Tumblr Crushes:

I don’t know what’s going on, but I just logged into my “People you follow” section to add a new blog (who for some reason don’t display a “Follow” button on their site) and saw my Tumblr Crushes being accurate FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Hmm… on reflection, where’s CreativeHive, Blues-Breaker, Makovt, iamktn or Fandom Menace? I’ve been liking a lot of their stuff recently. Maybe Crush is now a long-term thing?

What would Stefan say?

ewajaski  asked:

hello:) just discovered 'tinktastichana', a beautiful iphoneography blog ! cheers

Thanks Ewa, Miss Moon in the Sky has got a lovely eye … and she loves cats, so that doubles her loveliness :)

And thanks to Nikki Fitzgerald for suggesting iPhoneography Central and YellowSarong for suggesting MouseArt.

If you know of a Tumblr photographer that’s not on my Top 20 list, let me know. I love looking at other’s work - and Tumblr has a great community feel about it :)