ew with jimmy fallon and channing tatum

runningthepath  asked:

Can you post a master list of all the "Ew" sketches?

hey, runningthepath

We can definitely throw together an “Ew!” master post! 

Sara’s dreams came true when she met the Jonas Brothers. 

Sara’s invited a lot of friends to her talk show over the years! 

- Susie (Channing Tatum) stopped by “Ew!”

- Sara’s friend Kelly (Michael Strahan) came over to work on some cheer routines! 

- Stephanie (Lindsay Lohan) taught Sara some new dance moves. 

- Even the First Lady hung out with Sara and her friends! 

- Sara found time during her show to take a group selfie! 

- Natalie (taylorswift) showed us the true magic that is the Pegacorn! 

- Sara even has her own song thanks to her friend Mir.i.am (will.i.am)! 

Then we all partied down with Sara in the fan lip sync challenge of “Ew!" 

Want an "Ew!” speed round? Check out this “Ew!” supercut! 

Have a great weekend, pal! Hope nothing is “EW!” - Noah


Ew with Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Omg. My sides hurt. 



It is sad this is how a lot of tweens/teens act.

Actually, it is really funny haha.