ew i dont like this one

honestly i dont even give a shit that blupjeans is straight, can you give me 5 other canon straight ships you know in which one or both of them is trans? trans people in love need more representation, period, and if youre a cis gay and youre all “ew yall are shipping a het ship?” like…just keep this in mind lmao

Realizing Riza is only 25 for most of the series really makes it a bit weird that she’s basically being shoved in this parental role for the Elrics by the fandom because she’s just.. so young. 


gary and william talking about how kevin uses his sexuality to manipulate them. 

william: “if he touches me again, i’ll be like sorry, i’m not gonna be a johnny. i’m gonna stop [flirting with kevin] ew i dont wanna be played i dont wanna be used ugh *makes a retching noise* its so gross how people are gonna see us. him going from one to the other. that is gross. im not a hoe.”


an angel you say 😇😇? mvnbojpqwoigffjhb sorry!!!!! but hey!!! it me!!!! tellin you to have an amazing!!! amazing amazing day!!!! because you know what you deserve it 💞💕✨💓💞💕✨💗✨💘💞😚😚

crankgameplays livestream 4/2/17

just a tiny lil recap (6 pages on paper to be exact)

  • he doesn’t know what to do, still getting his shit together
  • “I just wanted to say sahh dude” (shoulda kept a ‘saahh dude’ tally tbh)
  • said he wasn’t feeling good, hes got tummy aches
  • didnt feel like recording, so he streamed instead
  • doesnt really want ppl donating to the channel, but he appreciated it
  • someone said they wanted more original songs from him and he was confused
  • he started playing overwatch
  • on the Hit it fergie video: now he really wants ppl to stop tweeting him about it, he did the video just to shut them up
  • ppl are spamming ‘soft and neat’ thanks for your contribution phandom
  • apparently hes horrible at overwatch
  • ppl want him to play ukelele but he aint got one, the one he had in the 12hr solo stream was kathryns apparently
  • he hardly plays overwatch and frequently gets killed
  • “I’m an overwatch king dude!! Saahh…”
  • tbh its much calmer than his videos,,,,, voice is much deeper,,,, more relaxed,,,, good for the soul
  • so many “sahh dude”s
  • he forgot to tweet out the stream link oops
  • hasnt watched the walking dead in a while, he fell behind
  • used to watch twd with his dad a lot
  • he also misses his parents a lot
  • he talks about how supportive they were in everything he did, they never said one negative thing
  • they would drive him 45min back and forth for gymnastics :’)
  • he also cried while writing out a long birthday message to his dad :’’’)
  • “balls balls balls balls” -in the midst of a battle or something
  • “how did i die?” -ethan, when he dies
  • Ethan, brian and G are doing a panel for indy popcon and hopefully a m&g
  • he likes that ppl feel welcome here in the community
  • “Ew gross girbeagly? Stupid…” idk the context i just wrote it down lmao
  • “You guys really dont have to donate!!!” x23442345
  • will probably make more battle cats videos
  • he misses maine
  • doesnt like pacific time bc its super hard to schedule things and videos
  • had a road trip to canada w his bro just before he moved to la
  • He’s not going to do another snapchat video
  • In a dry spell when it comes to games lately, hopefully it stops soon bc theres new games coming
  • Robin is watching apparently???
  • Ethan says pax south is much more chill than pax east
  • He regrets not taking the time to reupload all his videos from the old channel onto the new one
  • Theres apparently 700 privated videos on the old channel
  • Deciding what music to play in the background
  • “Big jazz boy, yeah thats what i am, you know it”
  • *burps into the mic*
  • He put on the flower crown “i am adorable” :’)
  • Says we should listen to the podcast “the comedy button”
  • He listens to a lot of podcasts actually
  • Ethan does not live with mark, and he doesnt film in his office
  • Fave thing abt maine is his friends :’)
  • Once he moved away he really started to appreciate the town he came from
  • Probably gonna keep the blue hair for the rest of 2017
  • He likes ppl cosplaying as him
  • Someone asked if hes dating kathryn and he said no
  • “I’ll tell her about that, she’ll laugh”
  • Dancing to the music (this happens throughout the stream)
  • Someone asked if he could help them name their puppy
  • “Omg i love puppies i hope you love her forever and give her treats tell her i said hi!!”
  • talked about his pupper cooper (rip) and that she was his best friend
  • he really wants a girl dog, but he knows hes too busy rn to take care of one
  • Had a slight allergy to dogs but it probably went away over time
  • he’s playing with a silver ball
  • If youre mean and bullying ppl then u dont belong in this community, be respectful!!
  • says the ball is somewhat like a stress ball
  • basically he constantly needs to be doing something with his hands due to adhd
  • He did not go to college, took a gap year,,,, then another one,,,, then la happened
  • Considered going to film school and if he had time he’d want to do a short film
  • He doesnt think he could have a job that isn’t creative
  • He’ll think about doing a tour of his place,,,, possibly,,,, one day
  • Fave 21p song,,,,,,, heavy dirty soul,,,,,,,, maaybbee
  • He’s a scorpio (i only put this bc for some reason i thought he was a libra)
  • Mixed feelings about the ‘dark side’ character thing: he doesn’t want to come off like he’s copying jack & robin, but he does like the communities ideas
  • wants to be more consistent with trash goblin podcast
  • Crankgameplays name origin: dad owned a company called ‘crank’ & ethan had a poster of it in his room and then he and andrew were deciding what to name the channel, eth saw the poster and then bam
  • thanked the ppl who donated to the channel (lots of name butchering)

