“There is something both magical and melancholy about bringing so many talented singers together to produce a piece that creates the illusion of unison while spotlighting the participants as so many isolated, lonely faces on screens.

For me, there has never been a better representation of the tension between individual and group.

The piece—full of optimism and joy—brings voices from around the world together in the common act of singing the universal language of music.

ART as the great cultural leveler.

Yet I can’t help but also feel something awkward and sad while watching the piece.

The multitude of faces dissolve into a mass collective. It is like a metaphor for the internet. Everyone is together, all in one place, all doing the same thing.

Each with in his or her face in their own private book.”


I am in this.


Announcement :)


It’s up! Behold, EWVC 3.0 - Water Night!

Everybody who was involved in the most recent EWVC video will be technically performing at the 2012 Olympics in London this year, as our recording will be played during the competitions!

Virtual Choir 3, ‘Water Night’, will soon be heard as part of the world’s largest 3D soundscape in an installation that launches July 27. The soundscape - 'Tales from the Bridge’ - will run from 8am -10pm throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games on Millenium Bridge which crosses the Thames between St Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern. Heard by over 4 million people during the games, the 'Water Night’ audio will open an hour-long composition with music and poetry by Martyn Ware and David Bickerstaff. For more information on the installation, visit the Illusitrious website.

How cool is this? We can exaggerate this to spruce up our future resumes ;) (but please don’t actually try this)