What is "E-Waste" ?

Headquartered in London, where e-waste regulations are the most stringent in the world, EWSI aims to be a leading provider of e-waste related services in key jurisdictions globally.

Blumberg Associatesestimates the sector at $55B annually as legislation mandates that e-waste can no longer be landfilled. OEM’s, retailers and users are increasingly responsible for end-of-life management of e-waste, while Corporate Social Responsibility demands highly compliant, professional solution providers. The industry is also highly fragmented and EWSI considers these elements as an attractive environment for its buy, build, and upgrade strategy.

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The Right Time For EWSI.QB

ONE TO WATCH —- (EWSI.QB) —– E-Waste Systems, Inc. has been established to create a market- leading, integrated business in the emerging waste electrical and electronics equipment (“WEEE”) industry, targeting businesses facing regulatory or other mandates for handling ewaste.

E-Waste Systems, Inc. plans to do so by acquiring a select number of high-quality companies with strong management teams that have a shared commitment to helping customers achieve cost effective and environmentally responsible compliance with e-waste recycling and disposal requirements.

E-Waste Systems, Inc. will leverage and extend its acquisitions’ established customer relationships by expanding the services offered to customers, applying best practices in professional management, and by investing in state-of-the-art recycling technology - creating a truly global service provider in the e-waste sector.