Dear Ryan, #bahaybahayan2013 started when you asked to marry me. So far I’ve learned how to wash plates, wash oily pans, dust small and large objects, sweep, mop, clean gross things like toilets and kitchen drains, lift heavy furniture, organize, paint walls, kill bangaws, and a lot of other household chores and errands! The first reaction is always the purest, most honest reaction. I’ve been asking myself why I kicked you with my platform shoes when you proposed, NOW I KNOW WHY hahaha! But really, I’ve never been happier, lol #bawi. Thank you for my #lipatbahaygang2012 and #lipatbahaygang2013 . This 2014, I will learn how to cook edible food! Because now we have our #lupetbahaygang with #ewsfuzi 😍😘😁 (at HOUSE OF EWWS (Home of Photography, Graphic Design, Food and Lifestyle))