ew i hate how this turned out


i drew this a bit ago??? tbh i liked the idea of this but as i got to drawing it i hated how it was turning out so i stopped??
this pretty much encompassed everything im bad at into one LMAOOOO SO IM NOT SURPRISED
so have a half done shitty comic which doesnt really make sense cause no context

Here ya go ya filthy animals


i love this concept i love donghyuck so why the hell not amirite


- he’s soft!!! for you but will never admit it

- roasts you all the time because he’s shy to admit his feelings (even though you’re already together??? and it’s so painfully obvious how much he treasures you???)

- but whenever you need support or whenever you need aNYTHING he becomes a magician with words

- a lot of cute pet names!!! but also a lot of insulty pet names

- goes from ‘’bUBS DAILY REMINDER THAT I LOVE YOU!!!!!’’ to ‘’ew what a loser eww you’re so cheesy’’ in 0.1 seconds

- cuddles for days!!

- pranking the other members together, and then blaming it on someone else

- no one really believes him but you’re there to back him up so they all believe you (ah what an angel) since they have no idea that hyuck has corrupted you with his evil ways

- when they find out that you’re both in it, you run for your life



- treats u to sweets all the time

- really shy about hand-holding!! but somehow has no problem jumping you in the middle of nowhere, requesting cuddles??

- loves to roast you so you’d roast him back because he loves your victory face

- he talks about you to mark all the time

- ‘’hyung they’re literally perfect oh my g o d,, literally the cutest thing i have ever seen’’

- if you’re younger than him he wiLL CALL YOU ‘’kid’’ FOREVER

- if you’re older he will request 100% of your attention

- when he gets jealous its usually out of insecurity, he’s really scared to lose you ok!! but when you rant to him about how he makes you happy you can see his eyes light up

- ‘’ew you’re such a sap (y/n)’’, but then turns serious again, ‘’but no really, thank you. having you- in my life, it’s one of the best things ever’’.

- would jump off a bridge for you

- wouldn’t kill a spider for you though

- ‘’sorry bubs you’re on your own here’’

- says ‘’i hate you’’ a lot, but almost always follows it up by ‘’jk i actually love you lots?? suprise ikr??’’

- tries to be smooth

- tries  

- fails miserably

- bad pickup lines he learned from the idiots hyungs

- the dreamies spying on you two and ewwing at you all the time and he just

- ‘’they’re such kids’’ 

- ‘’hyuck they’re like a year or two younger than you’’

- ‘’shhhh’’

- loves complimenting you but is super shy about it and your heart flutters every time

- pretends to get jealous when you hang out with the dreamies a lot but is actually super happy to see the most important things in his life getting along

- is suprisingly very mature about most things

- goes 0 to 100 real quick

- ‘’why do i even like you eww’’ to ‘’i know we’re like 2 and a half, but you literally mean the world to me’’

- unpredictable

- he will spoil you with the smallest things

- but you both love it

- you praise him for everything he does

- he tries to act smug about it

- but irl he’s a giddy giggly mess you make him go insane

- in conclusion

- he will go to the moon and back for you

- loves and treasures you lots

- the purest relationship ever!!

lmao that was cringe but i rly wanted to write it so i hope yall enjoy:’) idk if ill make these into a thing??? u can send me suggestions i guess???

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How would the 2ps react if the reader was turned into a child?

you: *suddenly gets turned into a child*

2p!america: the fuck? soMEONE TURN HER BACK

2p!china: ew, i hate kids

2p!england: how adorable~ *picks you up* would you like a cupcake, poppet? or how about a game of hide and seek?

2p!france: i kind of wanted to fuck you before, and now well… could you just hand me the remote and get out

2p!russia: er… who did this to you?

2p!italy: *nervous laughter* so what now? i miss the older you…

2p!germany: HAHA! *points to you and laughs, jumps onto couch* THE GROUND IS LAVA

2p!japan: *creeped out expression* is-is that your true form

2p!canada: *double take* wat

2p!romano: ooh, perfect. i know an adorable children’s boutique not too far from here~ you could be my precious little dress up doll! *goo goo eyes at you*

2p!austria: i shall do anything in my power to bring back your true self, mistress. *smug grin*

2p!prussia: *bends down to your level* you were sure cute as a kid! *smiles, then blushes* i-i mean you’re still cute when you’re grown… not that i… uh… um…

First Impressions - Bucky x reader [Chap. 4]

Summary: After a weird first impression which leaves both him and you confused, how are you both going to face other again? After all, you both had completely different perceptions on what had happened.

