ew snakes


Pronunciation -
Bree-dj, Bree-ihd, Bree-jet, Brid, Breet

Titles - Bride, Brigit, Brigid,  Breo-saighead meaning fiery arrow

God of - spring, fertility, healing, prophecy,  poetry, culture, learning, smithcraft, crafts, fire, home and childbirth.

Race -  Tuatha De Danann

Family -
Parents: Dagda (Father), ? (Mother)
Siblings: Cermait, Aengus, Midir and Bodb Derg.
Consorts: Bres
Sons: Ruadán

Symbols - Two oxen, Fe and Men, that graze on a plain named after them, Femen. She also possessed the king of boars, Torc Triath, and Cirb, king of wethers (sheep). She also had an apple orchard in the Otherworld and her bees would bring their magical nectar back to earth.

Description -  It is said that wherever she walked, small flowers and shamrocks would appear. She wears a mantle (cape) that is said to have healing properties. Sometimes portrayed with fiery hair.

Notable Legends -  
The marriage of Brigid to Bres was essentially an alliance to bring peace between two warring factions. She was of the Danu and he of the Fomorians. With the intermarriage, war was hopefully averted. Ruadan, Brigid’s eldest son, used the knowledge of smithing given to him by his maternal kin, the Danu, against them by killing their smith, a sacred position within the tribe. This smith killed Ruadan before dying himself. Brigid’s grief and lamentations were said to be the first heard in Ireland and were not only an expression of mourning for the loss of Her son but also for the enmity between maternal and paternal factions of family

She is also credited with the invention of whistling, which she used to summon her friends to her side. Eventually the love and respect for the goddess Brigid brought unity to the Celts who were spread throughout Europe. Regardless of their differences, they all agreed upon her goodness and compassion.

ne of the most popular tales of the goddess Brigid involved two lepers who appeared at her sacred well at Kildare and asked to be healed. She told them that they were to bathe each other until the skin healed.After the first one was healed, he felt only revulsion for the other and would not touch him to bathe him. Angered, Brigid caused his leprosy to return. Then she gently placed her mantle (cloak) around the other leper who was immediately healed.Ireland is full of springs and wells named after the goddess Brigid. Symbolically, water is seen as a portal to the Otherworld and as a source of wisdom and healing.There is a saying that Brigid rewards any offering to her, so offerings of coins were often tossed into her wells…the forerunner of the modern custom of throwing a penny into a fountain while you make a wish.

She possesses an unusual status as a Sun Goddess, who hangs Her Cloak upon the rays of the Sun and whose dwelling-place radiates light as if on fire. Brigid took over the Cult of the Ewes formerly held by the Goddess Lassar, who also is a Sun Goddess

At her most famous shrine Brigid taught humans how to gather and use herbs for their healing properties, how to care for their livestock, and how to forge iron into tools. As a goddess of childbirth and protector of all children, she is the patroness of midwifery.

Sacred Associations - Forge and hearth. the first sprouts of spring, ox, cows, boar, sheep, apple, honey, cockrel, ewe, snakes, Wells

Holiday - Imbolc

Brighid, Dagda, Lugh, Morrighan

grave-dad  asked:

whats the meaning behind the halocline ?

as said by jake and nathan in this interview

J: ‘The Halocline’ literally means the illusion of oxygen in water typically seen by scuba divers in caves. We came across the concept right after we graduated high school and started the band. It serves as a metaphor for us that many of the things we were taught about the world growing up have been falsehoods. In a sense, it’s the idea to never take things at face value.”

N: “It’s the illusion of growing up, like, you don’t ever, really. It’s just all these things that happen that sort of signify adulthood, suddenly.”

Delinquent Rover Adventures 5
  • *about two hours into the trip to Farm Station
  • Miller: Bellamy, we're getting hungry.
  • Bellamy: So what do you guys want to eat? I see three headed deer, puma, wild boar, or giant water snake.
  • Miller: Ooh! Wild boar!
  • Harper: No, deer!
  • Bryan: I don't want that. I want puma!
  • Bellamy: We can only pick one guys. Monty, what do you want to eat?
  • Monty: .... Snake.
  • Miller: Ew no, no one wants snake. We're getting boar!
  • Harper: Miller, you can't decide for all of us! We're getting deer.
  • Bellamy: If you guys can't decided we're getting nothing.
  • *a few minutes of arguing go by
  • Miller: BOAR!
  • Harper: DEER!
  • Bryan: PUMA PUMA PUMA!
  • Miller: You know Clarke will be mad if you let us starve...
  • *Cut to them in a field eating giant snake
  • Monty: 😊

Dan Scott: *murders his own brother, abandons his own son and girlfriend, lies and manipulates everyone, constantly threatens to kill his ex wife, as well as physically abusing her and other characters, and constantly threatens and insults his daughter in law*

y'all: bUT HE DEVELOPED IN S9!!1!11!!

Peyton Sawyer: *cheats behind her best friends back in s1, and kisses an engaged man in s5, apologises profusely, acknowledging her mistakes, and is overall still a strong, selfless, sweet, and kind character*



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Henry, do you love cats or dogs? Or maybe....even lizards..? •^• (sorry for thud weird ask I just need to know XD)

so… SORRY! for taking all the goddman day! I had so many thing to do, sorry sorry sorry

(it isn’t a race dog, just a… street one)

Joey is the one that LOVES lizards and snakes ewe

electricons  asked:

Top 5 antagonists from RQ?

