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Way Out of My League


requested by @a-court-of-stydia : Could I pretty please have 1 & 2 with Benny Colon from Bull??? If not with DiNozzo??? Thank you ❤️❤️❤️😂❤️😂

I hope you like it! 💓

1. You don’t know how lovely you are.
2. No words can explain the way I’m missing you

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word count: 1034

(y/n) = your name

It has been three months since Director Vance sent Tony to the Navy Seals, he said it was a mission but you were sure Vance blamed him for the death of Jenny. „Dead Navy Seal found in his cabin with an amputated hand in his mouth, grab your gear!“ Gibbs walked to the elevator while you and the team grabbed their gear. „Eww, how did it get there?“ you asked. „That’s what we’re trying to find out.“ „(y/n), McGee, You stay here and see what you can find about Michael Flannigan.

When Gibbs and the team were gone you were alone with McGee. „That guy is unbelievable!“ you threw your hands in the air while starting to look for anything about Michael Flannigan. McGee came to your desk. „Who?“ „Gibbs! He knows that I haven’t seen Tony since Vance has sent him away. This was my only chance and-” McGee interrupted you, „ Rule #12, (y/n).“ „I know Tim, but he knows how this feels like, being away from the person you love the most and being afraid of never seeing them again.“ You looked him in the eyes while he smiled sympathetically. His phone rang. „Boss, yeah, okay we’ll be there in a sec.“ You followed him to the MTAC.
„What do you got, Boss?“ McGee said. „Michael Flannigan was accused of drug dealing here, maybe someone wanted to keep his mouth shut with this,“ Gibbs answered while holding the amputated hand. „Boss, I’m gonna talk to his wife, maybe she knows something about this.“ „And I’ll check his bank account and emails!“ McGee and you said in a hurry.

When the team returned from the ship you gave Gibbs the cold shoulder. „(y/n), can you trace where Melissa Flannigan was three days before the murder?“ he looked at you, noticing something was off. You just nodded and didn’t even look at him, just typing fast and wondering whether he felt guilty. He should be. He knew what he had done and you knew it, too. While you were still tracing the victim’s wife, Gibbs came back from MTAC looking rather tense.
„(y/n)? Can I talk to you for a sec?“ you looked at McGee and then to Gibbs. „Sure.“ You followed him behind the stairs.

„What’s going on?“ He looked at you, trying to read you. „What do you mean?“ you asked him innocently. „I don’t know, you tell me. Ignoring me, not looking at me, answering in a few words or not at all.” „You do that too, y'know?“ You said to him. „Yeah, the few words part but I’m not ignoring my boss, am I?“ He came closer, looking tenser. „Do you blame me for not taking you to the ship?“ you looked at him, then on the ground and then back to him. „I just don’t understand why you didn’t take me. You know how this feels like, Gibbs.“ you fiddled with your hands.

Gibbs relaxed and drank his coffee. „I didn’t take you with me because I needed you here. You and McGee are good with computers and I needed information. You are better here than on the ship. I know it has been hard for you, (y/n), but I didn’t mean to upset you. I would never do that.“ You looked at him. „Was that an apology?“ you smirked. „Nope.“ he laughed and hugged you. „I’ve got something for you. McGee helped me put it together.“ You looked at him confused while following him to the MTAC.

