Disney announces the 2020 Star Wars standalone film: Peter Dinklage as an Ewok chief.  

The story will take place between episode VI and VII.  A band of Ewoks joins the Rebellion in a unit specialized in infiltration, sabotage and theft. Maz Kanata uses them for a special mission: to retrieve Luke’s first lightsaber that was acquired, after various transactions, by Jawas. “We will see the true nature of Ewoks, said Dinklage, they are ruthless warriors.” source Variety.  

I had Return Of The Jedi on while I was working. While I can’t find much bad to say about the original trilogy, the design of the Ewoks left me a bit cold. I like the idea of primitives that could help topple the technological might of the Empire, but the teddy-bear cuteness never struck me as much of a threat. I know there were restrictions with the effects of the early 80’s but I still wanted to these guys to look like they could kick a little ass.
Anyway, it may be a little Stitch influenced but if I had a chance to do an Endor Makeover, this is what I might come up with.
Interesting fact: The word “ewok” is never mentioned once in the movie. So how do we know that’s what they’re called?