And thats what you missed on glee

trans-ahsoka  asked:

Idk if u know the answer to this but uh. Like? Is..Taagnus considered Bad or something? And if so, why???? I get that it's a rarepair,, but I literally don't understand why it would b considered problematique™ Everyone who ships it kinda seems to do so very quietly and like. Some ppl even seem concerned they'd get shit for it so? What's the deal?

theres like…a somewhat vocal number of people who think its Bad to ship 2 of taz’s player characters with each other because theyre played by irl brothers. but its like. thats really the only thing i ever see people say about Why Taagnus Is Bad, and that argument is flimsy at best, considering griffin plays all the npcs and very very very few people are opposed to ALL taz ships

like its whatever i can respect it if people are too yucked out by that to be able to get into taagnus–probably a lot of people just see PCs and NPCs as different things, but i SUPER dont for a lot of reasons–but i just think that the only argument i ever see being posed as to why its Bad And Problematique is a shitty one that holds little to no weight when u think about it for more than 0 seconds. like just say ur not into it and go on w your day

as for why were kind of quiet about it, i think there are a lot of reasons?? like for one thing there ARE people who like to give taagnus shippers crap over it, and it can be anything from the obvious (sending rude and/or confrontational asks) to the innocuous (reblogging taagnus art and tagging it “i dont ship this tho ew” which happens FREQUENTLY AS HELL and gets Very grating Very quickly). plus were in the minority, like, theres a canon taako ship that people love and theres no way we can compare w that, esp when there are people who want to label taagnus discourseworthy or w/e.

nobody wants a fight??? and i wouldnt be surprised if most of us are just trying to avoid fights.

but like…….if u look at the characters themselves–wholly separate from their creators/players–i have a very hard time finding anything legitimately problematic about a relationship between them? i could make a big ol list of all the Good Healthy Things i see in this ship and anything even remotely iffy i think is either sth that just needs to be dealt with in canon (ie their respective traumas–which on another note i think could be dealt with by exploring their relationship w each other!! even nonromantically!!), or is a fuckin big ol example of Reachie Reach & Hellsite comin to say hello

fanart for this storyhttps://archiveofourown.org/works/8943919?view_adult=true

usually i dont go for A/B/O fanfictions because the consent thing really bugs me, but, like, things like this i can fully get behind and support!, i might draw some more for this one later

[Edit] I’ve just realised that my dyslexic ass spelt “level” wrong, it was bound to happen eventually, I am sorry
ID #66762

Name: Lucy
Age: 22
Country: New Zealand

I am 22 years old, currently living in New Zealand, I have recently finished studying, and I am living at home again, Iv had pen pals before and really enjoyed it. Things I like are Tattoos, I have many Studio Ghibli ones and some Sailor Moon ones, I like Korean Dramas, Anime, Manga, all that nerdy shit, and I love cats I have four of them. I am also a Vegan, so I like plants and shit I guess. I like open minded people, cause if you say dumb stuff I will fight you. But dont get me wrong I am a nice person easy to get along with and talk to. So Im looking for cool people to talk to and send letters to, and who knows maybe we fall in love. JK ew.

Preferences: I would like people who are around the same age as me, 20+ but not old boring mature people, Im not at that level of mature and boring yet, Male or Female I dont care really. If we vibe then that’s all that matters YO! I dont care what country you are from either.