  1. Elara Merandus - She was ruthless and basically the root of all evil. She mentally tortured Coriane and made her sad life even sadder. It’s because of this evil queen that I will always wonder (1) what might have happened if Coriane hadn’t died and remained queen and (2) what a sweet, charming prince and person in general Maven might have become.
  2. Maven Calore - I hate and love this little piece of shit and his twisted mind so much, and I guess that makes him a really good antagonist. I’m so excited to read the Calore brothers’ “talk.” It’s long overdue! 
  3. Evangeline Samos - I JUST LOVE THIS GIRL. And I have a feeling I will love her even more in RQ4.
  4. Samson Merandus - Mare and Cal killing Samson is one of the best things that happened in KC. He deserved it for torturing Mare.
  5. Larentia Viper - Ew. I hate snakes.

anoracleofwar  asked:

So I've ended up with a kid in my home and cable TV and a show called Paw Patrol. There was an ep that focused on a mama snake and wanting to view the nest without disturbing her. The entire tone was "Awwwwww, cute mama and egg babies!" Not one 'ew snake!' other than one pup was losing their voice and was hissing like a snake when they were trying to talk. Then the eggs hatched and much gushing over the babies. Totally not reality based but still good snake press in a kid cartoon.

That is so cool!!

good-morning-idiot-hookers  asked:

I'be taken interest in a few goddesses namely Persephone Hecate morrigan Gaea and Aphrodite. Should I make separate altars for each and how can I honor them properly?

Hello there friend.

I would recommend that you have separate altars for that many deities and I would also be sure that you wish to worship all of them before setting up an altar for them.


Associated colours (candles, altar decorations are encouraged to be these colours): Silver, black, green and brown.
Symbols: Bat, narcissus flower and pomegranate
Sacred animals: Bat, Ram, Parrots (and all talking birds) and Monkeys.
Stones:  Citrine, Gold, Topaz, Peridot, green Tourmaline and Dioptase.
Plants: Asphodelus ramosus.
Foods: Pomegranate seeds.
Perfumes/incenses:  Floral scents, especially Narcissus and Hyacinth, Almond, Vanilla, and Bergamot.


Associated colours (candles, altar decorations are encouraged to be these colours): Green, black, silver and red.
Symbols: Knife, Crossroads, Keys, Torches, Entrance ways, Gate ways, Black Dogs or Hounds, Black ewe lambs, Cauldron, Snakes, All phases of the Moon, the Sea and Graveyards
Sacred animals: Raven, owl, snake, frog and dog.
Stones:  Moonstone, black tourmaline, hematite and smoky quartz.
Plants: Aconite, Belladonna, Root of the Dandilion, Yew, Willow, Hemlock, Cyclamen, Garlic, Mandrake, Mint, Palm Date, Oak and Cypress.
Metals: Silver and gold.
Foods: Honey and pomegranate.
Perfumes/incenses:  Queen of the Night (a light flowery fragrance), cinnamon, myrrh, mugwort, honey, lime, and lemon verbena.


Associated colours (candles, altar decorations are encouraged to be these colours): Red, black, dark blue and green.
Symbols: Crows, ravens and black feathers.
Sacred animals: Cow and Mare, Raven and Crow.
Stones: Obsidian, Rubies, jet, Amethyst, Garnet, bloodstone and Clear Quartz
Plants: Blackthorn, Belladonna, Juniper berries, Nightshade, Dragon’s blood, Mugwart, Yew  and Willow.
Foods: Red meat, red wine, Mead, milk, whiskey, apple, water and red colored foods.
Perfumes/incenses: Rosemary, patchouli, myrrh and musk.


Associated colours (candles, altar decorations are encouraged to be these colours): Brown, white and green.
Symbols: Large-breasted women, plants and Earth.
Sacred animals: Black ewe and horses.
Stones: Green calcite, amber, jet, black tourmaline and geodes.
Plants: All flowers and vegetation.
Foods: Fruits and grains
Perfumes/incenses: Honeysuckle and cypress.


Associated colours (candles, altar decorations are encouraged to be these colours): Pink, white, red and blue.
Symbols: Scallop shell, seashells, mirrors, golden apples, the Evening Star (planet Venus), Number 5, the ocean and the triangle.
Sacred animals: Dolphin, swan, dove, sparrow, bees and goats
Stones: Pearls, aquamarine, rose quartz, jade and sapphire.
Plants: Rose (especially any fragrant rose), quince, myrtle, laurel, ash and poplar trees
Metals: Gold, silver and copper.
Foods: Pomegranates, mint, grape, apples, artichokes and limes.
Perfumes/incenses: Stephanotis, musk, verbena, vanilla, incense, vervain and roses

With luck, Magpie.

me two months ago: ew snakes are gross, I hate snakes..

taylor after putting snake merch on her website: i love snakes, snakes are my favorite animal, my favorite thing in the world are snakes, all I think about are snakes.