Pairing : Bucky Barnes X OC [ Reader]   |||  Warning : cliche, but not that much

A/N: yikes thus is really long and kinda boring but like I have exams and it’s super stressful, so i’m honestly really sorry everyone. I promise the next update will be better. 

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

You didn’t exactly have a super physical power, per say, but brains over brawns, right?

Since one of your parents were mutants, it was a 50-50 chance that you’d inherit the X gene as well; the gene which gave mutants their powers.

Ever since you were young, you could never really explain how exactly you managed to memorize your entire textbook right before your test, or how you had accidentally learnt every number in the phone book which used to be sold, back in the day, when someone asked you to randomly pick a number for a prank call. 

I mean, it wasn’t as if you wanted to know what R. K. Smith from Pennsylvania’s number was. 

It wasn’t until your parents sat you down for The Talk- not that talk- that you finally understood what your gifts were. It was as if someone turned a switch on in your brain; everything suddenly made sense.  

Of course, as every cliché story-line has it you never really had too many friends. Nobody wanted someone who was much smarter than them. It made them feel inferior. 

They didn’t get that you just absorbed knowledge. You weren’t cocky or arrogant at all, just a little confused. 

So when you applied to a job as a SHIELD agent, thinking that you might as well put your powers to use by joining the organization which kept the world safe, you didn’t expect to be noticed that quickly. 

You were always the one to have an answer, to submit their reports in first. You always knew exactly what was going on, and where, which was quite eerie, because there was a lot going on everywhere. You literally knew every agent by name, and their rank.

Soon enough, your extreme knowledge of everything sent up flags in the mind of Phil Coulson, who told Nick Fury.

Immediately you were under surveillance in case you were planning to steal information, but when they realised you were just a simple person, still trying to figure out the magnitude of your power, they let the guard down slightly.

Rest was history, as they told you about the Avengers Initiative, watching your eyes light up with what they thought was joy in putting your powers to use, but in reality was just you dying to say “That’s right, bitches. I’m a damn superhero.” 

You went on missions, but it was usually ones only where they needed you to collect information. You got in, got the information, got out. ‘The 3 Gots’ as you called it. 

Of course, having no physical super strength also meant that you were prone to pesky, annoying little mortal illnesses. But the most annoying one had just hit you.

The cold. 

The coughing, sneezing, the general sleepiness; yeah, you hated colds.

Sadly, there wasn’t much you could do about it, other than just lounge about in the couch, watching reruns of your favorite shows, and drinking [Y/F/H/D].

Every now and then, a pathetic little sneeze or yawn would interrupt your season-to-season marathon, but you refused to use a blanket. You were always one for the cold, but you had been forced into a sweater by Bruce. 

Your greatest form of rebellion at the moment was to not use a blanket. 

As you felt the couch dip next to you, you turned to face the person who had decided to join you in this never ending show. 

You hoped it would be Bucky, but it was probably the exact opposite of him. 

Sam Wilson. 

“Barnes was no fun, so I saw you and thought of joining you.” He stated.

“Why don’t you call him over, too? Won’t he feel left out?” You asked him your voice dying towards the end.

“Left out. How ironic.” He gave you a smirk, making you roll your eyes. 

“Come on . Aren’t you guys friends?” You urged him on. 


Okay then. 

“Sam, you can’t just leave after getting me stuck with my arm attached to a giant magnet, which I don’t know where you got- oh hey, [Y/N].” Bucky’s voice came from behind you, being the beautiful sound that it was, made you swoon.
Along with colds, you also hated crushes.

“Man, you threatened to bread crumb my wings and fry them. Did you expect me to not get revenge?” Sam turned his head around.

“Hey Buck.” You smiled at him with all the energy you could muster.

“I swear to God I will do that one day, Wilson.” 