The first thing you heard was his voice and then you saw his beautiful smile. „McGee that’s not funny.“ „Oh, I think it is, Tony.“ The two were having their usual banter while you just stood there, it didn’t matter that you just saw tony over video chat, it was better than not at all. „Hey darling.“ everyone was quiet. You came closer to the monitor and you guys just stared at each other with big eyes, smiling at each other. „How are you?“ Tony said and smiled. „Now? a lot better than a few minutes ago.“ you chuckled. You turned around to Gibbs and McGee. „Can you leave us alone for a sec?“ They nodded and went out. You turned back to see Tony who was struggling not to cry in front of his crew. „No words can explain the way I’m missing you.“ he looked into the camera. „I even miss McGee.“ „Wow, that means something, Tony,“ you chuckled, „But don’t worry, Gibbs will get you out of there soon, I promise.“ You said. „I wouldn’t be so sure, darling. If Vance wants something then he gets it.“ Tony said unsurely. „Babe, you know Gibbs, he is the real boss, let’s be clear,“ Tony smirked. „I’ve missed your laugh, (y/n).“ he chuckled. „When I showed some of my crew down here pictures of you and don’t worry, not these kinda pictures,“ he smirked and winked,“ they called me lucky and told me to never let you go because you are way out of my league.“ He chuckled. „Babe, that’s not true. You are out of my league, I’m so lucky that I can call you mine.“ you smiled. „That’s true and don’t forget that!“ he pointed at you and started laughing, „But Darling, You don’t know how lovely you are. They are right. You are more worth to me than anything in the world and you are out of my league. All the things you’ve done for me, you made me a better person and I’m so grateful to have you in my life.“ You cried.
(y/n), come on, we’ve got new evidence!“ Gibbs shouted from the entrance. „Work is calling. I love you so much, Tony.“ „Love you too.“ He gave you a half smile before ending the call. As you left MTAC with Gibbs, he turned around. „How is he holding up?“ „Gibbs please promise me to bring him back soon.“ you looked at him with worried eyes.

Bts and Got7 reaction to you two kissing In front of the other members

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This one was really hard to write just too much cuteness I died at least twenty times writing this.

I’ve reached 50 followers! Thank you so much for following and liking my posts! I really do appreciate it even tough It is hard to show it throught text. So I thought that 50 Isn’t as big as 100 so I decided to still do something special and this is it! A reaction with both groups In one post and I am also writing It with the most care and presicion I can muster up! So I hope you enjoy It and I will do something bigger for 100 so If you have any ideas for 100 please send them my way! First let’s start with Bts!(Thought I should say this as some may not realize that I post everyday or at least try to)

Jin:You were sitting on a pillow In the Bts dorms next to Jin playing Mario kart with him and suprisingly beating his ass as the rest of the members were watching a.k.a Tae, Jimin, Kookie and Hobi as Namjoon was glued to his phone screen and Yoongi no suprise was taking one of his famous naps.

-Ha I won! You shouted exitedly as you passed the finish line just seconds before Jin.

-Oh please I was going easy on you. He said smirking with clear defeat on his face

-I don’t belive you, I could win you even In my sleep, Didn’t you say you were amazing at this game? You say with a smug grin on your face as you take this opportunity to tease him. But he pins you to the ground, His face inches from your face, your noses almost touching he loudley whispers.

-Oh is that so? Before slowly closing in on you until your lips lock in a deep kiss as he lifts up one hand to put it on your cheek, He is now only being supported above you by only one of his hands but he keeps strenght to be able to kiss you. You put your hands behind his head and as the kiss is happening you can hear the shouting from the couch.

-I don’t need to see my hyung like this! Jungkook shouts In disgust and as you break the kiss you can hear Yoongi say still with his eyes closed.

-Eww. You slightly giggle as he looks at you lovingly and pulls himself up to sit on his pillow again and says loudley.

-Round two? I bet I will win this time!

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Yoongi:You were over at the Bts dorm and all of the members were sitting on the couch watching a romantic K-drama, You were sitting comfortably on Yoongis lap as he stroked your hair.

-Im gonna go get water real quick. You say as you struggle to pull yourself out of his grip becouse he is holding you tightly and not seeming to let go. After struggling for a few secounds he unwillingly losens his grip enough for you to stand up and go get water. When you were drinking your glass of water you got a peak at the tv and see the two main characters running towards each other on a beach and you glance over at Yoongi and see he’s thinking the same thing so you put down your glass and start slow motion running towards him as he does the same and you two meet infornt of the tv and he hugs you tightly and lifts you up in the air and twirls around before putting you on the ground and bending you back before passionetly kissing you almost identically to the show. The other members annoyed groans can be heard behind you two.

