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Do you guys have some funny stories?????

Tomattoredd: Well, there was this one time where Torm fell over from lack of sleep and hit his head. 

Torm: I don’t remember doing that? 

Tomattoredd: Maybe you’re just trying to avoid the embarrassment.

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Sooo how about a kbtbb head canon where the MC is slowly losing her eye sight but refuses glasses because she thinks she looks weird and won't wear contacts because ew. Also she refuses to tell the bidders because reasons. Xx

I love this idea omg! But, my brain was not working properly when I was writing it >_> but, I hope you still like it <333

I only did the first five because I couldn’t come up with anything for the others.


  • “Wheres your glasses??”
  • He literally won’t let you leave the suite until you put them on.
  • “I don’t need you causing any accidents cause you can’t see…”
  • “But, I don’t want to put them on Eussieeeee” *crying face*
  • Yeah…. he hates when you baby voice him lol
  • He always gets irritated with you about it and it sometimes into an argument.
  • Other times it just turns into him punishing you until you obey.
  • “So, are you going to wear your glasses now?”
  • “No…”
  • But, he’d do everything in his power to make sure you have the best doctors to work on your eyes for you.
  • With your consent of course.


  • He just wants to make sure you can see.
  • He hates to see you struggling but, he knows that even if he tells you to wear your contacts- you won’t do it…
  • “Please… You look beautiful with them on…”
  • He realllllyyyyy wouldn’t want you to leave the house without them on.
  • or your glasses.
  • Honestly, he wouldn’t even want you to leave at all but…
  • He’d just want to make sure you’re safe.
  • Forces Inui and Samejima to look up Doctor’s that can help with your eye surgery.
  • He just wants you to feel better but, he’s okay with you just wanted to wear your glasses.
  • Though sometimes he has to force you.


  • Every time he sees you in your glasses he tells you that you’re beautiful.
  • He wants you to feel it.
  • And knows that he absolutely means it.
  • Though- he much rather you wear your contacts so he can see your (e/c) eyes.
  • He understands your reasoning for not wearing them so he doesn’t push you.
  • He won’t rest until he finds a way for your eyes to get better- calling in some of his favors from others.
  • He does everything in hs power to make you feel comfortable.
  • Always kissing you on your eyelids and telling you that he’ll find a way.
  • Which just makes you smile.


  • “But, Koro looks so adorable in her glasses!”
  • That’s always his argument.
  • Even though he doesn’t want to- he asks Luke for his help to find a doctor that’s willing to operate on your eyes.
  • He knows that you don’t mind it but, he just wants you to feel better.
  • He hates that you’re struggling to see- that means you can barely see his artwork.
  • And since he mainly draws you…
  • He can’t have that.
  • Though he loves teasing you sometimes about it…
  • He honestly doesn’t care if you pick glasses or contacts but, he just wants you to be able to see…


  • He always sighs… deep sighs.
  • He just doesn’t understand why you won’t pick one.
  • “You know you can’t see without them kid…”
  • You always cry and groan but, he ignores all of that.
  • He’ll force you to wear them no matter how hard you fight him.
  • “Stop being a pain in the ass kid.”
  • Eventually, you give since you know you can’t win.
  • Especially with him.
  • He always makes it worth your while though.
  • and He does everything in his power to make sure that the other bidders don’t find out either.

Hello Kabbyfam, 

We’re back with another challenge and this time it’s all about Season 5 fluff because our favorite couple deserves all the fluff they can get! 

Basically, write the fluffiest bit of fluff you can imagine - just make sure to set in it Season 5! Give us Kabby spooning, Kabby teasing one another, Kabby nuzzling one another as the delinquents look  on with a grossed out ew-mom-and-dad-are-so-weird look on their faces – if it’s fluff, we want it!

We welcome both fic and art to this one, just make sure to tag your creation with #Slackrukabbyfluff so we can reblog it on Tumblr!

We’ve already created a collection on Ao3 where you can add your fic. That way we can have all that lovely fluff in one place for your reading pleasure! The name of the collection is the following: 

I will spend my whole life loving you (Kabby_September_Fluff_Challenge)

 As of now, the timeline is as follows:

  • Official start date: Sept. 11, so everyone can participate in all ten days of Abby Griffin appreciation from the 1-10!  
  • Please post your art and/or fic on Sept. 30th, on Ao3 (collection will be published on Oct. 1st) and/or on Tumblr (pls tag with #Slackrukabbyfluff)
  • If you post on Tumblr, please @Slackru so that we can reblog on that Tumblr. 
  • The deadline is Sept. 30th 11 pm PT (Pacific Time Zone)


  • For both art/fic keep it fluffy and Season 5
  • Fic writers: there’s no word limit, but keep it as a one shot

Thanks y'all! Can’t wait to see the fluff!!