ew i don't lol

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are andy‘s curls natural ?

They are indeed. His short hair hid them for the most part all these years but you can even tell his hair is curly when it’s short. Look at his drama school pic from 1994

Baby Curly Haired Andy:

😂  I actually ran across a really really old post on some random tv show forum from someone who said they went to primary school with him and the dude was like “he had that same daft curly hair he’s got now”

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hey weird question but does anyone ever call u lou? cause thats what ive nicknamed you in my head and i want to call you that but idk whether thats okay. sorry for all the awkwardness lol ^^'

heck yeah, go right ahead! i quite like being called lou :,)

@Fyrinn am dying (again) please help

Remember Slender and the first Five Nights at Freddy’s? or any game where they scream tbh

Fucking great times.

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billy is a complete racist wtf?

lol I mean. He’s completely not a good guy - I never said he was. Though like I said, I’m not 100% comfortable with playing him AS racist as everyone says he is so … I came up with a work around. Still has race involved, and he’s still a shit, but I blame a lot of it on his father? Which seems like it could fit so? Until season 3 gives us more to go off of, which I doubt they will in that regard, I’m gonna play him how I see fit? 

And normally I’d just delete this cause … really who has the TIME, but I’ve lost a few followers because people seem to disagree with me, which I think is fine. I’m just putting my own spin on him to make me more comfortable. 

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For the sketch requests (if you're still doing them!!), can you draw Marik and Bakura snuggling in a blanket on a couch while its raining? Thank you owo

…Ok so they ended up on a bed instead because I can’t read apparently– by the time I realized, the overall sketch was already done.. I’m sorry! (´;д;`) I hope you like it still!

I’ve been really inspired by ryobkr‘s amazing doujinshi works lately!(*´▽`*)♥ I wanted to try a lineart and screentone drawing~ I’ve always wanted to make a doujin of some sort but I never really had any time or motivation. Maybe someday. (๑>ᴗ<๑)


supernatural hiatus creations ~ week twelve

“I could go with you” (Dean x Castiel) 

Cowell's X Factor SOS to 1D Louis - The Sun TV
X Factor's Simon Cowell gets One Direction's Louis Tomlinson to help him at judges houses in a bid to save flagging ratings

DESPERATE X Factor boss Simon Cowell is drafting in One Direction after the show’s ratings slumped to just 5.7 million during its first head to head with Strictly on Saturday night.

The BBC1 show drew more than three million extra viewers than the ITV talent contest during their 20 minute clash, pulling in an average of 9 million to X Factor’s 5.7 million.

Now Cowell, 55, is lining up 1D frontman Louis Tomlinson for a starring role in a bid to boost viewer interest.

The father-to-be, 23, is set to join Cowell at his judges’ house, which The Sun previously revealed would be live for the first time.

Louis – who has been strongly linked to a judging role on the main panel – takes the place of regular helper Sinitta, 51, who normally wows each year with one of her trademark outrageous outfits.

He will help Cowell choose the final contestants from his Overs category who he will take to the live shows.

It will mark Louis’ first major solo outing since The Sun revealed 1D will disband in March to pursue their own projects.

A source told The Sun: “Simon is pulling out the big guns now as he is still determined to make this series a huge success.

“One Direction have always been big ratings winners and Louis is by far the most outspoken of the band.

“He won’t be afraid to tell people if they’re terrible, which Simon loves.

“Louis is also very interested in supporting up and coming talent, so that aspect appealed strongly to him.”

The Doncaster lad revealed in The Sun earlier this year that he was starting his own record label, and he previously said back in June that he was keen to do judges’ houses as well.

Louis admitted: “I’d love to if I got the call. But it’d be weird to go to anyone’s but Simon’s as he’s my boss.”

Simon also hopes that boy band phenomenon 1D will do their farewell performance on the live shows before going on their much-hyped hiatus next year.

The music mogul told The Sun: “I would like their last performance before their break to be the X Factor final, 100 per cent. I think they will come on the final of X Factor this year.”

Despite The X Factor suffering a bloody nose in its head to head battle with Strictly, the figures were closer overall with the dance show seeing it audience peak at 9.7 million with the singing contest pulling in 9 million.

An X Factor insider said bosses would “react” to the defeat although they insisted Cowell was relaxed, despite him previously claiming he expected to beat Strictly.

The source said: “We are actually up half a million in peak viewing week on week.

“But we always react to what’s going on, we take everything on board.

“We know we have to persuade the public as it is a new look show.

“Lots of people were very fond of Louis Walsh and Dermot O’Leary and people are more circumspect but we are really pleased with the uplift in our peak ratings which proves people are starting to buy into the new show.”

Strictly bosses were euphoric over their ratings win, with the show posting its best launch episode rating since 2006.

A Strictly source said: “Everyone is delighted that Strictly has had its highest ratings for a launch show since 2006.

“All we want to do is give viewers a high quality, entertaining, sparkly evening of fun on BBC1 and it is clear from the figures that the appetite for the show is as strong as it has ever been.

“We absolutely aren’t going to rest on our laurels though and everyone is now working hard to get ready for the live shows at the end of the month.”

Strictly now has a three week break while the celebrities practice their dance moves.

  • *in 2013*
  • Me: Fall out boy is back omg they're still so great
  • friend: What is that? Is that an emo band? lol I don't listen to that stuff. ew.
  • *2015*
  • friend: *singing The Phoenix*
  • Me: Ok so you like them now.
  • friend: what? i discovered this cool new band their music is so good! have you heard of them?
  • me: *i want to punch you in the face*