle Xx


when your ex tries to get back together -  more vines

Ma io lo so e tu lo sai,
che abbiamo perso entrambi una parte di noi,
che non torneremo mai.
Eppure restiamo immobili
come se nulla fosse accaduto
e piccoli sguardi,
nulla di oscuro
tu mi saluti, io ti saluto.
—  fede||
I’m scared I’ll never love anyone else the way I love you.
I’m scared I’ll never be able to kiss someone again without thinking of you.
I’m scared I’ll never be as compatible as I was with you.
I’m scared I’ll never be able to forget about your smile and the way your voice spoke when you told me you loved me.
I’m scared I’ll never be able to look into the future without seeing your face.
I’m scared I’ll never find someone to teach me how to love again.
—  I’m so fucking scared.