eww idk

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I'm a nonbinary pansexual, and I recently came out to my dad and his side of the familt. They were pretty welcoming at first, but lately they kind of invalidate me. "You can't be pansexual: you're bi!" "There are only two genders!" "Are you gonna transition ftm?? Eww!!" And, yeah, Idk what to do or say at all. Every time I try, I get pushed back. I know I don't owe them an explanation about my gender identity and orientation, but they are making me feel really bad...

Just ignore them.  It might be worth showing them some information about nonbinary genders and pansexuality and letting them get used to it, but if they don’t accept you just ignore them.  You’re amazing :)

-Mod Jason

Things that can always be found in my swim bag:
-bobby pins
-loose change
-waterproof plaster strips
-spare socks
-spare tops
-half-eaten granola bars
-crumpled-up tissues (eww!)
-caffeine energy drops (idk, don’t ask)
-spare nose bridges for my goggles

Things that are NEVER in my swim bag though I ALWAYS need them:

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In general drinking raw eggs thing is kinda eww, but idk why...I kind of felt turned on watching Theo gulp that glass back O__o lol he even makes drinking raw eggs looks sexy. *_* This man is just ugh!!! <3



it’s porn, porn i tell you

watch the neck

and then when he licks his lips bc raw egg white

this madness must stop theodore peter, you can’t turn me on by drinking liquid baby chickens and potentially catching salmonella

but gawd help me the stubble looks perf that way *-*

and that suit