ew i dont like this one

honestly i dont even give a shit that blupjeans is straight, can you give me 5 other canon straight ships you know in which one or both of them is trans? trans people in love need more representation, period, and if youre a cis gay and youre all “ew yall are shipping a het ship?” like…just keep this in mind lmao

Realizing Riza is only 25 for most of the series really makes it a bit weird that she’s basically being shoved in this parental role for the Elrics by the fandom because she’s just.. so young. 

klance headcanons no one asked for

OK I’m just doing this bc I love klance OK and klance makes me feel happy so,,,
sorr to anyone who did this before me, this came up suddenly on my mind,,

-lance and keith are on a mission to a planet, and theyre just bickering like old married couples and they just,,,, pine,,,
-when theyre done with that said mission, the team decides to relax and just stay on that planet for a break
-lance and keith both went off to explore. keith comes bc he doesnt want lance to get hurt and bc he has nothing else to do
-when they were exploring, they found a tiny alien girl and Lance fell in LOVE™
-it was more of a “mother-child” love, so keith wasnt entirely that jealous (poor bby)
-lance being that sweet uncle he just takes the alien kid and shows it to keith
-lance spends time with the tiny alien girl a lot so she thinks lance is her dad
lance: youre so CUTE, do you know i love you with all my heart mi cielo—
the alien kid: papa!!!
lance: oh—OH my GOD—you just—IM
-keith doesnt spend as much time with the alien daughter, but he likes her company and will fight anyone who touches her
some alien: can i take her and have a look—
keith: *takes his bayard and aims it at the alien* say that again BITCH
-somehow the alien baby thinks keith as her other father, so she calls him dad or daddy (not in the kinky way, get ur head outta the gutter BINCH)
keith: *plays with the alien baby*
alien kid:!!!! dad!!!
keith: what
-lance and keith both takes the alien baby back to where she came from and then she calls both Keith and Lance papa and dad and both of them gets flustered
lance: im just saying that id make a good father for this girl
keith: dream on, loser
alien girl: dad!!!! papa!!! *gestures to both of them with a smile*
lance, internally: hallelujah motherfuckers
-once they took her back the alien girl keeps on crying and whining and begging her dads so she can come with. then they both found out that the girl was an orphan, keith immediately takes her with him bc he didnt want her to feel like she has no one just like he did after he lost his family. lance denies at first but then he wants her too
lance: keith what are you doing put her back keith—
keith: shes my precious baby girl and i will not hesitate to rip your head off if you try and take her away from me
lance: well damn i want her too then
-they give her a name. they argue a lot for the name. keith wants to name her godzilla but Lance shrieks and wants to name her cielo
lance: were not naming her after a MONSTER keith
keith: so what godzilla is cool
lance: NO she will be cielo
keith: how about ciella
lance: well ok—
-both of them try to sneak her in the castle and they succeeded, the hard part was how they should keep her with them without anyone NOTICING. they both proceeds to let her stay in one of their rooms bc no one would be snooping there
lance: OK so maybe ciella can stay in my room then—
keith: lance she stays in my room
lance: no youll just bore her
keith: you dont know what im gonna do to her, she wont be bored
lance: i assume she will be bored, no one wants to see your knife collection and hear your conspiracy theories keith
keith: well im sure she wouldnt like to get her face all covered in weird facemasks and skin care products—
-keith’s attempt to hide ciella is just a poorly made decision. he just takes his blanket and covers her in it.
keith: ok ciella, be good for daddy and stay quiet ok??
ciella, covered by a blanket: sssshhhhh!!!!
keith, smiling: right!!
keith, talking to one of the team: yeah and then—
ciella, still covered in a blanket: *runs to keith and bumps him in the leg* oof!!
one of the team: what the fuck is that
keith, sweating, nervously laughing: idk lol haha weird
Keith, internally: shit
-lance’s attempt is hands down the worst decision he ever made. he decides to just hide her in his jacket.
lance, with ciella inside his jacket: hey guys
hunk: lance you look… different
lance: yup gained some extra weight these past few days
pidge, pointing at a tail that shows on the back of his jacket: you have a tail
lance: yea gained that too
keith, from the other side of the room: WHAT THE FUCK—
-the team finally knows that both keith and lance has a baby alien girl. they tease them a lot.
shiro, to keith: looks like youre the older one after all, /sir/
hunk, to lance: aww youre a dad now maybe you can teach me some stuff when I get married
pidge, to keith: i cant believe youre a father now, ew
allura, to lance: dont worry, being a father isnt as hard
-keith and lance realises they both love ciella and gain feelings™
-both of them are too oblivious to ask the other one out, eventually lance did the first move and they start dating
-they adopted ciella and have a happy life with her until they die™

me: ew yuck! breakfast food is so gross and greasy i hate it

like twelve people: uhm lmao you know theres like other food right…? like… no ones MAKING you eat it? seriously what’s your problem lmfao. just eat something else if you dont like it? lol. literally leave breakfast food alone she did NOTHING to you lol so shut the fuck up

me:  why do I care what my body looks like?  I dont have to look perfect.  no one cares other than me.  everyone will love me anyway!  I should have a donut for breakfast!!
also me:  damn I’m a fat failure.  a donut?  for breakfast?  ever?  girl, you’re disgusting.  look at yourself.  you have THIGHS.  How DARE YOU!?!  Ew.

only pre-2016 ew fans remember

  • “knarck knarck it’s mork”
  • sasquatch
  • polisbill
  • eeveesworld
  • the five(5) regularly drawing artists in the fandom all beings friends
  • That time one of them drew the boys in her AU and the other ones all did fanart of one character each and it rounded out perfectly
  • Popular artists recognizing and supporting newcomers
  • That one fUCKing flipnote with See You Again
  • Tord actually being fairly rare to see in the tag
  • It was like a slightly-bigger-than-average family
  • I still miss the old days fuc

gary and william talking about how kevin uses his sexuality to manipulate them. 

william: “if he touches me again, i’ll be like sorry, i’m not gonna be a johnny. i’m gonna stop [flirting with kevin] ew i dont wanna be played i dont wanna be used ugh *makes a retching noise* its so gross how people are gonna see us. him going from one to the other. that is gross. im not a hoe.”

anonymous asked:

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i’ve decided to hold an ART RAFFLE!!!
to celebrate 100 followers! (I would have done one for 50 but i was busy ewe)

Alrighhhttt so for this raffle, there would be 3 winners, 3 prizes.

First prize:
•Detailed drawing (not too good at these?)
•Up to three people max.
•Shaded with that watercolor brush thing (i dont know what the term is)
•i only have 2 examples ewe i wasnt prepared for this

Second prize:
◇ICONSSS (i draw too many of these…)
◇Two people max.
◇Shaded with the same watercolor brush
◇Simple background //random bg

Third prize:
▪Small drawing //well i guess the size is like the first prize but not detailed
▪My style of cel shading?
▪Simple background
▪Up to two people max.

What I CAN do:
¤Anything human (but not too detailed)
¤UT AUs are cool too

What I CAN’T do:
¤Mechanical stuff
¤Detailed things
¤Animals (dogs cats whatever, im not good at it ;-;)

~Must be a follower (im watching)
~Should reblog this post //likes aswell count soo extra chance
~Well if you just followed and you wanna join then alright
~Please dont unfollow after the raffle QWQ


Thank you for the 100 and goodluck to anyone who is joining \(OWO)/