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i drew this a bit ago??? tbh i liked the idea of this but as i got to drawing it i hated how it was turning out so i stopped??
this pretty much encompassed everything im bad at into one LMAOOOO SO IM NOT SURPRISED
so have a half done shitty comic which doesnt really make sense cause no context

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just imagine lance and keith switching bodies after some "weird" experience they had in some other mission. and then they just wake up and everyone hears lance in keith's body screaming "I HAVE A FUCKING MULLET, NOOOOO" and keith is like "what the fuck is going on with me? wait - wHAT TEH FUCK IS GOINDG ON WITH ME?" and they freak out together just screaming and panicking.


Keith is like all *internal screaming* while Lance is more of the external screaming type like 


  • Lance freaking out bc instead of avoiding Keith’s extremely cute annoying face, he’s forced to see it in the mirror for however long they’re stuck like this
    • “Hunk….I can’t do this…”
    • “Don’t worry, Lance, we’ll figure out how to get you two back into your own bodies soon enough.”
  • him being extremely dramatic about it
    • “i cant do this”
    • “youre being dramatic”
    • “I have a mullet i think im entitled”


  • Keith can’t stop rubbing Lance’s his face like i gotta get me some of these skin care products bc holy shit?? so soft?? 
    • “Pidge touch my face”
    • “what???? no ew gross?”
    • “its soft pidge.  so soft.  i cant stop TOUCHING HIS FACE”
    • “dude stop”
    • “so soft”
  • He is also completely obsessed with Lance’s eyes like
    • “Pidge his eyes”
    • “he has them, yes im aware”
    • “nononno have u ever noticed how BLUE they are??”
    • “that would be his eye color yes”
    • “but theyre so blue?? illegal.  not fair.”

I HATE when ppl yell at little girls for their skirt being up when their playing. Shes a baby. Shes playing and she didnt choose to be playing in a dress. Shes not showing off her goods or some shit?? Ew?? Some people sexualize little kids without even noticing and its so gross. Why are you yelling at her to pull her dress down?? Literally scared the shit out of her when all she was doing was rolling around on pillows. Just say “fix your dress” and she’ll do it. Wth?


hello i’m shreya and i’m the gayest one here ✨

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Hey! From your tags on your latest reblog: the Cassandra Clare thing has to do with her plagiarizing chunks of dialogue and literal pages from other works of fiction, either in the form of novels and TV shows. She used to be a fandom big name before she was a published YA author and did the same thing there as well, while claiming everything as her original work and words.

nooooo waaaaay 

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Sugawara faints when his science class does a dissection (with very concerned and caring classmates please!)

AN: yes hi hello i am an awful person and i haven’t posted on here in forever i’m so sorry. my procrastination levels have honestly just been through the roof. i’ll try to be better i promise. (also fun fact: daichi and suga are canonically in the same class. i wasn’t originally gonna have daichi in this but i mean hey he’s there anyway)

Suga was not usually the squeamish type. Vomit, blood, he’d dealt with it all and never even batted an eye. So, when he was told that his science class was doing a dissection, he wasn’t entirely thrilled, but he was prepared.

Until they brought out dead baby pigs.

The girl next to him squeaked and hid her face in her hands. Suga rubbed her back in what he hoped was a comforting gesture, but couldn’t tear his eyes away from the animals. A pit formed in his stomach, and he tried to listen to the teacher, but he just couldn’t pay attention.

And then they were given goggles and gloves and divided up into groups, gathered around different tables, each with a pig in the middle and tools surrounding it. Suga looked around for Daichi, who was in a different group, and received a small smile when their eyes met, which he tried to reciprocate.

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au meme: The boys are really good friends with Harry’s girlfriend, Lily.


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friday i’m in love

@abandonedbyheaven ;; cont. from [ x ]

There’s a soft hiss at the gentle press of lips to his neck, head tilting back ever so slightly to provide more access as his hands curl and mold themselves to her hips. He hadn’t meant to be gone for so long, had meant to be back sooner. Though.. To be honest, if this were how he was going to be greeted whenever he came home, he might disappear more often.

His mouth opens, words ready at the tip of his tongue, but nothing comes out. He’s not given a chance to speak between the sweet pecks she presses to his lips now in-between words. The former angel smiles, returning each kiss as they come, warmth suffusing his being and filling him with happiness. Castiel’s content to lay there with his demon, both of them wrapped in a quiet calm that they rarely get anymore. Of course, that calm is interrupted, as it always is.

There’s a sputtered cough as Meg plants her foot in his rib cage, pushing him off the bed and onto the floor. Brows drawing together and blue eyes narrowing, he fumbles in his pocket for his phone, voice gruff as he answers. His tone softens slightly when he feels the gentle press of lips on the crown of his head, and then an exasperated exclamation when the phone is taken from him, to be thrown across the room.

Not that he hadn’t expected it; it wasn’t the first one that had been thrown in such a manner. His mouth opens to say something, though he’s cut off again by another kiss, entire train of thought lost to the wind as he’s dragged back up onto the bed.

Soft smile lighting up his face, he wraps his arms around her waist, reveling in their closeness. His head tilts forward, forehead connecting with the top of her head as his eyes close, and there’s a quiet chuckle at her words. You have to earn the rest of the kisses. He had no problem with that, but he also knew that it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes for her to break down and give him another kiss.

For all her bluster and sarcasm, his thorny beauty was almost more kitten-like than she ever cared to admit. Of course, he was glad that no one else saw this side of her. It was a secret, a sight only for him, and he would do his best to make sure that no one else saw her like this. Because this Meg, this side of her, was something he treasured and selfishly wanted to keep to himself.

“How do you propose that I atone for my absence?” It’s a soft rumble, something that starts low in his chest and works it’s way up slowly, barely audible but for the silence in the room.

it still hurts my feelings that jay tweeted that her son returns to his husband tomorrow like they were already so loved up and bantering like an old married couple that they deserved to be called husbands and that was april 2011