I’m watching Cake Wars...

And, I’m just going to say that the cakes these people create on this show… are something I would NEVER stick in my mouth.

Seriously… they’re overworked, they have cardboard and pipes in them. Screws to hold them up, or styrofoam and rice crispy treats covered in fondant… and… just so you know…

FUCK FONDANT… holy shit that stuff is disgusting…

Also, as adorable as I think Duff Goldman is… when I watched Ace of Cakes… yeah… they’re fancy and everything… but they have more support structure than cake most of the time it seems…

5//8//17 5:24 p.m.

hello! today was an okay day. nothing too special, but i do have a spanish test that i’m fairly certain that i’m well prepared for :) enjoy this picture of my romeo and juliet quote analysis, even though all of you are well aware the amount of hatred i hold for this play lol (i defy you stars is a pretty kickass quote i must admit however)

study challenge, may 8th-have any teachers changed your life?

woooo okay, so my 1st grade teacher, 6th grade reading teacher, and my 8th grade teacher (ms. spain, ms. ombrembt and mrs. christie) were SUCH influences on my love of reading and are some of the kindest people i have ever met. additionally, my 8th grade american history teacher (mrs.hultman) was also amazing in terms of her teaching ability and person, and my debate, speech, and mock trial coaches (ms. vecchio, hansen, and mrs. holmes) have made me feel loved and at home where i thought it would impossible to feel happy. (OH AND MY FIRST AND CURRENT SKATING COACHES ARE POSSIBLY THE GREATEST HUMAN BEINGS EVER THEY HAVE DEALT WITH S O M U C H S H I T FROM MY END)

I FINALLY saw a doctor about this bad medication

After two months

I mean the anxiety and drowsiness let up enough for me to function in the last month so that’s good

But yeah it took me so long because I started by being tired, then anxious, and I was working more hours, and there were summer activities I was participating in, and when I went last time the clinic lost power

And of course, doctors and medical spaces are my biggest anxiety trigger so I was avoiding it


Doctor was great. She actually gave me two different prescriptions and told me to look them up and choose the one that felt right. No doctors tell you to look things up online. Pretty cool.