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17 pleeeaaasase?

i’m so so sorry this took so long!!

“stop! it tickles”

“oh shawn,” you deviously grinned, looking around the house for your boyfriend.

you just got a new highlighter and when you were opening it, you had the funniest thought in your head.

you finally found him in your shared bedroom watching greys anatomy on his computer.

“yes?” he asked, shutting his laptop. you were hiding the highlight behind your back so it looked pretty suspicious.

“have i ever told you how much i love you?”

he rolled his eyes, “what do you want?”

“fine. i just got a new highlight and i thought of the funniest thing! can i please, please, test it on you?” you begged, kissing his cheek.

“you want to test a marker on me?” he asked.

you let out a laugh, “no you idiot, makeup.”

he scrunched up his face, shaking his head. he opened his laptop back and un paused his show.

you decided it was going to take a little convincing. you started kissing his cheek all the way down to his neck, distracting him from the show.

“please shawnie.”

he let out a massive sigh, closing his laptop yet again.

“fine, only because i love you.”

you picked up the small highlight and brush from the nightstand, opening the new highlight for the first time.

shawn took a look at it, he was confused.

“what the hell is that?”

you put a bit of highlight on the brush, admiring the pigment of the new product.

“shh, just stay still.”

you brought the brush to his cheekbone and started applying the highlight.

“stop!” he giggled. “it tickles.”

he swatted your hand away and continued to laugh, you couldn’t help but join in. his laugh was contagious.

“no! stay still!”

you applied more highlight to his face as he tried to hold back his movements and laughs.

“okay okay! i’m finished.” you said, holding up a mirror and explaining what you just put on his face.

“see, i just illuminated you.”

“did you put this makeup on me just to say that?” he asked, wiping it all off.

“yes i did.” you smiled triumphantly, closing the highlighter and cleaning the brush off with a tissue.

“god you’re so weird.”

he went back to watching his show as you cuddled close to his side.

“but i love you anyways.”

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Hey mama how would the 104th and vets react to accidentally walking in on Levi naked? Love ya!!

Mikasa: Turn red, turn around, slam the door
Reiner: “Lol sorry”, tells everyone about it later
Bertholdt: Sweating intensifies, can’t move
Annie: Might have thrown up in her mouth a little
Eren: Apologize for it the next ten years
Jean: So grossed out tat he washes his eyes afterwards
Marco: “Oh, sorry sir!” Leaves again
Sasha: Yells that she’s sorry and slams the door shut
Connie: :/ “SORRY”
Historia: “EW”
Armin: fuckfuckfuckfufkcufkcufkckfuffkcufkcufkcuf
Ymir: unimpressed “gross” gets out
Levi: Wow that would be weird, huh?
Hanji: Come into the room anyway and talk to Levi as if nothing’s wrong
Erwin: “I didn’t wanna disturb you, I’ll come back later” goes back out
Nanaba: Holds her hands in front of her eyes, apologizes and leaves, doesn’t mention it again later or ever
Mike: laughs once and gets out
Moblit: “oh fuck, sorry”

DEH Sick!Reader HCs (Sincerely Three)


-Oh my god wtf do you do??

-No seriously help this man

-Despite not having a clue what to do he would try his best.

-He’d probably call you and hear your voice get all raspy and hoarse.

-You bet your sorry sick ass he’d be over in an almost an instant.

-Then he’d hug you, not caring if he got sick too.

-He’d put on your favorite show and sit you on the couch so you could rest.

-If you were cold he would give you his hoodie and get out blankets. So many blankets.

-If you were hot he’d get you to change into something you wouldn’t burn up in.

-But if you had something like the stomach flu OHBOY

-He’d like sit next to you when you would spew chunks (yeah yeah yeah ew gross whatever sorry)

-Would probably hold your hair for you then help you clean up.

-Then this conversation would happen

“How are you still with me I look disgusting and I am disgusting.”

“Shut the fuck up, Y/N. You’re fucking gorgeous.”


-He would pepper cute lil kisses all over your neck and shit. Like all the time. Every chance he got, not even just when you’re sick.

-If he could cook for shit he would be making you soup, but he orders some food in instead.

-He wouldn’t really baby you, he’d just treat you like royalty. Same with you when he gets sick after all this goes down.

-You’d probably end up falling asleep on him and he’d be totally chill and just cuddle.

-Please don’t hurt him


-Would hear your voice over the phone and get super worried and ask if he needed to come over.

-You would tell him that you would be fine on your own but he wouldn’t buy it at all.

-He’d come over and apologize talking a mile a minute and seriously



-Then of course, how tf can you say no to that, you let him in and he drags you to bed.

“noooOoOooOOOO Evan I don’t need to be in bed-”

“I love you, yes you do now I’m going to make you soup.”


-He’d probably either bring soup or make you soup. Pure.

-Then he’d come back with some soup, a cold washcloth for your forehead and some cold medicine that he brought.

-This would probably happen

“Evan you don’t have to feed me, I can feed myse-”

“Shhh, you’re sick let me do this.”

-If you got cold, bLanKEtS.

-If you got hot, he’d take all the blankets and get you a cold washcloth or an icepack.

-He’d bring you out to the couch eventually and put on a show or movie or something that you like and just cuddle.

-He’d high key baby you, even the smallest of tasks

Need the Kleenex? “iVe gOt iT!!”

Need the bathroom? “iLL caRRY yoU!!”

Need the remote? “dOnT mOvE aN iNcH I gOT iT!!!!”

-If you had the stomach flu he’d totally be the best person to have around.

-He’d probably bring some remedies for your stomach aches

-After you threw up and shit he’d hug you and clean you up

-Probably would have mints on hand

-He tried to avoid getting sick but it’s inevitable.

-Then you would baby him. Pure.


-First things first, he would probably be over in a millisecond flat.

-He’d bring junk food and video games because he wants you to have fun even if you’re sick.

-Don’t be fucking fooled for a second. If you start coughing or some shit he’ll drop whatever he’s doing and take care of you.

“But what about this game??”

“Shush you’re sick, I don’t give two fucks if I lose.”

-If you’re cold you get The Insanely Cool Jared Kleinman™ brand cuddles. And they’re the best.

-The man is a walking pillow seriously. He’s soft and warm. Squish.

-He’d show you the hottest memes to cheer you up

-If you’re hot then he’ll get you an ice pack.

-But if you have that stomach flu shit oh god

-Jared hates vomit, but tries to help yaknow

-He helps you clean up and go back to video games to keep your mind off the sick

-You probably end up falling asleep on him and drop your controller in his lap.

-You do the same when he gets sick after.

Elita and Optimus composed themselves so well in the public optic. 

Oh no, they rarely touched, but every once in a while one might see them pass in the hallway or in a meeting room, or… anywhere, and they would lean in for a moment, just a breath, and whisper something so silent that their audios would shift.
What could they be saying? It had happened often enough that speculations had arisen… Something sweet, no doubt. Something to make a youngling gag. Mushy.

Elita: *walks down a hallway with Chromia* *sees Optimus talking with Magnus

Optimus: *glances at her and leans back on his ped juuust the slightest* 

Elita: *right behind her mate as she passes*

Elita: *whispers* Neeerrrd

Optimus: *whispers back* Dweeb

Elita: *gasps*


I know I said I was gonna draw something else but then I thought about Wash laughing at something while Tucker tried to make a move and I draw on impulse so

Tiny Tucker has to use a box of spare bullets to reach Wash’s level

don't click play.
u'll regret it. ur ears will bleed.
don't click play.

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au meme: The boys are really good friends with Harry’s girlfriend, Lily.