ew photo shoot

In addition to the extra Sophie Turner pic from the EW shoot the photographer had another one of Kit Harington. (Marchomstudio)

I love that it’s “Sophie let’s take pictures in a warm, clean trailer.” Whereas it’s “Kit, let’s take pictures in a cold dirty alley!” No wonder he’s always so broody faced.
Insomnia explained
  • Body: It's been a long day. Time for bed.
  • Mind: But...Rickyl
  • Body: We can't do it. We can't stay awake all night writing, reading, chatting and blogging about these two dudes!
  • Mind: But... Rickyl
  • Body: We haven't slept in three damn days!
  • Mind: But ...Rickyl!
  • Body: Well, you do have a valid argument. Grab the cell, let's see what's happening on Tumblr.

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#TGIT photo shoot 😎

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  • EW Photog: Let's get a shot in Mulder's living room...
  • David Duchovny: Hey, what if you sit in my lap?
  • Gillian Anderson: Great idea!
  • EW Photog: Wait, um, okay...
  • Gillian Anderson: Then what if I climb the stairs and hold you from behind?
  • David Duchovny: Just get right on my back!
  • Gillian Anderson: And I'll wrap my legs like this...
  • EW Photog: Okay, I guess this works too...