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You know, you'd be much prettier if you'd lost some weight, you're so chubby, how could you possibly be comfortable living in a fat body?

How are you comfortable living with such an ugly personality? Like, ew.

Ps- This is what my brothers, one of which is a 230 pound former wrestler and football player and can kick ur patootie, and the other actually dating a chubby girl, says to your comment “you’d be much prettier if you lost some weight” BC i can be pretty and chubby, skinny doesn’t equate to pretty, especially when they have an awful personality like yours.

have a nice fucking day :)

That is what it says!”

“A fanabla.”

I guess in which the twins find a weird book in their secret hideout? Idk I just really wanted an excuse to exercise my headcanon where their mother is Italian and accidentally taught them all the naughty words. Inspired by a convo with bitter-like-coffee

Wanting to have a serious conversation but not wanting to ruin someone’s day

meridianbarony replied to your post: Okay but why is there only one Isaac S…

Good question, especially since Sari is probs Megatron’s kid. [WHERE DID THEY GET THE PROTOFOOOOR

MY THEORY is that Isaac accidentally activated some of Megatron’s self-repair systems or a chunk of his protoform and managed to trigger it to replicate (like, think: stem cells being used to grow organs) and because it didn’t have enough energy or information to complete it’s formation, it wound up using the only additional template it could find-


BUT LIKE I KINDA WANT TO DRAW THIS but it would be Sari finding out that she has not just Cybertronian, but Decepticon CNA- it’s just waiting to be properly activated, so she gets the ability to fly and I like to imagine that eventually, in the far future, she’s twenty feet tall and renamed Cadmus Prime and is a boss ass bitch babe <3

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Aqua sleeping over and the first thing she sees is his dick rip Aqua

you know how in the 80s how a bunch of teenage girls had their sexual awakening because of seeing David Bowie’s dick through his tights in Labyrinth?

thats exactly what happens to aqua. she has a breakdown in kamui’s room just like “oh my god am I a thirsty ho? I don’t want to be a thirsty ho this is too much kamui h e l p”

kamui is eating snacks she smuggled to her room just like “Eh been there done that”

and aqua is just like “yOU’RE THIRSTY FOR YOUR BROTHER’S DICK”


i wrote a stand-alone piece (2k+ words) about sheva and chris and idek if it’s good. i wish there was a proof reader that would just tell you if your story is bad or good and worth posting or not, not if my spelling is incorrect or whatever. that’d be really quite convenient tbqh.