Just had someone who’s not even American call me “fucking retarded” for supporting Hillary over Trump.

Honey, no.

I don’t like to post many political things here because I like to keep my blog mostly character/gaming focused, but I will say this much: I support women. I support PoC. I support immigrants. I support Muslims and non-Christians. I support people with disabilities and people of all shapes and sizes. I support all my amazing LGBTQA+ friends. What I do not support is someone volatile, dishonest, sexist, racist, ableist, fat-shaming, homophobic, vaguely incestuous, with the filter and temper of a toddler, virtually no experience in a political office, no concept of what life is like for anyone who’s not a millionaire and who doesn’t even pay taxes on his own money or pay his own employees. 

I don’t like Hillary. But she’s nothing compared to Trump, and wasting a vote on a third party in this election is suicide. No, America probably can’t “recover” from Trump. It probably can “recover” from Hillary. But if you think it’s cool to call someone “fucking retarded” for having a different opinion about something that affects them more directly than it does you and for not supporting a bigot, well, I guess that explains why you support Trump.

Now take your dribble out of my replies.