Kristoff vs Hans: Definitions of Love.

Now let’s just forget Hans was a douche for once second. Both men in this movies played with the meaning of Love. But apparently, they both played with very different definitions of love.

Hans’s (and actually even Anna’s) definition of love, was pulling every pick up line in the book, flirting and making the other giggle. It was the man taking the girl and lifting her off into a magical night of dancing in fun. It was singing the romantic duet, it’s how you know both characters are in love right? It’s setting up a marriage, because isn’t that the purest form of love? But it also includes both of them doing their part, convincing the other that they are meant to be. Because how can two people be in love if the other doesn’t feel the same way?

Kristoff’s was the opposite. He did’t need cliches. He didn’t need the romance or the dancing. He didn’t (unfortunately) even need the romantic duet! It was all in his eyes and actions. He didn’t try to get Anna to fall for him, he didn’t try to seduce her. For him love is care. Anna has to be okay, Anna has to be safe. Anna has to be happy.He didn’t care that Anna didn’t feel the same way. That wasn’t the important thing to him. Anna just had to be safe.

Kristoff didn’t race down the mountain because he could kiss Anna and prove to her that he was her true love and he was meant to kiss her.

He raced down because Anna was in danger, because if she died while he was leaving, he would never be able to live with himself.

And that’s the love that’s true. The love for HER.

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I felt really sick, drawing this because it just feels wrong. But I really wanted to do it?
And I bet everybody already discussed this and has their own headcanons, but I’ve been thinking a lot about Homeworld, and what would Amethyst be like back there (like, would she be trained to be a soldier, all the goofiness discarded?). How Pearl would be broken again and again until she took the shape her superior gem wanted her to take…


Do you know what I just read?

 Do you have the slightest idea of what the hell I just read?

Do you have a tiny idea in mind of what kind of torture I just got through?

Well, let me tell you a little story.


There I was, in my room by the laptop as usual, overwhelmed by feels as I just went through the fetus larry tag (evil place) so I guess I looked something like this

However, I needed to calm down from the feels attacking me so I tried to figure something out

After a while, I got an idea

I decided I wanted to laugh a little.

(but when I laugh I probably look more like this

but oh well)

So I went on the Elounor fanfic tag and I found someone who filled elounor prompts. So I decided, “why not?”

I chose one and started to read.

First, Eleanor and Louis is heading to a pool. They’re talking about “thanks” and “holiday” and “babe” and blah blah blah, and by then I was like this

But I decided to continue reading bc yeah.

So then I came to this very intresting part, and I quote

“Eleanor began to take off her shorts and tank top, leaving her in a skimpy Red Bikini. “Wow” Louis said, his jaw dropping at how flawless Eleanor looked.”

Anyway, so they get in the pool for a nice bath.

And then.

Then things “got more heated” and “Lou, no games, I need you now” and, wait for it, "he began to kiss along her jaw line all the way down to her chest. Eleanor’s breath hitched as he reached in between her breasts.“

so I was like "OH GOD SOMEBODY STOP THEM” and then they started to take their clothes of and I just

And then, finally

““Ahem!” said a deep voice.”

Oh, Harry. Fucking finally.


So now I thought Harry would interrupt them and idk, but do you know what he did?

Do you?

““Interrupting something am I? “ Harry questioned with a smug grin spreading across his face. At this point El didn’t care what she had to do, she needed it, bad. “ Harry, get over here, join if you want to’’ Eleanor said in a seductive tone. “My pleasure” Harry replied in his deep musky voice.”

So basically Harry joins them and Louis fucks Eleanor and Eleanor gives Harry a handjob and at the end of the story I just



You can now feel free to throw up your kidneys.