Woven: First Complete e-Wearable Platform

Watches and glasses aren’t the only wearable items we may be using in the near future. Our clothing itself could be connected with the ability to play games, turn on our TV, track our health and more. 

Woven is the first complete e-wearable pervasive game platform prototype.

Woven is a graduate project of two Master students at the School of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) in the Netherlands: Patrick Kersten, an Interaction Designer, and Christiaan Ribbens, a Game Designer.

The project, which ends in August, will result in an e-wearable platform with one pervasive game (games that involve the physical world not just digital0 and other smaller prototypes (games and sports apps). 

Spooky, the pervasive game in development, lets the player experience the hidden dark and funny world of ghosts, spirits and phantoms.

Video: SPOOKY - Pervasive Game for Woven, a complete e-wearable platform from Christiaan Ribbens on Vimeo.

Video: Woven - E-wearable (Game) Platform from Christiaan Ribbens on Vimeo.

Images and Video from Wearable Games