“You can’t even make toast without almost burning the kitchen down.” Sam retorted, making Bucky turn red. 

“You told him about that?” He almost groaned.

“No, of-” You began to protest before you got interrupted again.

“We saw the security cameras, dude.” 

“Were you spying on me?” Bucky asked, trying not to look suspicious. It was almost 2 weeks since he was here but he still had nightmares of them.

“When the toaster buttons end up being pushed in completely by a metal arm, it usually stops working, and for toast, we need the toaster to be working. All I wanted was some damn toast but because of some asshole, that didn’t happen.” He sneered at him as Bucky looked slightly guilty.

You noticed as his fingers slightly tugged the sleeve covering his hand, down, hiding it slightly. 

You were confused. Was he really ashamed of his hand that much? You thought it was really cool, to be really honest.

“Okay, but does anyone want to join me in watching this beautiful show?” You changed the topic completely.

“What’s it about?” Sam turned back to you.

“You need to be educated, my young one. Bucky, you joining?” You cast him a glance as he looked reluctant. “Come on. I think we have some space left even after Sam’s gigantic ass is taking up so much of space.” 

“These thighs are the way to heaven, woman. You’re just jealous.” He gestured to them as you snorted, shaking your head. 

Bucky smiled a little before shaking his head, joining you both on the couch silently. 


“I can’t believe that just happened.” Sam shook his head in disbelief. “[Y/N], why the hell would you introduce me to this show? It’s like torture on my emotional state of mind. [Y/N]?”

But you didn’t respond, because you had dozed off somewhere in the middle of their yells and protests directed towards the T.V., the meds finally taking its effect on you. 

“She’s asleep.” Bucky noted, carefully observing you. You had curled up into a ball, the only thing providing heat being a thin sweater. This bothered him deeply for some reason.

“No shit Sherlock.” Sam said, watching him furrow his eyebrows in slight wonder. He had a small list of phrases which he had learnt, some of them being ‘bro’ and ‘dude’. Dude, in his time, meant someone who dressed up in very high fashion, but now it was just any random male who could be called ‘dude’.

“I’m going back down to train. Are you coming, Terminator?” Same pushed himself off the couch and stretched slightly.

“I’ll be down in a minute.” Bucky responded, his eyes slipping from you to Sam’s gaze for a second.

“Don’t stare at her for too long. You might start drooling all over the place.” He smirked before jogging off. 

He could feel the tips of his ears become red as he shook his head furiously, getting up. He just couldn’t shake off his discomfort at you just lying there with no blanket; it just worried him.

He turned around and strode off quickly, returning soon after, a blanket in hand. He draped it over you, making sure you were tucked in as he gently pushed some stray hairs which had fallen onto your face, a small smile on his face as he watched you sleep peacefully.

Nothing could shake off that smile for the rest of the day as every time he thought of you, it would return, making him smile softly like a schoolboy with a crush.

Chapter 5.

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Advice: Writing About Religion

Anonymous asked:

So I’m Christian, and I’ve grown up knowing that the world can’t be solved without God. I’m managing my current WIP without having to stick religion in there (ew), but I’m thinking of another piece that would really only work with a character depending on God’s direction, prophecy, and providence. It doesn’t have to be the real God, it might turn out fantasy God, but it’d have to be a mirror of the one I believe in. So, how do I do religion without getting soapboxy? Converting people or making people realize the importance of believing in God is not the point–including God would just be integral. Really scared of coming across soapboxy.

I hate to keep going back to A Song of Ice and Fire, but it’s a great example once again. Religion plays a huge role in the story, and although they are fantasy religions, they and some of the related events are based on real religions. Despite that fact and the importance of religion’s role in the story, it never comes across as heavy-handed. I think this is because you never get the feeling that characters are preaching about their gods. They’re simply adhering to their religious beliefs and applying them to the world around them. So, I think it’s a good idea to avoid making heavy-handed points or preaching. Imagine that your readers are all avid adherents of the religion you portray (real or fantasy), so that there’s no need to evangelize. Just show your characters believing what they believe, acting accordingly, and responding to whatever new information they learn in terms of direction and prophecy, etc. Also, read my post Making a Point Without Tongue-Wagging which has some links that might be helpful. :)