The bar has just been raised for cosplayers near and far. Meet Fuzzberta (full name Fuzzberta P. Jones) and her big sister MiniGuineaPig (or MPG for short), a pair of awesomely cute cosplaying guinea pigs who are taking Instagram (and our hearts) by storm. The pair live with their human, Monica Wu, who is very good about providing them with homemade cavy-size costumes and indulging their penchant for posing for cosplay photo shoots. From Star Wars and Pokémon to The Hunger Games and Harry Potter these adorable ladies are clearly geeks after our own hearts.

Fuzzberta even has a new costume for Shark Week:

You can follow Fuzzberta and MPG on Instagram, where Monica also shares costume tutorials and behind-the-scenes photos.

[via Design Taxi and Bored Panda]