-Move I can’t see the show! Jimin shouts. Yoongi breaks up the kiss and whispers to you I think our kiss was much better, He smirks before pulling you up and sitting down and lifting you to sit on his lap again. as he burries his face into your neck you can feel his smile against your skin.

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Namjoon: You came out of Namjoons room yawning with only Namjoons oversized t-shirt on. You walk Into the living room only to be greeted by six men stairing at you with a tv infont of them with an on going wii game, As you turn your head you notice Namjoon in the far back of the living room In front of a mirror practising his rapping, You slowly sneak up behind him and rest you head on his shoulder and whisper in his ear a part of jacksons rap In U got me.

-I bet you go crazy with my voice. You whisper in his ear with a raspy morning voice and you look In the mirror and he is making eye contact with you through the mirror ad as he chukles a bit he turns around so his face is near your. He cups your face and slowly kisses you, You feel him smiling against your lips. A whistle is heard from Jimin which results In all the other members turning around to look and the see you two kissing and they too start whistling. You feel him slightly laugh as he breaks up the kiss and turns his head so his cheek is touching yours and he softly whisper in your ear.

-Good morning Jagi~

You smile and give him one last hug before going in the kitchen to eat.

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Jimin: Jimin praticly made you come backstage to their concert even though you said you were okay being in the crowd, But he just couldn’t let you be there as he wanted to see you immediatly after the show so you agreed, So now here you were watching their show from a large tv jumping around and giggling and just being overall proud of your boyfriend as he was dancing and singing. The show ended and you were backstage still waiting for Jimin and you hear foot steps coming towards the door and as the door opens you see jimin smiling widley and almost visibly glowing as he runs up to you and grabs you by your waist and lifts you up in the air and twirls you around, You are straight above his face and he carefully lowers you a little so you are inches away from his face. Your lips smash into his as you two passionatly kiss with him still holding you in the air but to help him and not having to hold you in the air for long you put your legs around his waist as he fixes his grip and now has his arms around you waist. The door slams open and almost immediately can be heard grunts of disgust as the other members see the two of you.

-Oh god put a sign or something on the door. Namjoon says as he tries to cover his eyes.

Jimin slowly lifts you down and says.

-How were we? His eyes full of hope and smiling waiting for your response.

-Amazing as always. You say and smile as you look him staright in the eyes and he smiles in response.

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Hoseok: You were alone at the dorm awhile while the other members were at the store buying snacks, And you two decided to make the most of the time and have a girl group dance battle and he was of course winning until Touch my body by Sistar came on and you immedietly started crazily dancing as he laughed at your sillyness and put his hands gently on your waist which made you burst out in laughter as you are extremely ticklish. Suprised by your sudden laugher he says.

-Hey you brought this on yourself swinging your hips like that and singing touch my body It was basically an open invatiation!

-It tickles! You managed to say between your laughter.

-Oh. He says and moves his hands from your waist to your hips as he quickly pulls you close to him, He looks you deeply into your eyes as he slowly comes near your face and kisses you. The Dorms frontdoor opens ad the rest of the members come in and find you kissing and not suprising Jimin, Tae and Jungkook run up to you two and start dancing around the the two of you. You both laugh and break up the kiss and start dancing with them. You look at Hobi and smile and he smiles too and giggles a bit before continuing to dance.

