eww this is ugly

Seventeen as things said on my kakao chats

S. Coups: You rude people, I’m so dissapointed in you three. Ditching school when there’s only two classes left.

Jeonghan: I might not go to school today. It is pouring down so hard. And I’m enjoying this bowl of diabetes.

Joshua: Not alcohol ;)

Jun: What type of fanfictions have you been reading? Bad kinds.

Wonwoo: send a psychiatrist.

Hoshi: I’m sorry, I’ll take my puns elsewhere.

Woozi: I hate you.

DK: I shall go to Mexico and become a man named Giosue.

Mingyu: *sends friends holiday pics on the chat because friend is too lazy to do it herself*

The8: Ma toast has a heart in it.

Seungkwan: Eww so ugly.

Vernon: say the name. Memeteen.

Dino: help eomma.

My sisters reaction to Dragon Age characters

My sister never played any Dragon Age and I introduced her to some characters.

My sis: He looks like a girl.
Me: She is a girl
My sis: Oh… She looks like a boy

My sis: Its a stone…

My sis:
*Silence* …. a woman.

My sis:
He looks like Dj Bobo

My sis:
He looks like a bogle

My sis:
Is his face made of car parts?

My sis:
Hes cute

*Long silence*
Me: Shes a lesbian
My sis: Yeah thats pretty obvious

My sis:
is that a gypsy?

Iron Bull:
Me: Hes one of my favs
My sis: Is that a tree on his head?
Me: ….Its horns
My sis: And a slug on his eye?

My sis:
Hes just as ugly as boris becker

My sis:
Eww wth, I wouldnt want to run into him at night

My sis:
Okay hes handsome thats mine, can I have him?

My sis:
Oh look, Voldemort found his nose

My sis:
Theres a candle

My sis:
I dont like her tattoos

And this is my husband
My sis: He looks like he ripped out his bones and smeared them onto his skin.
Me: …..These markings are painful to him you know?
My sis: Hes cute tho.

My sis:
He looks like Johnny Depp with a weird beard.

My sis:
Hes cross eyed, I bet his aiming is horrible.
Me: Oh, you wanna say that to his face?
My sis: You think he could even see me with those eyes?

anonymous asked:

Omg, Chris Evans as a Jewish israeli man Ari Kidron, like how did he not nope out of it right away when he heard that pitch. It sounds like a parody honestly, I can't believe he took this job.... Also eww at people revealing their ugliness and bending over backwards to defend him. You bet that if Seb was in this situation I'd be going for him as hard as for Chris!

It’s like when that twitter stuff happens and I was complaining about Chris and somebody messaged me like sweaty :/ your bias is showing :/ as if I wouldn’t be equally if not more shocked and upset if seb did this 

Before photo.

I’m really sorry you all had to see this but I just felt that posting my photo would somehow motivate me more.

I don’t know I’m probably just really dumb and crazy.

I covered my nono bits with kawaii stickers though

I can’t wait until I have an after photo