ew i dont like this one

*claps hands together*

Opinions, dude
Personal preferences, dude

Isn’t this the Internet, people behind screens and not random souless bastards?
I’m not on anyone’s side but, this isn’t the first time this has happened. 
Even though, I believe it’s one of the first times in the EW fandom though..?

Many other fandoms have those kinds of ships. Some hate them, some love and praise them. But is it really people should callout others about? What about DMs? Wouldn’t the situation be settled if they TALKED like normal people instead of one of them starting it off as PUBLIC??

You can’t just,, do that man,, That’s like me calling out *I dont wanna insult this tumblr, but they’re also a famous eddsworld artist* that has drawn Rick x Morty *sexually* in the past (and a few unnerving DHMIS things on their old account, which is deleted now) 

But I have NOT SEEN a SINGLE POST about them being a  “Pedophile that is turned on by insest”??

I’m just confused
What even is ‘Tumblr’

happy holigays from me and the last of the pose + holiday sweater requests! this one is for @byronicbrit ! (i put paul and pat together for extreme holigay cheer i hope u dont mind ❤)

requests currently closed!

Everytime i go to the stucky tag i keep seeing irrelevant annoying corny posts like “imagine your otp uwu” and some lame ass gif and i see it tagged “destiel, johnlock, stucky, etc” and the worst thing i see is wincest. Ew ???? ew ????????????????????????? its so obvious these people are just sexualizing gay relationships as long as they’re muscular white guys. they dont care if theyre related or if the other one is 15 and the other is 33. as long as they look hot together.

McHanzo Week - Day 4 Role Reversal (Hanzo trying to flirt lol)

Um so about the new comic and uh how Hanzo looks in it >.> *fans self* i had a hard time with this one but, since i got inspired by the new comic, i feel like Hanzo would be such a flirt with McCree will be like “ew no bitch” dont worry they’ll get along in the future. lol 

sorry for the crappy quality , tumblr likes to fuck everything up…. 

this is the best i can do sorry. i just got back home for my break and i need to function 

//Y I K E S. Someone decided to be racist on one of my posts so blooooooock!! They literally took what I was saying and twisting it in all the wrong directions. Yikes™ just yiiiikes. Not gonna deal with people like that who can’t take the idea a character isn’t 100% white only because they are ‘said in the book to have white skin’. Byeeeee.//


“Your Dark Light”

I have done this one or two weeks ago, and at the begining my idea was to make this “lyricart” more longer. But i dont have time to finish all the drawings (there are a lot of ideas i have about this song that i cant finish :v), and i decided to make this! Hope u guys like it!

This song belong to Marina and the Diamonds “buy the stars”

ok imagine the gangsey having a movie night at monmouth and its after a long day and blue shows up and shes like ok i am exHAUSTED so exCUSE ME if i fall asleep during the movie

so they’re all squished on gansey’s bed, watching netflix from gansey’s laptop, and blue starts to drift off, her head on ronan’s shoulder

and ronan’s staring at noah over her head like ‘wtf what am i supposed to do rn???’ and by the end of the movie blue is completely out and her head is in ronan’s lap and her legs are across noah

and ofc ronan tries to act like ‘ew gross get this maggot off of me’ but as soon as the movie actually ends and adam and gansey move to get up hes suddenly all ‘dont u dare wake her up unless u want ur carcass framed on my bedroom wall’ and theyre like whoa ok so they dont even risk getting up

and thats how they all wake up the next morning sleeping on top of one another and w/ their limbs all tangled and gansey’s cry of horror when he realizes someone crushed his laptop in their sleep


acacia: soooo.. why were you so upset anyway??? im always left out of the loop

athena: i like cole

acacia: what else is new?

blaire: well for starters, now she actually realizes it

acacia: are you gonna tell him?