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Taehyung: Bts was going to karaoke and they insisted you come with, So there you were now laughing your ass of at sugas lazy singing and jins attempt at rapping. Tae noticed there was a Bts song as an option and he exitedly forced you to sing with him War of Hormone, When you finally agreed he practically jumped from joy as he began singing pretending to be serenading to you even though it was in no way a romantic song, You weren’t good at singing but you slayed at rapping so as sugas rap came on you jumped up from the couch and began rapping with your whole heart in it as Suga was acceptingly nodding in the back and Tae was cheering you on, As it came to the part where In the M/V Jungkook picks up Suga on his shoulders Tae did the same thing to you, He swept between your legs and lifted you up with you still rapping but It was a bit of a broken rap as you were laughing every few secounds and when your rap ends he puts you down. When the song ended You hugged him tightly and pushed yourself of him a little so you could kiss him he happily kissed you back giggling as you kissed him which caused you to start giggling too and the other member started hitting his ass like in the M/V and you just stood there hugging him and enjoying the moment with him.

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Jungkook: You woke up In Jungkooks room with his t-tshirt and your short pyjama shorts. Try to drag yourself into the kitchen whereyou see all the Bts members eating breakfeast already at the kitchen table.

-Oh good morning Jagi! Jungkook says happily as he notices you coming into the kitchen yawning.

-Morning. You say and peck him on the nose when he was expecting a real kiss, You giggle as you turn around to face the other way from his suprised yet annoyed look but just as you’re about to leave to go put on makeup you feel him grabing your hand and pulling on it slightly so you twirl your way into his hug as he says.

-Is that all I get? He places his lips on yours and softly kisses you. The other members teasing can already be heard, He knew he was going to be teased for a long time for this but it was worth it for getting to kiss his beautiful girlfriend.

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Jaebum: All of Got7 decided to go to the beach on their day of and they invited you to come with them and you happily accepted that offer. It was about 2pm when we all got to the beach and luckily there where almost no people on the beach exepct for one family about 30 meters away. Everyone from Got7 except Junior ran into the water. You went to sit on a sun chair and Junior went to lay on the one next to you but not even one minute since you sat down you heard Jaebum shouting to you.

-Come on Y/N Come and swim with me! You sit up on the chair and see Jaebum with open arms signaling you to come and hug him, You comidically start running in slow motion to him but you trip just before him and make him toppel with you landing on top of him. You two are just a few meters from the shore, You look at him straight in his eyes as he places his hands in your hair and pulls your face closer to his as you share a passionate kiss, But that kiss is broken by a wave rolling in and covering Jaebums entire face. As laughter Is heard from the other members He sits up rubbing salt water from his eyes while you’re stradling his legs.

-That is karma for us having to see you two kissing! Jackson shouts and the other members laugh with him. Jaebum chuckles and gives you one quick peck on the lips before lifting you off of his legs and standing up and taking your hand and pulling you into the water.

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 Jackson:You were sitting on the couch and Jackson was sitting next to you. both of you were on your phones, And you jusy sat there in silence but that silence was soon broken by Jackson saying.

-Y/N! he says and stands up on the couch still looking at his phone.

-Yeah? You ask curious about his sudden excitment.

-Please do this with me! He turns around his phone so you can see a video of a couple, The woman was on the floor on her back as the man did pushups over her and pecking her lips each time he came down.

-Fine. You stood up from the couch and went on your back in the middle of the living room floor and Jackson went into a pushup position above you as he did one pushup he quickly pecked your lips anad wen’t back up, and the second time he stayed for a bit longer and started kissing you, He smiled and after awhile he went up again, and the third time he came down the kiss was as passionate as the last one and the he went up again, and the again the fourth time he held back and only gave a peck and this continued for quite some time. You two didn’t even notice the rest of the Got7 members standing at the door watxhing you two and trying to hold back laughter by the sight of your wierd muscle building techniqe.

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Mark: He was sitting on the couch with all the other members scatterd across the enire living room as you walk in and dramaticaly walk over to him.

-Oh MarkiPooh oh MarkiPooh. you say and slowly put your head on his lap holding your chest like you where having heart pains, The other members chuckle at your dramatic entrance.

-Is this some wierd version of romeo and juliet? He says and starts running his fingers through your hair and slowly puts his face closer to yours and says

-Oh Y/N-Pooh. He fills the few inche of empty space there was left between your lips and kisses you as the other members are laughing at the whole scene. As he breaks up the kiss he says.

