ewing energies

naehja  asked:

maybe it's a dumb question but how would react Sd!Dream if, one day, original!Dream and him met each other? (and how would react Dream too)

Didn’t you ask something like this already…?

Ah well. I wrote something anyway.

DS!Dream: He ate the fruit… and you let him?

Dream: I-I…

DS!Dream: You let him turn into that? Don’t you care what happens to everyone around you?

DS!Dream: You should’ve thought ahead.

DS!Dream: Seeing as how you come off to be, I can guess that your version of Nightmare is about as smart as you are, so I’m not surprised that he would do something that stupid. My brother would never do that.

DS!Dream: But even knowing that was an option, you didn’t do anything.

DS!Dream: You really are an idiot…

Dream: … Stop…

DS!Dream: Sorry? Speak up, please.

Dream: Stop! It was my duty to PROTECT that fruit! Not eat it!

Dream: You’re the traitor around here!

Dream: You’re not even that nice! How can you be filled with all that positive energy and be like this?!

Dream: You’re not me!

(Original Nightmare suddenly teleports in.)

Nightmare: Ew. So much positive energy in here, makes me wanna puke…

Nightmare: Oh there you are Dream.

Nightmare: Get your ass over here. We’re going ‘home’.

(Nightmare picks Dream up with one of his tendrils. Dream doesn’t even fight; he even hold his arms up in surrender when being lifted.)

Dream: Nightmare, this isn’t necessary.

Dream: I’d rather be anywhere else than with this alternate version of me.

Nightmare: Hoh snap! Found someone you hate?

(Nightmare puts Dream down.)

Dream: No, but he definitely makes me feel gross.

DS!Dream: I’m standing RIGHT HERE!

Nightmare: Oh shut up. I betcha without that aura of yours, no one would like you.

DS!Dream: Pft. What do you know?

Nightmare: What do I know? I know that I want to leave as soon as possible.

(Nightmare grabs the sleeve of Dream’s shirt.)

Dream: Brother, can I hold your hand?

Nightmare: No.

(They teleport out.)