eww this is seriously horrible

*pauses the scene in the hospital with Ted & Tracy*

Tracy: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You kill me off!?

Marshall: And you and Robin get a divorce!? I mean are you guys trying to tell us something unpleasant by telling us with something more unpleasant?!

Barney: What? No we’re more in love than ever guys! *leans in & kisses Robin on the cheek*

Robin: Yeah… Trust me it gets worse, on the next page me and Ted get back together!?

Ted: What! Eww why?!

Lily: Seriously Barney this is worse than ‘Suck It Lily’ that horrible robot play you made us watch…

Barney: Come on guys there’s still 25 pages left…

*Everyone but Barney gets up and leaves*

Barney: Guys!

Submitted by bisbef