EW Live 073115 on TWD S6 cover shoot
  • EW Live 073115 on TWD S6 cover shoot
  • Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw interview Michelle Romero
  • EW Live

Audio from Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw’s interview on EW Live 07.31.15 with Michelle Romero, photo editor of Entertainment Weekly. Michelle Romero was responsible for the Season 6 TWD cover shoot featuring Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus. She tells the behind-the-scenes story of the photo shoot and how Norman (of course) was responsible for the wildly popular shot. Photo taken by Dan Winters.

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Ok, I was tagged like a billion times by the most beautiful goddess in the entire fucking universe wolfhuntress and I either didn’t see the tags or just didn’t have any decent selfies to post. I AM SO VERY SORRY KRISTINA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PLEASE DON’T HATE ME<3<3<3<3

So have a hungover me and a dumb mirror selfie. Oh well…

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I was tagged by highoffirwin (ily!) for the 20 beautiful people challenge. I wore my 5sos shirt yesterday, as I was going to a music night here in the city I live in, and I’m so in love with it! Really though, sorry for my ugly facé, I hope it didn’t break your screen ;.; I tag: snapbackrejects, itspandamuke, whoopwhoopanditgoesyay, bitchiammixer, fight-me-ashton, hearteyesmgc, hearteyesmikey, pfftclifford, galactic-mikey, michaelsofficial, lookingsoperfect, kisshood, pornhubhood, hectichoods, idblowluke, poseyxfrangipane, blueberrycliff0rd, rikilea, fluffyhairfletcher, blurryhoods

but flatmates balth and peter are so angsty?

like balth’s niceness to peter is probably partially bc hes such a nice person but also maybe he’s sort of trying to apologize? maybe he blames himself and his feelings for their friendship deteriorating so now he’s getting peter water, keeping everyone quiet around sleeping peter, buying milk when the other flatmates are ready to yell at peter for letting his date drink the last of it, and making sure to always call peter by the right name even if he’s “always liked pedro”. hey peter, im sorry for shutting you out, we can just be friends again, just like last year, please. and it’s not working so he’s releasing his emotions via songs and trying to move on (bc he thinks peter obviously has) so he and peter can just have their happy friendship again but it’s just not working bc of the giant elephant in the room whenever they’re together.

and peter misses their old friendship too so he starts the channel and makes more videos with balth, but it’s not enough for either of them, it’s so awkward and peter’s just getting moodier and balth is getting quieter and they’re both still so confused about what happened. peter quickly stops making videos and procrastinates whenever balth suggests one, so eventually, balth just posts one by himself, and it stings like hell when peter hears from ben that balth’s posted a new song, and it stings like hell when balth has to end the video without peter doing it for him. they both think the other is over them bc they’ve both gotten involved with other people and they’re both just trying to move on (or trying to convince themselves they’ve moved on) while living in the same flat as the object of their (futile) affections.

just…man it fucking sucks for both of them. i hope they can figure this out :(