ewww...i messed up

I make too many ocs

I finally have,, a good jester like dim species character,,,
who doesnt even really look like dim species but i tried

I’m thinking their this protector/guardian of an ancient town or something?? Like they were born/made for t h a t
Theyve been alive for a long time?? and they are very sweet and caring
They protect people for a living after all!


got tagged by @crushs @highlightsvt @youngjaes @softforeveryone & @honeymatcha for the selfie tag 💕💕💕 tysm you Angels !

idk how many of u have already done this ajdbak so i’ll jus tag @y-ngguk @limjaebum @babyz @sunyoung & @jhob1 !! you don’t have to do it of course but ilu all :^((

300 followers celebration !

thank you for 300 followers !! i’m doing this to thank everyone and because it seemed fun!!

in order to do it, you need to:

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  • you don’t need to be following me, but i’d be nice !!
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*  just send me what you want and i’ll try my best

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i’ll be tagging all of this with #matts 300 so blacklist that if you don’t want this on your dash !! also it might take me a while to get through them so, be patient!!

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( Just remembered that I forgot my one year celebration thing. Oops! Welp I still can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year. Hope I can do it for another year! And in the meantime I am working on my original work too! It’s gonna be great. )