HAPPY NEW YEAR YA’LL! Here’s to all of my favorite blogs that I will never unfollow bc ily all ♥ I follow like 1.3k blogs so this is going to be long (if we never talk or i didn’t follow you for long, i still love ya so stay beautiful)
big thank you to fcktomlinsn for making this edit :)

♥ #-b ♥: 1din1day, 1d-ecstasy, 1dhelpme, 5secondsof-lourry, 5secondsofnxrry, 5stds, 5xox, 17tomlnson, 94-styles, actuallystyles, aguswaters, ahastyls, alexandeleon, alrightylou, arctixmonkeys, arousingstyles, ashtoniwir, awallfolwers, awhstyles, bangnarryy, bedmau5, believestylinson, blisshire, bxnjourniall, bradfurd, british-boys-frustrastions, britishcurls, buhnahazza, butharry, bakstreetboys

♥ c-f ♥ cheshsire, city-of-magnus-bane, clubhuman, clueless-sun, cockity, craicdaddy, cutiehaz, cutiehazza, dimpleface-harry, doitforthecurls, doitwithstyles, doityourstyles, doncarster, doncasslut, doncasstur, donthaz, drtymouth, duhstagram, elouvote, evrrdeen, evyautumn, ewsos, fabubeanie, fcktomlinsn, fcktomlinsons, fcuklinsons, feelsfromfivefellas, fiightingirish, fresharold, fricksniall, fucksg, fuksharold

♥ g-h ♥ gagforlou, gagginiall, gethazza, getsomehaz, grimshart, hariboforharry, han-rawr, harlold, haroldspooh, haroldstiels, harrehdont, harry-and-grimmy, harry17black, harrycanunot, harrycmon, harryhickey, harryikes, harryspocket, harrystuyles, harrystylesz, harrywifi, hazlnuts, heckharry, herrolds, hgwaters, highschoolisntlikethemovies, holmeschlapel, hohemmings, horanflack, hoerryhsyles, hugstyles,

♥ i-m ♥ imharrysslut, imnotsurestyles, indaniallriver, itsharoldsfault, japan1d, juveniall, kinglyharold, liam-my-lover, lostbrits, loudons, loudouns, louii-s, louisfxckharry, loulocket, louiwt, louteadale, malikcigs, mhmstyles, mihcael, mstletoemalik, mullinars

♥ n-z ♥ natalieuon, narrythesexgods, narryclass, neonlightis, nialljhorn, niallspeniis, niamsnuggles, niftynialler, nutcraicrs, niams, ohstylesno, ohfuck-styles, ohshutupharry, perfectionzayn, princesshrry, pocketlarry, perrie-winkel, peynuh, punksmichael, raspzarryjuice, realhorany, samegig, sdyles, shoutitoutyeahstyles, styleshire, stylesfire, stylesupdate, stillnasty, stylesfeg, stylesporno, totalcraic, ugghharold, whattarush, weszarry, wowlarry, zmllk, ziamon, ziallou

+blogroll / everyone i missed in this one

this is probably the longest follow forever I’ve done omg if you’re not in here and we talk or i reblog from you a lot, please forgive me. i was trying to narrow it down but failed