-Well that’s one way to get a kiss.

-Oh Marki-

-Not you Jackson. Mark says never breaking eye contact with you.

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Bambam: You came into the living room only to find seven grown men putting on red lipstick and laughing at how stupid they look, You stand in the door frame holding back chuckles by the sight of Mark with red lipstick and just then you see bambam putting on red liptick but you only see the back of his head. Bambam turns around dramatically with his lips puckerd and says.

-Do I look beautiful Jagi? He does a few poses as he asks you.

-Absolutely! You say Giggling at his stupid poses.

-Even more beautiful then you? He says while slowly walking towards you and lazily putting his arms around your waist.

-I wouldn’t go that far. You chuckle and slowly tilt your head as you move closer to his face and softly kiss him and he breaks the kiss dramticaly sighing and bending you back and kissing you passionately. The other members go crazy especially Jackson who starts running around screaming since apparently (Your names first 3 letters)Bam is his biggest ship.

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Youngjae: You walked to the kitchen It was about 10pm and Got7 was playing a board game on the kitchen table, Jackson was throwing pieces around becouse he was losing and Youngjae tought it was hilarious as he was laughing his ass of at Jackson being so extra. 

-Oh Jagi have you done anything different with your makeup you look even more beautiful if that even is possible. Youngjae says as his jaw drops when he sees you walk In.

-No I actually just took of my makeup. You start to blush at the fact that Youngjae thinks you’re beautiful even without makeup. Youngjae stands up from his seat and walks over to you, Cups your face carefully and kisses you softly and whispers.

-Well it is definetly working for you.You smile at the fact that you found someone so perfect and you hug him tightly and hope you never have to let go. The rest of the members think it’s so cute that Youngjae found someone so perfect for him.

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Yugyeom: You were sitting on the couch in the practise room looking at the circle of Got7 members around Yugyeom cheering him on as he danced. Yugyeom danced his way over to you with the members still clapping along to the music and cheering for him as he took your hand and pulled you up from the couch and started dancing tango with you. He leaned you back, looked you with lustful eyes as he picked you up in the air and let you glide down to the floor so you were laying on the ground with your back between his legs. He jumps down into a push up position hovering over you as he leans his head down to kiss you, You run your fingers in his hair as he kisses you gently

.-Ohh Maknae got game! Bambam can be heard shouting. You feel Yugyeom chuckle against your lips before he stands up and helps you up too.

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Junior: You are sitting on the living room floor of the Got7 dorm as the rest of the members except Junior are watching a bird documentary. Youngjae is braiding, or at least trying to braid you hair as junior walks into the living room. He straddles your legs ad starts placing little kisses all over your face, You giggle and cup his face and start placing small little loving pecks all over his face as he chuckles.

-Ah you are just too adorable Jagi. He says smiling to you.

-I know. You say with a smug grin on your face, placing one last peck on his lips before he goes to sit down besides you, While all this was happening all of the members were squealing at the cuteness.

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This took waay longer than I tought almost exactly 12 Hours but I think It’s worth it.

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tumblr has been eating my asks for the past few days, so you might get this twice. I requested a Jin Scenario where his girlfriend was out of the country for a while and surprises him at BTS first solo concert. I did ask for it to be mild smutty but if you are uncomfortable with that I don't mind fluffy at all. (I'm excited for a new BTS scenario blog and can not wait to read your writings^^)

I tried so hard to not make this overly smutty since you asked for mild smut… Enjoy!! Sorry for making you wait so long OTL
- Devi ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

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[Warning: Explicit Content]

an unexpected visit 

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This story is somewhat old, so I don’t remember it perfectly. It was also my first roleplay. This takes place very early on in the game.

DM: You look around the main room and find a door. Would you like to go in?

Me: Sure.

DM: As you open the door, you notice a wretched smell coming from the far side of the room. Want to investigate the stench?

