ew poo

pooing in the dark is no fun

like what the hell, I need a light


I love how you feel after you take a ginormous shit, though, like an enormous weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Or digestive system. Makes me happyyyy~~~ >:D

Yes, I’m being inappropro by talking about pooing and shiet, but hey. Even His Holiness the Dalai Lama poops, right? And the Queen of England certainly visits the porcelain throne every day.
HOW FITTING, earlier today, my roommate was telling me how the theatre on campus was flooded with sewage.

she’s been shoveling shit around and making the theatre look and smell nice all day. Gaahh I’m going to pick some flowers for her tomorrow, and maybe get some perfume or something. I wonder if she never wants to poop again LOLOL

LOL At YI’s sister, “I ate sooooo much, and then I took a GIIAANT shit, and I lost four pounds!!”
I could just see her face like