#1 Cuddles.
  • Ashton: "C'mon," he says in a sleepy voice, taking your hand before you can leave, "Just stay a bit more. Please? Until i fall asleep...." His arms reaching your waist, pulling you against his body "Just a little longer" As he kisses your shoulder softly.
  • Michael: It's early morning and he wishes nothing more than you pressed against him. "You're not going anywhere" he grumbles, trapping you against his side, "...i can't let you leave." His nose in your neck as he breathes softly "Mm."
  • Luke: "Don't leave me now" he whines, reaching out for you before you can get up he grabs you and pulls closer to him, "I want you right here" He smiles and lays down, keeping you even closer. "I always want you here" He kisses your neck sweetly, his breath warm on your skin. "Always".
  • Calum: His sleepy voice is raspy, you almost can't hear it, yet he's still begging for you. "Please?" The crack in his voice is too much. He smells of laundry and sleep. He nuzzles your hair and kisses your head a few times. "That feels so good, i love you."
# 21 You meet for the first time at a meet and greet.
  • Ashton: "Hey, love. Thanks for com - " His greeting is cut short when he looks up from singing your C.D. His eyes go wide and he stutters. "D-do you want me to sign anything else...?"
  • Luke: A smile is placed on his mouth and he gives Calum a knowing glance before turning back to you, soft expression. "Hi, babe." You then ask for a hug and he reaches for you, pressing his lips on your cheek.
  • Michael: A laugh is cut short from his mouth when his eyes lock with yours, making he lost his breath "Hi," he murmurs, he never felt this way before, "Wow, um, hi. I'm Michael," He laughs nervously.
  • Calum: "How are you feeling today?" His question catches you off guard. For the people in line in front of you, he had just thanked them, not started a conversation. But for you, that was another story, and he needed you to stay as long as possible.