athena: probably not, i dont know if i wanna risk our friendship you know? i’ll just sulk for awhile and get over myself idk


acacia: yeah no offense but like.. i don’t rly want max as a brother in law one day so you need to hop on that cole di-


blaire: what? i thought you liiiiiiiikeed himmmmm

acacia: yeah i thought youu looooooooved him!!!!!

athena: you guys are so lame leave me to rot 

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I dont know what to say... thank you all for reminding i matter... just... thank you all very much...

nah man
thank you for sending me the message and deciding on talking to me rather than suffering in silence
you are one hella brave and amazing person
so ey
if you feel like shit or you just feel life cutting yourself up
just text me and we shall meme all day to make you feel happy
pff imagine all the memes we could think of in one talk- i m ea n

my post the end fanfic

tord: iim so sor ry :((( i did nT mEan tOooO !!!!!

tom: n-

edd: No. Do you actually think that after what you did we are going to forgive you? Do you really think that we are THAT stupid? Go fuck yourself or something.

everyone: …

tord: *sniff* some people ? destroy two houses, kill one person, end a friendship that lasted years, and build a giant robot to cope ??? :c and i dont have a house either

matt: i know where u can live in!!

edd: matt-

matt: *winks*


tord is silent in a trash can

tord: i missed this

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Hellucard, do you and the others have specific tasks given? Like who collects what and if someone in specific has to "guard" the others?

Hellucard:We-well I us-usually help w-with scav-vanging and ch-cheering people up, s-sometimes I-I help g-gaurd, b-but not ve-very often.

Hellucard: Lau-Laurel is like a-like a sister to m-me, bu-but she’s our le-leader too. She-she’s the m-main one that k-keeps guard! a-and sh-she helps scavenge a lot.

Hellucard: B-Bing is r-really smart! He m- he makes all kinds o-of thin-ngs! l-like weap-pons and t-tools! I-I like to watch him work s-some times!

Hellucard: L-Larry is rea-really good at fi-fighting!! H-he helps L-Laurel k-keep guard all th-the time, a-and h-he likes to help B-Bing a l-lot.

Hellucard: L-Lola, Laffy, an-and Churro ac-actually get along pr-pretty well. 

11 questions studyblr tag

rules: answer 11 questions and then tag 11 3 people!

tagged by @textbookellie

1. what subjects are you currently studying?

11th grade english (how do i say this?? is it english 3 or something?? english 11?), algebra 1, earth science, social studies II, spanish II, physical education (ew) and band II

2. who would you say is your biggest influence?

…rupi kaur i guess. milk and honey is my second bible

3. what’s one country you’d like to visit?


4. what’s your favorite book?

n/a; too many

5. what do you do to keep yourself motivated?

studytube is the biggest one, but also studyblr!!

6. what language would you like to learn?

french and latin

7. which holiday do you prefer; halloween or christmas?

um neither because i dont celebrate halloween and i never really do anything on christmas either lmao

8. how old are you?

thirteen; i’m turning 14 in august!!!

9. favorite season?

spring and fall. fall is coffee + sweater season and i love the perf temperatures of spring

10. who is your favorite band/singer?


11. have you had a good day today?

my day was okay!! it was way better than yesterday lol. i was rly happy to be the clarinet 1 for this year’s 2nd city-wide music festival. 

tagging @stitch-studies @rhubarbstudies @afternoonstudying @unicorn-studying @einstetic and anyone else who wants to do it!! just say i tagged you~

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#laura you cant hide from your true feelings with distractions like these I POST ONE EVERY DAY. EVEN AMOUNT OF GIFS PER MEMBER. YOU GOT NO PROOF

you got no proof” you say?

“but i love it”… not “i like it”, “it looks good” or whatever but “i love it

the caption speaks for itself

this is the screencap from whiteconfession.tumblr.com/ew page. now we are one of the nicest fandoms out there and everyone knows we dont “ew” at idols that we dislike. we only “ew” those who we ADORE but TRY HIDING THAT FACT.

fight me xD