…Luke Skywalker, who sees parallels between the power in her and the abilities of his estranged nephew, the old Jedi master inadvertently pushes the two towards each other.


So, basically, it’s everything we’ve been talking about.

Luke sees Rey’s power and is afraid. He doesn’t want to train her because he sees the similarities between her and Kylo.

“It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.”

This leaves Rey feeling lost and alone. She needs someone to show her her place in all of this. If Luke won’t help her, who will?

“You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the Force!”

So she turns to Kylo for help, because he’s the only one who understands her power, and is the only one willing to help her become who she is meant to be.

They find a middle ground. Rey leaves Luke, Kylo leaves Snoke.

They discover new things in each other. Hate, turns into something else…

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so I was bored at my sister’s 8th grade graduation yesterday and started doodling in a notebook I had brought, and honestly didn’t expect to create something worthwhile but later I inked and colored it so that’s why it’s on *shudders* lined paper ew


He was brought about by some *cough* fatal circumstances(HAHA YOU THINK I’M JOKING AND SAYING IT TO BE FUNNY BUT NO). We don’t exactly know what happened to Blue in the Fatal_Error canon yet but I’m assuming Fatal chopped up his code and did god knows what with the rest of him(maybe he’s dead. Maybe he’s like the sans in FNF. who knows). Anyways, because this happened, this little guy(who is currently nameless) was accidentally created during the whole confrontation there. It’s wasn’t really a whole ‘poof, he’s there’ sort of thing, it was more like… over time, the remnants coalesced and then poof he’s there, a smol wandering around the antivoid. 

He’s very glitchy and shy, and it’s hard for him to speak, but don’t count on him being a sweetheart haha, he’s a feisty lil rascal

I picture him in as closer to a kid in age??? but that’s up for interpretation cause time works differently in the anti-void and he can grow up n stuff

He hasn’t met Blue nor Fatal and idk if he will, but anyways, he doesn’t really know who his parents are. He might find out, idk

I should give him a name but I’m blanking right now

Fatal belongs to @xedramon / @fatal-error-blog and Blue belongs to the community! 

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