I met Horfe !

You will have to believe the unbelievable. I met the most notorious secret Parisian tagger today. Yes, I met Horfe ! Or rather he met me because I would have just passed by if he didn’t ask me why I was taking a picture of Reone’s tag…I discovered Reone’s geometrical work only few weeks ago, and was very happy to find his tag. And suddenly, I hear someone asking why I am doing it, and how I know about Reone ? I figured that this guy was from the business. He wanted to know why people like me take pictures of tags, graffiti, what for…So I told the story, how I began over a year ago, how my blog has been evolving, how I started tresspasing now in search for new spots, that I did my first tag to celebrate the first birthday of my blog to get the feeling of what it is all about…He asked to see my pictures…As he was going through them, he pointed to Horfe’s tag and said “oh that’s me”…I looked at him and just laughed…and told him “its a joke, right” ‘I don’t believe you"…Nobody from the outside knows what he looks like…So I just couldn’t believe him. Until he asked me to write my tag. He gave me a spraycan and I wrote a simple red “ewajaski” tag. He jumped up and with a speed of light wrote his tag and my tag next to his!!!! It’s the best gift I could get !!! Thank you Horfe !!!

People I am telling you: “miracles happen” !!!!!

Tumblr Crushes:

I don’t know what’s going on, but I just logged into my “People you follow” section to add a new blog (who for some reason don’t display a “Follow” button on their site) and saw my Tumblr Crushes being accurate FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Hmm… on reflection, where’s CreativeHive, Blues-Breaker, Makovt, iamktn or Fandom Menace? I’ve been liking a lot of their stuff recently. Maybe Crush is now a long-term thing?

What would Stefan say?

ewajaski  asked:

hello:) just discovered 'tinktastichana', a beautiful iphoneography blog ! cheers

Thanks Ewa, Miss Moon in the Sky has got a lovely eye … and she loves cats, so that doubles her loveliness :)

And thanks to Nikki Fitzgerald for suggesting iPhoneography Central and YellowSarong for suggesting MouseArt.

If you know of a Tumblr photographer that’s not on my Top 20 list, let me know. I love looking at other’s work - and Tumblr has a great community feel about it :)