ew you all

Tom: He? Matt is straight? Right?

Matt: Yeah, I- I am. I don’t know why they’re- why the would say that…

Tom: I mean like if you aren’t that fine and you can tell me cause obviously- 

Matt: Yeah, I know. But I’m not- we should just move on. 

Tom: Sure


pacific rim au….???

i just wanted to draw these boys in ranger suits fdhghdf


oh look more parallels 


Aim To Please - L.H

In Which, Luke is horny after a show

Rating: R
Warnings: This is straight up smut. Like its fucking disgusting.
Word count: 991
Written by Missy

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HAVE SOME HEADCANONS ( that I’m pretty sure I’ve posted before )
@actualdeviltord these are for you hahah ( as you can see I have a lot of Tord headcanons )

Tord Headcanons:
1) He sneezes like a tiny kitten <3
2) Hes a complete sucker for animals, he calls dogs “ pup pups ” and cats “ kit kits ” etc etc ( he’d would totally call birds chirp chirps though >.> )
3) Hordes food, especially candy
4) As a child he was actually a very sweet cinnamon bun

Edd headcanons:
1) Whenever he actually swears if catches Tom and Matt off guard because it’s a rare thing, even if he’s angry he’ll swear with soda names or candies
2) He’s still got a bit of radiation in him from the accident in PowerEdd
3) He be the cook of the family
4) He’s scared of the dark though please don’t hurt him

Matt headcanons:
1) He is extremely interested in astronomy/astrology because he thinks space is just as beautiful as he is.
2) So many people seem to headcanon this buT <FRECKLES>

Tom headcanons:
1) Very ticklish; do nOT TICKLE HE SCREECHES
2) Could not less about anything else
3) Has trypanophobia ( fear of needles )

Lmao @ the people that hate Killian and Mon-el, because -

No one can hate them more than they hate t h e m s e l v e s, for who they were.

Killian, getting a painful reminder of the man he was in the form of one of his worst transgressions & is right back to feeling that same self-loathing that made him believe he didn’t deserve to leave the Underworld.

Mon-El’s parents crashing his chance at a new start, reminding him of the shallow, existence he lead, leading him to literally detesting everything about who he was and his upbringing.

And YES, both Emma & Kara’s kind heart and heroism - both offering them a chance to “be a part of something,”  have inspired that introspection and want for change. 

So, yeah, call them “awful,” and “ew,” all  you want - it’s not like they KNOW they they can and should be better than who they were. For the women they love. AND for themselves.

“Maybe because you are the man Emma wants to marry.”

“Being near her makes me a better person, it makes me the person I want to be.”