Me: Yeah, let’s do it. I take out my torch.

DM: Through a quick observation, you see that the source of the smell is the rotting carcass of a cow.

Me: Can I grab some stuff from it?

DM: Umm, sure…

Me: I shove my bare hand into the rotting, maggot-infested carcass and get…

DM: Eww, you didn’t have to go into that much detail.

DM: Anyways… you get 5 pieces rotten meat and a large hide.

Other players: Dude, gross! Remind us to never accept any food you offer.

Me: I walk up to [player] and wipe my hands off on his cloak.

5SOS Preferences #39 - Your daughter has a crush on another member

Ashton: “daddy daddy daddy!” Your daughter Darcy screamed as she arrived home from playgroup. “What is it angel?” Ashton asked picking her up and giving you a kiss as you appeared in the kitchen. “Guess what I did?” She grinned. “Hey Ash…” Michael said poking his head round the door. “Uncle Mikey!” Your daughter yelled as she wriggled out of Ashton’s arms and ran into Michael’s arms. “Hey Darcy!” Michael laughed kissing her cheek. “Can Uncle Michael be my boyfriend?” Darcy asked you and Ashton. “Eww, gross, Uncle Michael’s really old…” Alfie, your eldest, joked as he walked into the kitchen. “Hey dont hurt my boyfriend!” Darcy huffed as she kissed Michael’s face. “Treat her well Michael!” You laughed. “My baby girl’s all grown up,” Ashton pouted

Calum: You had taken your daughter and two sons to one of Calum’s concerts seeing as it was in town. The four of you stayed backstage while Calum and the boys were performing. “I’m going to charge my phone, can you lot stay here please?” You asked your children. “Yeah, okay!” Noah said as he continued to hold Ella’s hand. “Can I go see daddy and Uncle Luke?” Ella asked. “Wait for mummy, please Ella?” Noah smiled. “Go on up to them Ella!” Daniel whispered in her ear as he took her hand and led her to the side of the stage. The 5 year old ran on stage and went straight to her Uncle Luke. “Well hello there princess!” Calum laughed. “Are you not coming to see daddy?” “No, I wanna stay with Uncle Luke. He’s my boyfriend now daddy!” You returned from the dressing room to find Calum bringing Ella back. “Daniel, I know you told her to do it,” You sighed as you picked her up

Luke: “So Luke, this is your little girl Sophie?” The interviewer asked as he showed the audience a picture of Sophie. “Yeah, that’s my baby girl all right,” He laughed. “Well I heard she’s here today, why dont we bring her in?” He said as a crew member brought your little girl on stage. She jumped up onto the sofa beside Luke and Ashton and snuggled into Ashton. “That’s a pretty dress Sophie,” She smiled. “Thank you, Uncle Ashton bought me it. It’s my favourite!” She said whilst looking up at Ashton. “She’s an Ashton girl, and Luke gets jealous at the fact she prefers to cuddle up to Ashton at the minute.” “I really love Uncle Ashton. Like a whole lot!” She giggled and wrapped her tiny arms around his waist, and snuggled into his side

Michael: “Lucy, please come out, I need to get a shower,” Michael said as he knocked on the bathroom door. “I’m sorry daddy!” She whispered as tears began to spill down her face. “Darling, you know you arent supposed to use mummy’s make up, now let me help you take it off. How come you used it?” Michael asked as he began to take the makeup off. “I wanted to look pretty for Uncle Calum. I have a crush on him Daddy,” She whispered. “Baby, Calum loves you no matter what, you dont need makeup to make yourself look pretty. You’re already one of the most beautiful girls in the world, okay?” Lucy smiled at her dad and nodded her head. “I love you Daddy!” “I love you too Lu, now get some shoes on, Uncle Calum will be here to take you for some ice cream soon!” Lucy’s eyes lit up and she jumped off the toilet seat and ran to get her shoes on. All because Calum was looking after her…