ew whats that


@vinylholmes Um.. Excuse me, you are being disrespectful towards moths and you called them ‘Ew’. Also what kind of mean commentary is this? “Moths are the anti Christs of this world’ That seems very unlikely but whatever… You’re not to keen to listen to intelligent people that will tell you otherwise. Oh my! Would you look at that 😱😱 Look at the photos and prepare to be educated. Here’s a little insight on how vital moths are and how they’re important to the eco system. Buh bye!

I just got your messages ~


Honestly same tho

Tord: hallo old friends!

Edd: Tord!

Tord: ahh~

Edd: did you just side step me?

Tord: how I’ve missed you~ my little friend

Tom: omg what??

Edd: TORD!?

*Kissy noises*

Edd: well, I don’t know about YOU, but I’m not even mad.
Really fucking relived actually…

luke thought ben was the “chosen one” of something

luke was wrong

ben turns evil

kylo meets rey

rey kicks his ass - like twice

takes his legacy saber

and then

in the novelization kylo says, “it is you”


luke thought ben was the “chosen one”

luke was wrong

kylo to rey: “it is you”